Carrig to Carrowmurray

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A list of townlands of Ireland from Carrig to Carrowmurray, together with alternative possibilities for the parish and county in which it is located. See Irish Townlands Category for further lists of townslands.

Townland Parish County Remarks
Carrig Ardnageehy Cork
Carrig Kilcatherine Cork
Carrig Killaconenagh Cork
Carrig Kilmaloda Cork
Carrig Templequinlan Cork
Carrig Caheragh Cork
Carrig Inchigeelagh Cork
Carrig Kilmalkedar Kerry
Carrig Clonmore Wexford
Carrig Kilpipe Wexford
Carrig Boystown Wicklow
Carrigabrick Clondulane Cork
Carrigabruse Loughan or Castlekeeran Cavan
Carrigabruse Monart Wexford
Carrigabruse St. Mary's Enniscorthy Wexford
Carrigacat & Milleen Kilmoe Cork
Carrigacooleen Drishane Cork
Carrigacrump Inch Cork
Carrigacunna Monanimy Cork
Carrigacurra Boystown Wicklow
Carrigacurriheen Kilmoe Cork
Carrigadaggan Newbawn Wexford
Carrigadav Killiney Kerry
Carrigadrohid Aghinagh Cork
Carrigafoyle Aghavallen Kerry
Carrigafreaghane Killarney Kerry
Carrigafroca Templemartin Cork
Carrigagh Moynalty Meath
Carrigagh Rathaspick Westmeath
Carrigagour Middleton Cork
Carrigagown North Kilbarron Tipperary
Carrigagown South Kilbarron Tipperary
Carrigagrenane Ross Cork
Carrigagulla Macroom Cork
Carrigaha Killiney Kerry
Carrigaholt T. Moyarta Clare
Carrigaline Nohavaldaly Cork
Carrigaline Liscleary Cork
Carrigaline East Carrigaline Cork
Carrigaline Middle Carrigaline Cork
Carrigaline T. Carrigaline Cork
Carrigaline T. Kilmoney Cork
Carrigaline West Carrigaline Cork
Carrigallen T. Carrigallen Leitrim
Carrigaloe Kilcash Tipperary
Carrigaloe T. Clonmel Cork
Carrigan Ballintemple Cavan
Carrigan Drumlane Cavan
Carrigan Tomregan Cavan
Carrigan Boho Fermanagh
Carrigan Devenish Fermanagh
Carrigan Rossorry Fermanagh
Carriganagh Clonbullogue Tipperary
Carriganard Kilbarry Waterford
Carriganass Ardagh Cork
Carriganass Kilmocomoge Cork
Carriganattin Rochestown Limerick
Carrigan Beg St. John's Roscommon
Carrigane Carrigtohill Cork
Carrigane Lisgoold Cork
Carrigane Brigown Cork
Carrigane Roskeen Cork
Carrigane Athnowen Cork
Carrigane Aghavallen Kerry
Carrigane Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Carriganeagh Kilmakilloge Wexford
Carriganes Nohavaldaly Cork
Carriganimmy Clondrohid Cork
Carriganine Macroom Cork
Carriganish Aghinagh Cork
Carriganleigh Kilgullane Cork
Carrigan More St. John's Roscommon
Carriganookery Kilnagross Cork
Carriganroe Shanrahan Tipperary
Carrigans Forkill Armagh
Carrigans Killea Donegal
Carrigans Galloon Fermanagh
Carrigans Donagh Monaghan
Carrigans Cappagh Tyrone
Carrigans Lower Emlaghfad Sligo
Carrigans Park Dunamon Roscommon
Carrigans T. Killea Donegal
Carrigans Upper Emlaghfad Sligo
Carriganurra Kilcolumb Kilkenny
Carrigaphooca Clondrohid Cork
Carrigarostig Ightermurragh Cork
Carrigarreely Caherconlish Limerick
Carrigasimon Loughan or Castlekeeran Cavan
Carrigataha Tubbrid Tipperary
