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In 1930 the Anglican Church in India separated from the Church of England and became the autonomous Church of India, Burma and Ceylon, still within the worldwide fellowship of the Anglican Communion. In 1947, Protestant Churches in South India united to form the new Church of South India. Protestant churches in North India, and Pakistan followed in 1970. However there are some breakaway churches.


The following is a list of all the bishops and dioceses of the Church of North India, correct as at January 1995. Check whether you can find a current address in one of the websites quoted below. The CNI was formed out of most of the Protestant denominations of Christian churches, after Independence from Britain. If you are trying to find the location of a specific church in North India, you could write to the diocese and they may give you the postal address and the pastor's name, however many churches have now closed. Note that in many cases, the original pre-Independence records are kept in the Diocesan office itself. If you wish to view original old records while in India, then the Diocesan Office itself is your most likely source.

Note: You may find that you do not receive a response to an email, due to lack of staff or other reasons. You could try telephone contact, but you may find that only a personal visit will yield results, and in some instances the required record has not survived.

If you are just starting to research, please note that the best way of trying to find out about your ancestors' baptisms, marriages and burials is NOT to go directly to the church concerned, but rather to view the records that have been indexed and digitised from the records held in London. See Beginners' Guide.

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The Rt. Rev. Morris Andrews Bishop's House St. Paul's Church 4/116, Church Road Civil Lines Agra 282 002 Ph. 64178


The Rt. Rev. Dr. Anand Chandu Lal 26, R.B. Parkash Chand Road Amritsar 143 001 Ph. 222 910

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Rt. Rev. Edmund Matthew Cathedral Office Mus Car Nicobar 744 301 Andaman and Nicobar Islands


The Rt. Rev. Ernest W. Talibuddin Bishop's Kuti Shillong 793 001 Meghalaya Ph. 23155


The Rt. Rev. Brojen Malakar Bishop's Lodge 86, Middle Road Barrackpore (North) 24 Parganas West Bengal Ph. 560 147


The Rt. Rev. M.B. Singh Bishop's House 7, Old Sehore Road Indore 452 001 Madhya Pradesh Ph. 7837


The Rt. Rev. Dr. S.B. Joshua St John's House Duxbury Lane Colaba Bombay 400 005 Maharashtra Ph. 215 1439


The Rt. Rev. Dr. D.C. Gorai, B.A., B.D., D.D. Bishop's House 51, Chowringhee Road Calcutta 700 071 West Bengal


The Rt. Rev. Joel V. Mal Bishop's House Mission Compound Brown Road Ludhiana 141 008 Ph. 65706


The Rt. Rev. Z. James Terom M.A., B.D. Bishop's Lodge P.O. Box No. 1 Ranchi 834 001 Bihar Ph. 25050


The Rt. Rev. D.K. Mohanty B.A., B.D. Bishop's House Mission Road Cuttack 753 001 Orissa Ph. 24748


The Most Rev. Dr. J.E. Ghose B.A., B.D., Dip. Ed. CNI Bishop's Lodge Darjeeling 734 001 West Bengal Ph. 2208


The Rt. Rev. P.B. Santram Bishop's House 1, Church Lane New Delhi 110 001 Ph. 371 7471


The Most Rev. Dr. J.E. Ghose B.A., B.D., Dip. Ed. Bishop's House Post Box No. 20 P.O. & Dist., Bankura 722 101 West Bengal Ph. 3278


The Rt. Rev. Paul R. Chauhan, B.D., M.Th. Bishop's House Ellis Bridge Ahmedabad 380 006 Gujarat Ph. 461 950


The Rt. Rev. Franklin C. Jonathan Bishop's House 2131, Napier Town Jabalpur 482 001 Madhya Pradesh Ph. 322 661 (Office) 322 109 (Residence)


The Rt. Rev. Mac Donald Claudius Bishop's House E.P. School Compound Kolhapur 416 003 Ph. 24832


The Rt. Rev. Arthur R. Yusuf, B.A., L.T., G.Th., B.D. CNI Bishop's House 25, Mahatma Ghandi Marg Allahabad 211 001 Ph. 2520


The Rt. Rev. D.J. Vairagar Bishop's House Tarakpur Outram Road Ahmednagar 414 001 Maharashtra Ph. 25920


The Rt. Rev. N.M. Bagh, M.A., B.D. Bishop's House Christ Church Compound Bhagalpur 812 001 Bihar Ph. (0641) 20033


The Rt. Rev. E.C. Anthony, M.A., B.D., D.L.C. 63/x, Savitri Girls' College Road Civil Lines Ajmer 305 006 Rajasthan Ph. 24355


The Rt. Rev. L. Tandy Bishop's House Mission Compound Balangir 767 001 Orissa Ph. 2136


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