Clement Daniel Maggs Hindley

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Clement Daniel Maggs Hindley, Sir (1874-1944)

Railway Achievements

Biography from Steam Index "Overseas Engineers - Hindley, (Sir) Clement Daniel Maggs" [1].

  • 1897-1904, East Indian Railway(EIR), Assistant Engineer
  • 1905, EIR Personal Assistant to Chief Engineer
  • 1906, EIR Agents Office, In-charge of the technical section, with responsibility fort decisions on technical matters of Agents. Later In-charge of Delhi Districtand thye completion of other sections of the region.
  • 1914, EIR Secretary
  • 1918, EIR Deputy Manager
  • 1920, EIR General Manager
  • 1921, Commissioners of Port of Calcutta, Chairman
  • 1922-28 Appointed the first Commissioner of Railways for India, with responsibility for decisions on technical matters. Sole advisorv to Government of India(GoI) on railway policy and oversaw many important changes, including the reorganisation of the railway department; the separation of railway finance from the general budget; the transfer of the East Indian Railway and the Great Indian Peninsula Railway to state management; the opening of the first railway staff college. He did much to restore the Indian railways to a stateate of efficiency after the effects of WW1 and initiated a programme of new construction which added 4000miles to the railways
  • Retired 1928