Carrigatheme Kiltegan Wicklow
Carrigathou Aghinagh Cork
Carrigatna Kilmaganny Kilkenny
Carrigatogher Cloyne Cork
Carrigatogher (Abbott) Burgesbeg Tipperary
Carrigatogher Bog (Abbott) Burgesbeg Tipperary
Carrigatogher Bog (Harding) Burgesbeg Tipperary
Carrigatogher Bog (Ryan) Burgesbeg Tipperary
Carrigatogher (Harding) Burgesbeg Tipperary
Carrigatogher (Ryan) Burgesbeg Tipperary
Carrigatoortane Clondulane Cork
Carrigaun (Hely) Modelligo Waterford
Carrigaun (Mansfield) Modelligo Waterford
Carrigaunroe Templeroan Cork
Carrigaveema Killaha Kerry
Carrigavisteal Templetenny Tipperary
Carrigavoe Kill St. Lawrence Waterford
Carrigavulleen Ringrone Cork
Carrigawannia Killaha Kerry
Carrigawillin Lisronagh Tipperary
Carrigbaun Kilmacabea Cork
Carrigbaun Drinagh Cork
Carrigbaun Inchigeelagh Cork
Carrig Beg Dunleckny Carlow
Carrig Beg Castletown Limerick
Carrigbeg Kilnahue Wexford
Carrigbeg Rossminoge Wexford
Carrigboy Kilmocomoge Cork
Carrigboy Kilcaskan Cork
Carrigboy Durrus Cork
Carrigboy Kilmichael Cork
Carrigbrack Seskinan Waterford
Carrigcannon Ballymodan Cork
Carrigcannon Ringrone Cork
Carrigcannon Kilfeighny Kerry
Carrigcastle Clonfert Cork
Carrigcastle Ballylaneen Waterford
Carrigcleena Beg Kilshannig Cork
Carrigcleena More Kilshannig Cork
Carrigdangan Kilmichael Cork
Carrigdarrery Kilmurry Cork
Carrig Demesne Carrigleamleary Cork
Carrigdownane Lower Carrigdownane Cork
Carrigdownane Upper Carrigdownane Cork
Carrigduff Mourneabbey Cork
Carrigduff Kilcorney Cork
Carrig East Templenoe Kerry
Carrig East Kilkeedy Limerick
Carrigeen Moviddy Cork
Carrigeen Doneraile Cork
Carrigeen Cullen Cork
Carrigeen Churchtown Cork
Carrigeen Ballymoney Cork
Carrigeen Lislee Cork
Carrigeen Rathcoole Dublin
Carrigeen Brosna Kerry
Carrigeen Clane Kildare
Carrigeen Odagh Kilkenny
Carrigeen Rathcoole Kilkenny
Carrigeen Jerpointchurch Kilkenny
Carrigeen Knocktopher Kilkenny
Carrigeen Killoughy Offaly
Carrigeen Eglish Offaly
Carrigeen Killanummery Leitrim
Carrigeen Mohill Leitrim
Carrigeen Kilbeheny Limerick
Carrigeen Dysert Limerick
Carrigeen Monasteranenagh Limerick
Carrigeen Rathreagh Longford
Carrigeen Ballymacormick Longford
Carrigeen Taghsheenod Longford
Carrigeen Fossy or Timahoe Laois
Carrigeen Kilteale Laois
Carrigeen Kilglass Roscommon
Carrigeen Tumna Roscommon
Carrigeen Kilcolagh Roscommon
Carrigeen Shankill Roscommon
Carrigeen Kilshalvy Sligo
Carrigeen Thurles Tipperary
Carrigeen Glenkeen Tipperary
Carrigeen Lisbunny Tipperary
Carrigeen St. Mary's Clonmel Tipperary
Carrigeen Caher Tipperary
Carrigeen Clonoulty Tipperary
Carrigeen Knockgraffon Tipperary
Carrigeen Rathcool Tipperary
Carrigeen Templemichael Waterford
Carrigeen Ardmore Waterford
Carrigeen Ringagonagh Waterford
Carrigeen Affane Waterford
Carrigeen Kilbarrymeaden Waterford
Carrigeen Rossmire Waterford
Carrigeen Rathgormuck Waterford
Carrigeen Kilcormick Wexford
Carrigeenacreeha Kilcolagh Roscommon
Carrigeenagappul Kilcolagh Roscommon
Carrigeenagappul Kilcooley Roscommon
