Clondavaddog to Clooncorraun

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A list of townlands of Ireland from Clondavaddog to Clooncorraun, together with alternative possibilities for the parish and county in which it is located. See Irish Townlands Category for further lists of townslands.

Townland Parish County Remarks
Clondaval Kinawley Fermanagh
Clondavan Moymet Meath
Clondavan Trim Meath
Clondaw Kilcormick Wexford
Clondelara Clonmacnoise Offaly
Clonderalaw Kilmurry Clare Clonderalaw Barony
Clonderalaw T. Clondulane Cork
Clondermot Clondermot Derry
Clondinnery Killeevan Monaghan
Clondonnell Rathgormuck Waterford
Clondonnell Glebe Killoughy Offaly
Clondoogan Laracor Meath
Clondoolagh Timogue Laois
Clondoolusk Clonyhurk Offaly
Clondoty Loughmoe West Tipperary
Clondouglas Kilfeighny Kerry
Clondouglas Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Clondouglas or Clonkeen Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Clondown Lackagh Kildare
Clondrinagh Killeely Limerick
Clonduff Balraheen Kildare
Clonduff Rearymore Laois
Clondulane North Clondulane Cork
Clondulane South Clondulane Cork
Clone Rathbeagh Kilkenny
Clone Kilmaganny Kilkenny
Clone Clonoulty Tipperary
Clone Clone Wexford
Clone Kilpipe Wicklow
Clonea Lower Clonea Waterford
Clonea Middle Clonea Waterford
Clonearl Killaderry Offaly
Clonearl Demesne Kilclonfert Offaly
Cloneary Templeport Cavan
Clonea Upper Clonea Waterford
Cloneblaugh Clogher Tyrone
Clonedarby Clonoulty Tipperary
Clonedergole Clones Monaghan
Clonee Drumkeeran Fermanagh
Clonee Dunboyne Meath
Clonee Trim Meath
Clone East Monamolin Wexford
Cloneeb Rathdowney Laois
Clonee East Myshall Carlow
Clonee Lower Kilcomb Wexford
Cloneen Agha Carlow
Cloneen Nurney Carlow
Cloneen Carrigtohill Cork
Cloneen Castlecomer Kilkenny
Cloneen Kilclonfert Offaly
Cloneen Corbally Tipperary
Cloneen Ballykine Wicklow
Cloneen or Closeland Lea Laois
Cloneen or Newtown Killyon Meath
Cloneens Trim Meath
Clonee T. Dunboyne Meath
Cloneety Dungarvan Waterford
Clonee Upper Kilcomb Wexford
Clonee West Myshall Carlow
Clonegah Fennagh Carlow
Clonegall Moyacomb Carlow
Clonegall T. Moyacomb Carlow
Clonegath Monasterevin Kildare
Clonehurk Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Clonelly Drumkeeran Fermanagh
Clonelty Galloon Fermanagh
Clonely Clogher Tipperary
Clonenagh Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Cloneranny Kilgorman Wexford
Clonerkin Ballykine Wicklow
Clonervy Castleterra Cavan
Cloneska Aglishcloghane Tipperary
Clones Lower Kilgorman Wexford
Clones Middle Kilgorman Wexford
Clonea Mothel Waterford
Clones T. Clones Monaghan
Clones Upper Kilgorman Wexford
Clonetoose Fennagh Carlow
Clonetrace Skerry Antrim
Clonever Clonmacnoise Offaly
Cloneveran Killallon Meath
Clonevin Donaghmore Wexford
Clone West Monamolin Wexford
Cloney Layd Antrim
Cloney Kilberry Kildare
Cloney Ardcath Meath
Cloneybeg Harristown Kildare
Cloneybrien Castletownarra Tipperary
Cloneygowny Castletownarra Tipperary
Clonfad Clones Fermanagh
Clonfad Drummully Monaghan
Clonfad Killeevan Monaghan
Clonfad Offerlane Laois
Clonfad Killucan Westmeath
Clonfad Clonfad Westmeath
Clonfadda Clondrohid Cork
Clonfadda Reisk Waterford
Clonfane Kinawley Fermanagh
Clonfane Moymet Meath
Clonfard Drummully Fermanagh
Clonfeacle T. Clonfeacle Tyrone
Clonfeile Clones Fermanagh
Clonfert Clonfert Cork
Clonfert (Butson) Clonfert Galway
Clonfert Demesne Clonfert Galway
Clonfertdemesne Bog Clonfert Galway
Clonfert North Balraheen Kildare
Clonfert (Seymour) North Clonfert Galway
Clonfert (Seymour) South Clonfert Galway
Clonfert South Balraheen Kildare
Clonfinane Loughkeen Tipperary
Clonfinlough Clonmacnoise Offaly
Clonfinnan Dulane Meath
Clonfree Loughkeen Tipperary
Clongaddy Kilturk Wexford
Clongall Castlejordan Meath
Clonganhue Solloghodmore Tipperary
Clonganny Donaghmore Wexford
Clonganny Kiltrisk Wexford
Clongarran Moyacomb Carlow
Clongarret Clonsast Offaly
Clongawny Clonmacnoise Offaly
Clongawny Mullingar Westmeath
Clongawny Beg Reynagh Offaly
Clongawny More Reynagh Offaly
Clongeen Clongeen Wexford
Clongeen T. Clongeen Wexford
Clongill Clongill Meath
Clonglash and Bauville Keeloges Fahan Lower Donegal
Clonglaskan Killaconenagh Cork
Clongorey Feighcullen Kildare
Clongower Thurles Tipperary
Clongowes or Castlebrown Mainham Kildare
Clongowly Ardnurcher or Horseleap Westmeath
Clongowna Dorrha Tipperary
Clongownagh Feighcullen Kildare
Clongowny Killallon Meath
Clonguiffin Rathcore Meath
Clongutery Kiltale Meath
Clonhasten Templeshannon Wexford
Clongowna Drummully Fermanagh
Clonhenret Toome Wexford
Clonickilroe Killare Westmeath
Clonickilvant Rathconnell Westmeath
Cloniff Clonmacnoise Offaly
Cloniffeen Clonmacnoise Offaly
Clonin Ballyburly Offaly
Clonin Offerlane Laois
Clonincurragh Offerlane Laois
Clonisboyle Errigal Trough Monaghan
Clonismullen Drom Tipperary
Clonjordan Templeshanbo Wexford
Clonkeady Tedavnet Monaghan
Clonkee Drummully Fermanagh
Clonkeehan Clonkeehan Louth
Clonkeelan Drummully Monaghan
Clonkeen Drummaul Antrim
Clonkeen Kildallan Cavan
Clonkeen Carbury Kildare
Clonkeen Clonsast Offaly
Clonkeen Errigal Trough Monaghan
Clonkeen Abbeyleix Laois
Clonkeen Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Clonkeen Noughaval Westmeath
Clonkeen Street Westmeath
Clonkeen Ballinacor Wicklow
Clonkeen (Barrington) Clonkeen Limerick
Clonkeen or Clondouglas Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Clonkeen (Cole) Clones Monaghan
Clonkeenkerrill Clonkeen Galway
Clonkeen (Lucas) Clones Monaghan
Clonkeen (Molyneux) Clonkeen Limerick
Clonkeeran Mylerstown Kildare
Clonkeiffy Castlerahan Cavan
Clonkelly Birr Offaly
Clonkelly Oughterleague Tipperary
Clonkerdin Whitechurch Waterford
Clonkill Rathconnell Westmeath
Clonkilly Beg Kilmacrenan Donegal
Clonkilly More Kilmacrenan Donegal
Clonkirk Clones Monaghan
Clonlack Castlejordan Offaly
Clonlahy Kilvemnon Tipperary
Clonlahy Corporationland Skirk Laois
Clonlard St. James & Dunbrody Wexford
Clonlea Clonlea Clare
Clonlea Kilkerranmore Cork
Clonleame Castletowndelvin Westmeath
Clonleasan Girley Meath
Clonlee Kinnitty Offaly
Clonleek Donagh Monaghan
Clonleigh Ringcurran Cork
Clonleigh Clonleigh Wexford
Clonliff Kinawley Fermanagh
Clonliff East St. George's Dublin
Clonliff South St. George's Dublin
Clonliff West St. George's Dublin
Clonlisk Kilcomin Offaly
Clonloaghan Drumlumman Cavan
Clonloghan Clonloghan Clare
Clonlonan Tehallan Monaghan
Clonlonan Kilcleagh Westmeath
Clonlong St. Nicholas Limerick
Clonloskan Kilmore Cavan
Clonlost Rathconnell Westmeath