Carrigeenagowna Boyle Roscommon
Carrigeenagowna Kilmacteige Sligo
Carrigeenagur Ballinchalla Mayo
Carrigeenblike Kilmactranny Sligo
Carrigeenboy Kilmactranny Sligo
Carrigeenboy Kilross Sligo
Carrigeencarragh Estersnow Roscommon
Carrigeencor Drumlease Leitrim
Carrigeencullia Killarney Kerry
Carrigeendaniel Tralee Kerry
Carrigeendavoe Ballinchalla Mayo
Carrigeenduff Aughrim Roscommon
Carrigeenduff Derrylossary Wicklow
Carrigeen East Knockmourne Cork
Carrigeen East Killeely Galway
Carrigeenfadda Kilmacowen Sligo
Carrigeengare Kilmacowen Sligo
Carrigeengeare Cloonclare Leitrim
Carrigeenglass North Kilmeena Mayo
Carrigeenglass South Kilmeena Mayo
Carrigeengour Kilmoe Cork
Carrigeenhill Knockmourne Cork
Carrigeenhill Kineagh Kildare
Carrigeen Middle Ballinchalla Mayo
Carrigeenmore Emlaghfad Sligo
Carrigeen Mountain Kilbeheny Limerick
Carrigeennageragh Big Kilrossanty Waterford
Carrigeennageragh Little Kilrossanty Waterford
Carrigeennahaha Stradbally Waterford
Carrigeennakeelagh Cong Mayo
Carrigeennamoe Middleton Cork
Carrigeen North Kineagh Kildare
Carrigeens Rathcline Longford
Carrigeens Kilmeane Roscommon
Carrigeens Drumcliff Sligo
Carrigeens Kilmacshalgan Sligo
Carrigeensallagh Ballysadare Sligo
Carrigeensharragh Baptistgrange Tipperary
Carrigeenshinnagh Derrylossary Wicklow
Carrigeen South Kineagh Kildare
Carrigeen West Knockmourne Cork
Carrigeen West Killeely Galway
Carrigeenwood Brosna Kerry
Carrigeeny Kilmacabea Cork
Carrigeenynaghtan Kilcolagh Roscommon
Carrigenagh Kilkeel Down
Carrigenagh Upper Kilkeel Down
Carrigerry Kilconry Clare
Carrigfadda Ross Cork
Carrigfadda Abbeystrowry Cork
Carrigfadeen Rathbarry Cork
Carriggal Burgesbeg Tipperary
Carriggower Calary Wicklow
Carrighill Lower Ballyshannon Kildare
Carrighill Upper Ballyshannon Kildare
Carrigillihy Myross Cork
Carrigillihy T. Myross Cork
Carriginane Glanbehy Kerry
Carrig Island Aghavallen Kerry
Carrigkerry Ardagh Limerick
Carrigkilter Ballintemple Cork
Carriglea Whitechurch Waterford
Carriglea Kill St. Nicholas Waterford
Carriglead St. Mullin's Carlow
Carrigleagh Templeroan Cork
Carrigleagh Wallstown Cork
Carriglegan Kilcomb Wexford
Carrigleigh Drishane Cork
Carrigleigh Inchigeelagh Cork
Carriglinneen Knockrath Wicklow
Carriglong Drumcannon Waterford
Carrig Lower Kiltegan Wicklow
Carriglusky Cloyne Cork
Carriglusky Inch Cork
Carriglusky Kilfaughnabeg Cork
Carrigmadden Youghalarra Tipperary
Carrigmannon Killurin Wexford
Carrigmanus Kilmoe Cork
Carrigmartin Cahernarry Limerick
Carrigmoorna Kilrossanty Waterford
Carrig More Dunleckny Carlow
Carrigmore Knockmourne Cork
Carrig More Castletown Limerick
Carrigmore Shanrahan Tipperary
Carrigmore Dunganstown Wicklow
Carrig Mountain Kiltegan Wicklow
Carrignacurra Inchigeelagh Cork
Carrignadoura Inchigeelagh Cork
Carrignafecka Sliguff Carlow
Carrignafeela Ballymacelligott Kerry
Carrignafeela O'Brennan Kerry
Carrignafoy Templerobin Cork
Carrignagat Kilmocomoge Cork
Carrigmacoge Clonmore Wexford