Clonloughna Abington Limerick
Clonlum Killevy Armagh
Clonlura Drummully Monaghan
Clonlusk Duleek Meath
Clonlusk Rathlynin Tipperary
Clonlyon Kilmore Meath
Clonlyon Kilmanman Laois
Clonlyon Castlequarter Clonmacnoise Offaly
Clonlyon (Gerald) Clonmacnoise Offaly
Clonlyon Glebe Clonmacnoise Offaly
Clonmacash Tartaraghan Armagh
Clonmacfelimy Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Clonmackan Clones Fermanagh
Clonmacken St. Munchin's Limerick
Clonmacmara Mullagh Cavan
Clonmacnoise Clonmacnoise Offaly
Clonmacshane Templepeter Carlow
Clonmagaddan Donaghmore Meath
Clonmahon Laracor Meath
Clonmain Loughgall Armagh
Clonmaine Ightermurragh Cork
Clonmaine Rathlynin Tipperary
Clonmakane Cumber Lower Derry
Clonmakate Tartaraghan Armagh
Clonmakilladuff Kilbarron Tipperary
Clonmalevin Rataine Meath
Clonmannan Rathnew Wicklow
Clonmartin Drumcree Armagh
Clonmaskill Castletowndelvin Westmeath
Clonmass Clondahorky Donegal
Clonmass Isle Clondahorky Donegal
Clonmaulin Galloon Fermanagh
Clonmeen Castlejordan Offaly
Clonmeenan Magheracloone Monaghan
Clonmeen North Clonmeen Cork
Clonmeen North Rathdowney Laois
Clonmeen South Clonmeen Cork
Clonmeen South Rathdowney Laois
Clonmeenwood Rathdowney Laois
Clonmel Glasnevin Dublin
Clonmel Clonsast Offaly
Clonmellon Killua Westmeath
Clonmellon T. Killua Westmeath
Clonmelsh Clonmelsh Carlow
Clonmel T. St. Mary's, Clonmel Tipperary also in Co. Waterford.
Clonmel T. St. Mary's, Clonmel Waterford also in Co. Tipperary.
Clonmethan Clonmethan Dublin
Clonminan Borris Laois
Clonminch Kilbride Offaly
Clonmines Clonmines Wexford
Clonmin Glebe Galloon Fermanagh
Clonmoher Kilnoe Clare
Clonmona Dorrha Tipperary
Clonmoney North Bunratty Clare
Clonmoney South Bunratty Clare
Clonmoney West Bunratty Clare
Clonmoran St. Patrick's Kilkenny
Clonmore Killyman Armagh
Clonmore Oldleighlin Carlow
Clonmore Clonmore Carlow
Clonmore Clondahorky Donegal
Clonmore Clonmore Kilkenny
Clonmore Seirkieran Offaly
Clonmore Clonsast Offaly
Clonmore Geashill Offaly
Clonmore Castlejordan Offaly
Clonmore Clonmore Louth
Clonmore Kildalkey Meath
Clonmore Clones Monaghan
Clonmore Rathdowney Laois
Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Clon More Inch Tipperary
Clonmore Killavinoge Tipperary
Clonmore Dolla Tipperary
Clonmore Inishlounaght Tipperary
Clonmore St. Patricksrock Tipperary
Clonmore Clonfeacle Tyrone
Clonmore Dungarvan Waterford
Clonmore Kilcleagh Westmeath
Clonmore Mullingar Westmeath
Clonmore Street Westmeath
Clonmore Clonmore Wexford
Clonmore Liskinfere Wexford
Clonmore Toome Wexford
Clonmore Lower Ballyhuskard Wexford
Clonmore North Caher Tipperary
Clonmore North Ardmayle Tipperary
Clonmore South Caher Tipperary
Clonmore South Ardmayle Tipperary
Clonmore Upper Ballyhuskard Wexford
Clonmorewalk Templenoe Tipperary
Clonmorrill Castletowndelvin Westmeath
Clonmowley Rathmolyon Meath
Clonmoyle Kilmichael Cork
Clonmoyle Rathangan Kildare
Clonmoyle Mothel Waterford
Clonmoyle Lynn Westmeath
Clonmoyle East Aghabulloge Cork
Clonmoyle West Aghabulloge Cork
Clonmoyle West Rathangan Kildare
Clonmullen Barragh Carlow
Clonmullin St. John's Kildare
Clonmullin St. Michael's Kildare
Clonmult Crosserlough Cavan
Clonmult Clonmult Cork
Clonmult T. Clonmult Cork also in Dungourney parish.
Clonmult T. Dungourney Cork also in Clonmult parish.
Clonmurragha Toem Tipperary
Clonnagapple Castletowndelvin Westmeath
Clonnageeragh St. Feighin's Westmeath
Clonnagore Drummully Monaghan
Clonnalynagh Killare Westmeath
Clonnamanagh Killare Westmeath
Clonnaroo Drummully Fermanagh
Clonnasheeoge Kilmallock Wexford
Clonnestin Drummully Monaghan
Clonogan Moyacomb Carlow
Clonoghil Abbeyleix Laois
Clonoghil Offerlane Laois
Clonoghil Lower Birr Offaly
Clonoghil Upper Birr Offaly
Clonomara Kinneigh Cork
Clononeen Offerlane Laois
Clonony Beg Gallen Offaly
Clonony More Gallen Offaly
Clonony T. Gallen Offaly
Clonoonagh Kyle Laois
Clonoony Drummully Monaghan
Clonoose Big Drumlumman Cavan
Clonoose Little Drumlumman Cavan
Clonosey Annagh Cavan
Clonough Kilgorman Wexford
Clonoula Drummully Monaghan
Clonoulty Churchquarter Clonoulty Tipperary
Clonoulty Curragh Clonoulty Tipperary
Clonoulty Hill Clonoulty Tipperary
Clonoura Fennor Tipperary
Clonownmore Conry Westmeath
Clonpadden Ennereilly Wicklow
Clonpet Clonpet Tipperary
Clonpierce Killabban Laois
Clonpriest East Clonpriest Cork
Clonpriest West Clonpriest Cork
Clonrah and Glaster Lusmagh Offaly
Clonraskin Loughkeen Tipperary
Clonraw Drumgoon Cavan
Clonreagh Ardclinis Antrim
Clonreagh Killucan Westmeath
Clonreher Borris Laois
Clonrelick Ballyloughloe Westmeath
Clonroad Beg Drumcliff Clare
Clonroad More Drumcliff Clare
Clonrobert Lickbla Westmeath
Clonrobin Kilbrin Cork
Clonroche Chapel Wexford
Clonroche T. Chapel Wexford
Clonroe Lower Kilnenor Wexford
Clonroe Upper Kilnenor Wexford
Clonroosk Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Clonroosk Big Clonsast Offaly
Clonroosk Little Clonsast Offaly
Clonroosk Little Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Clonroot Kilmore Armagh
Clonross Dunshaughlin Meath
Clonrud Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Clonrush Clonrush Galway
Clonrye Drummully Monaghan
Clonsast Kilcock Kildare
Clonsast Lower Clonsast Offaly
Clonsast Upper Clonsast Offaly
Clonsedy Magheracloone Monaghan
Clonseer Killoughy Offaly
Clonshagh Cloghran Dublin
Clonshagh Santry Dublin
Clonshanbo Clonshanbo Kildare
Clonshannagh Drummully Fermanagh
Clonshannagh Killoughy Offaly
Clonshannon Clonsast Offaly
Clonshannon Donaghmore Wicklow
Clonshanny Rahan Offaly
Clonshanvo Drummully Monaghan
Clonsharragh St. James & Dunbrody Wexford
Clonshavoy Abington Limerick
Clonsheever Rathconnell Westmeath
Clonshire Beg Clonshire Limerick
Clonshire More Clonshire Limerick
Clonsilla Clonsilla Dublin
Clonsilla East Kilcavan Wexford
Clonsilla West Kilcavan Wexford
Clonsingle Kilvellane Tipperary
Clonsingle Castletownkindalen Westmeath
Clonskeagh Donnybrook Dublin Uppercross Barony
Clonskeagh Donnybrook Dublin Dublin Barony
Clonskeagh T. Donnybrook Dublin
Clonsoghey Borris Laois
Clonsura Lickbla Westmeath
Clonswords Ballyboghil Dublin
Clontaafe Templemore Tipperary
Clontaff Myross Cork
Clonta Fleece Clonallan Down
Clontaghnaglar Kilmore Down