Carrignagower Kilbride Wicklow
Carrignagower East Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Carrignagower West Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Carrignagroghera Fermoy Cork
Carrignahihilan Kenmare Kerry
Carrignamaddry Clondrohid Cork
Carrignamuck Magourney Cork
Carrignamuck Inchigeelagh Cork
Carrignamuck Hacketstown Wicklow
Carrignamuck Lower Killiskey Wicklow
Carrignamuck Upper Killiskey Wicklow
Carrignamweel Hacketstown Wicklow
Carrignaneelagh Inchigeelagh Cork
Carrignanonshagh Rossmire Waterford
Carrignashinny Mogeely Cork
Carrignavar Dunbulloge Cork
Carrignavar T. Dunbulloge Cork
Carrignaveagh St. Mary's Shandon Cork
Carrigogna Templenacarriga Cork
Carrigogunnel Kilkeedy Limerick
Carrigolagh Inishmacsaint Fermanagh
Carrigonirtane Clondrohid Cork
Carrigoon Rahan Cork
Carrigoona Commons East Kilmacanoge Wicklow
Carrigoona Commons West Kilmacanoge Wicklow
Carrigoon Beg Mallow Cork
Carrigoon More Mallow Cork
Carrigoran Kilnasoolagh Clare
Carrigpark Dunleckny Carlow
Carrigpark Carrigleamleary Cork
Carrigparson Carrigparson Limerick
Carrigrenan Little Island Cork
Carrigroe Desertserges Cork
Carrigroe Rathbarry Cork
Carrigroe Tallow Waterford
Carrigroe Whitechurch Waterford
Carrigroe Kilbarry Waterford
Carrigroe Kilronan Waterford
Carrigroe Derrylossary Wicklow
Carrigroe Moyne Wicklow
Carrigrohane Carrigrohane Cork
Carrigrohanebeg Carrigrohanebeg Cork
Carrigrour Kilcaskan Cork
Carrigshane Middleton Cork
Carrigskeewaun Kilgeever Mayo
Carrigskullihy Fanlobbus Cork
Carrigthomas Aghabulloge Cork
Carrigtishane Castlehaven Cork
Carrigtohill Carrigtohill Cork
Carrigtohill T. Carrigtohill Cork
Carrigullian Killinchy Down
Carrigullin Camus Tyrone
Carrigunane Kilcowanmore Wexford
Carrig Upper Kiltegan Wicklow
Carrig West Templenoe Kerry
Carrig West Kilkeedy Limerick
Carrigyknaveen Inishcarra Cork
Carrintaggart Ballyculter Down
Carrivcashel Loughguile Antrim
Carrive Tickmacrevan Antrim
Carrive Forkill Armagh
Carrivekeeny Killevy Armagh
Carrivemaclone Killevy Armagh
Carrivemurphy Mountain Ardclinis Antrim
Carrivereagh Ardclinis Antrim
Carrivetragh Clones Monaghan
Carroghill Mintiaghs or Barr of Inch Donegal
Carrogs Clonallan Down
Carrollspark St. Patricksrock Tipperary
Carron Solloghodbeg Tipperary
Carron Tipperary Tipperary
Carron St. John Baptist Tipperary
Carronadavderg Ardmore Waterford
Carronahyla Ardmore Waterford
Carronbeg Ardmore Waterford
Carrons Kilcolman Limerick
Carrontlieve Fahan Upper Donegal
Carrontreemall Cleenish Fermanagh
Carrow Kilmaleery Clare
Carrow Kilmacduane Clare
Carrow Kilbeheny Limerick
Carrow Croom Limerick
Carrow Monsea Tipperary
Carrow Kilmore Tipperary
Carrow Ballybacon Tipperary
Carrow Donohill Tipperary
Carrow Ballysheehan Tipperary
Carrowaneeragh Ballyovey Mayo
Carrowanree Killesk Wexford
Carroward Bohola Mayo
Carroward Tisrara Roscommon
Carroward Kilbride Roscommon
Carroward Kilgefin Roscommon
Carroward Killukin Roscommon
Carroward Lissonuffy Roscommon