Clontaglass Ballyboy Offaly
Clontail Mitchelstown Meath
Clontallagh Mevagh Donegal
Clontanagullion Dromara Down
Clontarf East Clontarf Dublin
Clontarf Sheds T. Clontarf Dublin
Clontarf T. Clontarf Dublin
Clontarf West Clontarf Dublin
Clontask Drummully Monaghan
Clontead Beg Magourney Cork
Clontead More Magourney Cork
Clonteens Mayne Westmeath
Clonteevy Clonfeacle Tyrone
Clonteige Ballymackey Tipperary
Clontelaghan Kinawley Fermanagh
Clonterlough Killoughy Offaly
Clonterry Ardea Laois
Clonthread Ballyloughloe Westmeath
Clontibret Clones Monaghan
Clontinteen Churchtown Westmeath
Clontinty Glanworth Cork
Clontivrin Clones Fermanagh
Clontoe Tedavnet Monaghan
Clontonakelly Comber Down
Clontonakelly Drumbo Down
Clontotan Reynagh Offaly
Clontrain Magheracloone Monaghan
Clontreat Clones Monaghan
Clontubbrid Sheffin Kilkenny
Clontumpher Killoe Longford
Clonturk Clonturk Dublin
Clonturkan Enniskeen Cavan
Clonturkle Kinawley Fermanagh
Clonturk (Mason) Killanny Monaghan
Clontybunnia Tedavnet Monaghan
Clontycarnaghan Templeport Cavan
Clontycarty Tynan Armagh
Clontycasta Tedavnet Monaghan
Clontyclay Killyman Armagh
Clontyclevin Killeeshil Tyrone
Clontycoe Ballyroan Laois
Clontycoe Dysartgallen Laois
Clontycoo Drumlane Cavan
Clontycoora Cleenish Fermanagh
Clontyduffy (Hart) Kilbride Cavan
Clontyduffy (Nugent) Kilbride Cavan
Clontyfallow Killeeshil Tyrone
Clontyferagh Killesher Fermanagh
Clontyferagh Kildress Tyrone
Clontyfinnan East Loughguile Antrim
Clontyfinnan West Loughguile Antrim
Clontyglass Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Clontygora Killevy Armagh
Clontygrigny Kildallan Cavan
Clontylew Tartaraghan Armagh
Clontymore Kinawley Fermanagh
Clontymullan Killesher Fermanagh
Clontymullan Rathreagh Longford
Clontyseer Kilbarron Donegal
Clontytallon Castlelost Westmeath
Clonuff Mylerstown Kildare
Clonumphry Galloon Fermanagh
Clonursan Glebe Killesher Fermanagh
Clonvaraghan Kilmegan Down
Clonwalsh Kilgrant Tipperary
Clonwhelan Mostrim Longford
Clonwilliam Killahurler Wicklow
Clonybane Killare Westmeath
Clonybecan Killabban Laois
Clonyburn St. Mary's Newtownbarry Wexford
Clonycavan Killaconnigan Meath
Clonycurry Rathmolyon Meath
Clonydonnin Kilcleagh Westmeath
Clonyegan Ballyloughloe Westmeath
Clonygaheen Killoscully Tipperary
Clonygark or Rearyvalley Rearymore Laois
Clonygarra Coolaghmore Kilkenny
Clonygoose Clonygoose Carlow
Clonygowan Ballykean Offaly
Clonygowan Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Clonygowan T. Ballykean Offaly
Clonygrange Killaconnigan Meath
Clonyhague Newtown Westmeath
Clonyharp Moyaliff Tipperary
Clonyharp Clogher Tipperary
Clonyhurk Clonyhurk Offaly
Clonylogan Kildalkey Meath
Clonymeath Galtrim Meath
Clonymohan Castletownely Offaly
Clonymore Rathmore Meath
Clonymurtagh Ballymorin Westmeath
Clonyn Castletowndelvin Westmeath
Clonyquin Clonyhurk Offaly
Clonyreel Donaghmore Donegal
Clonyrina Conry Westmeath
Clonyveey Killare Westmeath