Carroward Dromard Sligo
Carroward East Dromcolliher Limerick
Carroward West Dromcolliher Limerick
Carrowarren T. Drumcliff Clare
Carrowbaghran Ballee Down
Carrowbane Kilmaleery Clare
Carrowbane Kilmurry Clare
Carrowbane Bright Down
Carrowbane Tibohine Roscommon
Carrowbane Youghalarra Tipperary
Carrowbane Beg Loghill Limerick
Carrowbane More Loghill Limerick
Carrowbarra Clones Monaghan
Carrowbarra Island Clones Monaghan
Carrowbaun Killaloe Clare
Carrowbaun Dunmore Galway
Carrowbaun Tuam Galway
Carrowbaun Lickerrig Galway
Carrowbaun Cong Galway
Carrowbaun Burrishoole Mayo
Carrowbaun Aghamore Mayo
Carrowbaun Meelick Mayo
Carrowbaun Oughaval Mayo
Carrowbaun Kilbride Roscommon
Carrowbaun Cloonygormican Roscommon
Carrowbaun Kilronan Roscommon
Carrowbaun Ballintober Roscommon
Carrowbaun Baslick Roscommon
Carrowbaun East Kiltartan Galway
Carrowbaun West Kiltartan Galway
Carrowbawn Killiskey Wicklow
Carrowbeg Moville Lower Donegal
Carrowbeg Killursa Galway
Carrowbeg Clongesh Longford
Carrow Beg Cashel Longford
Carrowbeg Islandeady Mayo
Carrowbeg Kilmeena Mayo
Carrowbeg Crossboyne Mayo
Carrowbeg Kilcolman Mayo
Carrow Beg Annagh Mayo
Carrowbeg Kilmovee Mayo
Carrowbeg Kilconduff Mayo
Carrowbeg Killasser Mayo
Carrowbeg Oughaval Mayo
Carrowbeg Kilronan Roscommon
Carrowbeg Clonfeacle Tyrone
Carrowbeg East Crossboyne Mayo
Carrowbeg (Fergus) Burrishoole Mayo
Carrowbeg North Annaghdown Galway
Carrowbeg North Belclare Galway
Carrowbeg North Burrishoole Mayo
Carrowbeg South Annaghdown Galway
Carrowbeg South Belclare Galway
Carrowbeg South Burrishoole Mayo
Carrowbeg West Crossboyne Mayo
Carrowbehy Tibohine Roscommon
Carrowblagh Donagh Donegal
Carrowblagh Moville Lower Donegal
Carrowblagh or Leckemy Moville Lower Donegal
Carrowbleagh East Dromard Sligo
Carrowbleagh West Dromard Sligo
Carrowblough Beg Killard Clare
Carrowblough More Killard Clare
Carrowboy Rossinver Leitrim
Carrowboy Kilbride Roscommon
Carrowbrack Mayo Mayo
Carrowbreedoge Kilmoylan Limerick
Carrowbrickeen Skreen Sligo
Carrowbrinoge Aglish Mayo
Carrowbrowne Oranmore Galway
Carrowbunnaun Killaspugbrone Sligo
Carrowcally Kilmeena Mayo
Carrowcanada Kilconduff Mayo
Carrowcanon Raymunterdoney Donegal
Carrowcardin Castleconor Sligo
Carrowcarlan Kinawley Fermanagh
Carrowcarlin Saul Down
Carrowcarragh Achonry Sligo
Carrowcashel Aughnish Donegal
Carrowcashel Drumcolumb Sligo
Carrowcashel Kilmactranny Sligo
Carrowcaslan Skreen Sligo
Carrowcastle Bohola Mayo
Carrowcastle Kilgarvan Mayo
Carrowcauly or Earlsfield Emlaghfad Sligo
Carrowclaggan Kilgeever Mayo
Carrowclare Tamlaght Finlagan Derry
Carrowclare Achonry Sligo
Carrowclogh Kilconickny Galway
Carrowclogh Kilmoylan Limerick
Carrowclogh Cordangan Tipperary
Carrowcloghagh Crossmolina Mayo
Carrowcloghan Grange of Drumtullagh Antrim
Carrowclogher Ballyhean Mayo
Carrowclogher Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Carrowclooneen Killoran Sligo
Carrowclough Dysert Waterford
Carrowclough Rathgormuck Waterford
Carrowcoller Kilglass Sligo
Carrowcolman Clonfeacle Tyrone
Carrowconeen Kilgarvan Mayo
Carrowconlaun Donaghpatrick Galway
Carrowconnell Kildacommoge Mayo
Carrowconor Crossboyne Mayo
Carrowconor Dromard Sligo
Carrowcor Knock Mayo
Carrowcor Kilbride Mayo
Carrowcor Templeboy Sligo
Carrowcore Ogonnelloe Clare
Carrowcowan Dunaghy Antrim
Carrowcraheen Kilkeedy Clare
Carrowcreevanagh Duniry Galway
Carrowcrin Loughguile Antrim
Carrowcrin Ballynakill Galway
Carrowcrin Killanummery Leitrim
Carrowcrin Ardagh Mayo
Carrowcrin Kilbride Roscommon
Carrowcrin Kilmacumsy Roscommon
Carrowcrin Kilmacowen Sligo
Carrowcrin Ballysumaghan Sligo
Carrowcroey Ballintoy Antrim
Carrowcrom Kilgarvan Mayo
Carrowcrory Toomour Sligo
Carrowcuill Kilmore Roscommon
Carrowcuilleen Lackan Mayo
Carrowculleen Dunmore Galway
Carrowculleen Skreen Sligo
Carrowculleen (Hoare) Dunmore Galway
Carrowcushely Emlaghfad Sligo
Carrowcushlaun Kilmoremoy Sligo
Carrowcushlaun West Kilmoremoy Sligo
Carrowdoogan Attymass Mayo
Carrowdore T. Donaghadee Down
Carrowdotia Kilraghtis Clare
Carrowdotia North Killimer Clare
Carrowdotia South Killimer Clare
Carrowdough Killaspugbrone Sligo
Carrowdressex Kilclief Down
Carrowduff Killaspuglonane Clare
Carrowduff Kilshanny Clare
Carrowduff Kilmurry Clare
Carrowduff Rath Clare
Carrowduff Rossinver Leitrim
Carrowduff & Garbally Taghmaconnell Roscommon
Carrowduff Lower Cloonygormican Roscommon
Carrowduff Upper Cloonygormican Roscommon
Carrowdunican Cashel Longford
Carrowdurneen Skreen Sligo
Carrowea Ballymackey Tipperary
Carroweeny Killasser Mayo
Carroweighter Oran Roscommon
Carrowen Burt Donegal
Carrowena Ogonnelloe Clare
Carroweragh Kilshanny Clare
Carrowfarnaghan Drumlane Cavan
Carrowferrikeen Moylough Galway
Carrowflatley or Carrownaglogh Dromard Sligo
Carrowfree Kilrush Clare
Carrowgallda Templemore Mayo
Carrowgar Quin Clare
Carrowgar Kilmanaheen Clare
Carrowgar Clareabbey Clare
Carrowgar Ogonnelloe Clare
Carrowgar Grange Limerick
Carrowgarragh Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Carrowgarriff Beagh Galway
Carrowgarriff Cong Galway
Carrowgarriff Colligan Waterford
Carrowgarriff Beg Colligan Waterford
Carrowgarriff More Colligan Waterford
Carrowgarriff North Ardrahan Galway
Carrowgarriff South Ardrahan Galway
Carrowgarry Castleconor Sligo
Carrowgarve Achill Mayo
Carrowgarve Balla Mayo
Carrowgarve Kilbelfad Mayo
Carrowgarve Oran Roscommon
Carrowgarve Ogulla Roscommon
Carrowgarve North Crossmolina Mayo
Carrowgarve South Crossmolina Mayo
Carrowgarve Kilkeevin Roscommon
Carrowgarve Tibohine Roscommon
Carrowgavneen Killoran Sligo
Carrowgilhooly Skreen Sligo
Carrowgilpatrick Dromard Sligo
Carrowgobbadagh Elphin Roscommon
Carrowgobbadagh Kilmacowen Sligo
Carrowgorm Killererin Galway
Carrowgowan Bohola Mayo
Carrowgun Castleconor Sligo
Carrowhall Rosslee Mayo
Carrowhatta Tedavnet Monaghan
Carrowhawny Annagh Mayo
Carrowhekeen Cong Galway
Carrowholla Ballymacward Galway
Carrowhony Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Carrowhubbuck North Kilglass Sligo
Carrowhubbuck South Kilglass Sligo
Carrowhugh Moville Lower Donegal
Carrowjames Drum Mayo
Carrowkeale Kilvellane Tipperary
Carrowkeale Donohill Tipperary
Carrowkeel Kilshanny Clare
Carrowkeel Kilfarboy Clare
Carrowkeel Moville Upper Donegal
Carrowkeel Tullyfern Donegal
Carrowkeel Enniskillen Fermanagh
Carrowkeel Kiltullagh Galway
Carrowkeel Dunamon Galway
Carrowkeel Dunmore Galway
Carrowkeel Clontuskert Galway
Carrowkeel Oranmore Galway
Carrowkeel Leitrim Galway
Carrowkeel Cong Galway
Carrowkeel Moylough Galway
Carrowkeel Clonmacnoise Offaly
Carrowkeel Rossinver Leitrim
Carrowkeel Killeenagarriff Limerick
Carrowkeel Stradbally Limerick
Carrowkeel Aghagower Mayo
Carrowkeel Burrishoole Mayo
Carrowkeel Burriscarra Mayo
Carrowkeel Manulla Mayo
Carrowkeel Turlough Mayo
Carrowkeel Tagheen Mayo
Carrowkeel Kilcommon Mayo
Carrowkeel Bohola Mayo
Carrowkeel Kilmolara Mayo
Carrowkeel Oughaval Mayo
Carrowkeel Addergoole Mayo
Carrowkeel Crossmolina Mayo
Carrowkeel Rathreagh Mayo
Carrowkeel Tehallan Monaghan
Carrowkeel Fuerty Roscommon
Carrowkeel Rahara Roscommon
Carrowkeel Taghboy Roscommon
Carrowkeel Kilbride Roscommon
Carrowkeel Estersnow Roscommon
Carrowkeel Baslick Roscommon
Carrowkeel Kilkeevin Roscommon
Carrowkeel Kilmacumsy Roscommon
Carrowkeel Kilnamanagh Roscommon
Carrowkeel Clooncraff Roscommon
Carrowkeel Ogulla Roscommon
Carrowkeel Kilmacowen Sligo
Carrowkeel Emlaghfad Sligo
Carrowkeel Achonry Sligo
Carrowkeel Dromard Sligo
Carrowkeel Aghanagh Sligo
Carrowkeel Ballynakill Sligo
Carrowkeel Tawnagh Sligo
Carrowkeelanahglass Dunmore Galway
Carrowkeel Beg Inchicronan Clare
Carrowkeel East Inagh Clare
Carrowkeel East Annagh Mayo
Carrowkeel Glebe Clondavaddog Donegal
Carrowkeel Glebe Belleek Fermanagh
Carrowkeel More Inchicronan Clare
Carrowkeel North Kilcommon Mayo
Carrowkeel South Kilcommon Mayo
Carrowkeel Upper Clooncraff Roscommon
Carrowkeel West Inagh Clare
Carrowkeel West Annagh Mayo
Carrowkeeny Kiltoom Roscommon
Carrowkeeran Oughaval Mayo
Carrowkeeran Taghmaconnell Roscommon
Carrowkelly Ballysakeery Mayo
Carrowkennedy Aghagower Mayo
Carrowkeribly Attymass Mayo
Carrowkibbock Lower Doonfeeny Mayo
Carrowkibbock Upper Doonfeeny Mayo
Carrowkilla Kilchreest Clare
Carrowkilleen Killinny Galway
Carrowkilleen Kilcolman Mayo
Carrowkilleen Robeen Mayo
Carrowkilleen Crossmolina Mayo
Carrowlagan Kilmurry Clare
Carrowlaur Inishmagrath Leitrim
Carrowlaverty Armoy Antrim
Carrowleagh Kilgarvan Mayo
Carrowleana Kilkerrin Galway
Carrowleigh Rathgormuck Waterford
Carrowlena Crossboyne Mayo
Carrowliam Beg Killasser Mayo
Carrowliam More Killasser Mayo
Carrowlinan Clonbroney Longford
Carrowlisdooaun Touaghty Mayo
Carrowloughan East Skreen Sligo
Carrowloughan West Skreen Sligo
Carrowloughlin Cloonoghil Sligo
Carrowlustia Calry Sligo
Carrowlustraun Moycullen Galway
Carrowmably Kilmacshalgan Sligo
Carrowmacbryan Easky Sligo
Carrowmaclenany Toomour Sligo
Carrowmacloughlin Turlough Mayo
Carrowmacloughlin Oughaval Mayo
Carrowmacmea Enniskillen Fermanagh
Carrowmacowan Kilbennan Galway
Carrowmacrory Templeboy Sligo
Carrowmacshane Lackan Mayo
Carrowmaculla Galloon Fermanagh
Carrowmanagh Dunmore Galway
Carrowmanagh Kilconnell Galway
Carrowmanagh Kilcummin Galway
Carrowmanagh Killererin Galway
Carrowmanagh Lusmagh Offaly
Carrowmanagh Ballymacormick Longford
Carrowmanagh North Kilshanny Clare
Carrowmanagh South Kilshanny Clare
Carrowmaneen Killeely Galway
Carrowmannan Loughgilly Armagh
Carrowmarley Crossboyne Mayo
Carrowmeer Tomfinlough Clare
Carrowmeer Quin Clare
Carrowmenagh Moville Lower Donegal
Carrowmenagh Tamlaght Finlagan Derry
Carrowmenagh Killelagh Derry
Carrowmoneash Oranmore Galway
Carrowmoneen Tuam Galway
Carrowmoneen Kilgefin Roscommon
Carrowmoneen Kilcolagh Roscommon
Carrowmoney Mullaghbrack Armagh
Carrowmoney Ballyovey Mayo
Carrowmoney Rahara Roscommon
Carrowmore Tomregan Cavan
Carrowmore Kilfintinan Clare
Carrowmore Killard Clare
Carrowmore Moynoe Clare
Carrowmore Clonca Donegal
Carrowmore Culdaff Donegal
Carrowmore Galloon Fermanagh
Carrowmore Donaghpatrick Galway
Carrowmore Ballynacourty Galway
Carrowmore Kilconickny Galway
Carrowmoran Templeboy Sligo
Carrowmore Aughrim Galway
Carrowmore Kilconnell Galway
Carrowmore Duniry Galway
Carrowmore Kilmeen Galway
Carrowmore Bullaun Galway
Carrowmore Monivea Galway
Carrowmore Moylough Galway
Carrowmore Cloncagh Limerick
Carrow More Cashel Longford
Carrowmore Burrishoole Mayo
Carrowmore Manulla Mayo
Carrowmore Crossboyne Mayo
Carrowmore Tagheen Mayo
Carrow More Annagh Mayo
Carrowmore Knock Mayo
Carrowmore Kilcommon Mayo
Carrowmore Bohola Mayo
Carrowmore Killasser Mayo
Carrowmore Ballinrobe Mayo
Carrowmore Kilcommon Mayo
Carrowmore Kilmainemore Mayo
Carrowmore Kilmainemore Mayo
Carrowmore Moorgagagh Mayo
Carrowmore Aghagower Mayo
Carrowmore Kilgeever Mayo
Carrowmore Kilbelfad Mayo
Carrowmore Kilbride Mayo
Carrowmore Lackan Mayo
Carrowmore Taghboy Roscommon
Carrowmore Kilmore Roscommon
Carrowmore Roscommon Roscommon
Carrowmore Ardcarn Roscommon
Carrowmore Kilbryan Roscommon
Carrowmore Killummod Roscommon
Carrowmore Kilronan Roscommon
Carrowmore Kilkeevin Roscommon
Carrowmore Kilmacowen Sligo
Carrowmore Achonry Sligo
Carrowmore Shancough Sligo
Carrowmore (Cheevers) Killian Galway
Carrowmore East Clontuskert Galway
Carrowmore or Glentogher Donagh Donegal
Carrowmore (Kelly) Killian Galway
Carrowmoreknock Kilcummin Galway
Carrowmoremoy Killasser Mayo
Carrowmore North Killard Clare
Carrowmore North Drum Mayo
Carrowmore South Killard Clare
Carrowmore South Drum Mayo
Carrowmore or Tanrego East Dromard Sligo
Carrowmore T. Kilmainemore Mayo
Carrowmore West Clontuskert Galway
Carrowmore West Annagh Mayo
Carrowmorris Dromard Sligo
Carrowmuddle Tamlaght Finlagan Derry
Carrowmullin Fahan Upper Donegal
Carrowmunna Killogilleen Galway
Carrowmunniagh Dunmore Galway
Carrowmurragh Kiltoom Roscommon
Carrowmurray Achonry Sligo