Cloodrevagh Rossinver Leitrim
Cloodrumman Beg Fenagh Leitrim
Cloodrumman More Fenagh Leitrim
Cloon Bridgetown Cork
Cloon Allsaints Donegal
Cloon Cleenish Fermanagh
Cloon Ballynakill Galway Ballynahinch Barony
Cloon Omey Galway
Cloon Claregalway Galway
Cloon Kilbeacanty Galway
Cloon Prior Kerry
Cloon Templedowney Tipperary
Cloon Ardmayle Tipperary
Cloon Mayglass Wexford
Cloon Powerscourt Wicklow
Cloona Dysert Clare
Cloonacalleen Kilconnell Galway
Cloonacalleen Killaan Galway
Cloonacaltry Taghmaconnell Roscommon
Cloonacaltry Drumrat Sligo
Cloonacannana Kilconduff Mayo
Cloonacarn Cleenish Fermanagh
Cloonacarrow Tumna Roscommon
Cloonacarrow Kilnamanagh Roscommon
Cloonacastle Duniry Galway
Cloonacauna Kilbelfad Mayo
Cloonacauneen Claregalway Galway
Cloonacauneen Oranmore Galway
Cloonacleigha Cloonoghil Sligo
Cloonacolly Tibohine Roscommon
Cloonacool Achonry Sligo
Cloonacullina Reynagh Offaly
Cloonacurra Ballysadare Sligo
Cloonacurrig Dysert Kerry
Cloonacurry Bekan Mayo
Cloonadarragh Drumatemple Galway
Cloonadarragh East Drumatemple Roscommon
Cloonaddra Cloontuskert Roscommon
Cloonaddron Taghmaconnell Roscommon
Cloonaderavally Kilglass Sligo
Cloonadrum Kilmurry Clare Ibrickan Barony
Cloonaduff Croom Limerick
Cloonaff Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonagahaun Cloonoghil Sligo
Cloonagalloon Meelick Mayo
Cloonagashel Kilmorgan Sligo
Cloonagawnagh Clonbern Galway
Cloonageeher Mohill Longford
Cloonageeragh Kilgefin Roscommon
Cloonagh Dunmore (incorrect parish) Galway Ballymoe Barony
Cloonagh Annaghdown Galway
Cloonagh Dunmore Galway Dunmore Barony
Cloonagh Killarga Leitrim
Cloonagh Columbkille Longford
Cloonagh Killoe Longford
Cloonagh Kilglass Longford
Cloonagh Aglish Mayo
Cloonagh Drum Mayo
Cloonagh Tagheen Mayo
Cloonagh Aghagower Mayo
Cloonagh Kilmanman Laois
Cloonagh Rosenallis Laois
Cloonagh Taghboy Roscommon
Cloonagh Tibohine Roscommon
Cloonagh Drumcliff Sligo
Cloonagh Toomour Sligo
Cloonagh Dromard Sligo
Cloonagh Ballynakill Sligo
Cloonagh Roscrea Tipperary
Cloonagh Castletownkindalen Westmeath
Cloonagh Owenduff Wexford
Cloonaghbaun Ardcarn Roscommon
Cloonagh Beg Kilmanman Laois
Cloonagh Beg and Knockegan Ardagh Mayo
Cloonaghboy Kilconduff Mayo
Cloonaghbrack Creagh Roscommon
Cloonaghduff Drum Mayo
Cloonaghduff Kilcolman Mayo
Cloonaghgarve Addergoole Galway
Cloonagh & Kilglass Kilglass Longford
Cloonaghlin Dromod Kerry
Cloonaghlin Lower Killaconenagh Cork
Cloonaghlin Upper Killaconenagh Cork
Cloonaghlin West Killaconenagh Cork
Cloonaghmanagh Kilgeever Mayo
Cloonaghmore Kilquain Galway
Cloonaghmore Cloonclare Leitrim
Cloonaghmore Abbeylara Longford
Cloonaghmore Ballyhean Mayo
Cloonaghmore Breaghwy Mayo
Cloonagh More Ardagh Mayo
Cloonaghmore Moygawnagh Mayo
Cloonagh More Kilmanman Laois
Cloonagleavragh Easky Sligo
Cloonagleavragh Park Easky Sligo
Cloonagowan Inchicronan Clare
Cloonagower Rahoon Galway
Cloonagrassan Drumatemple Roscommon
Cloonagrouna Loughan or Castlekeeran Meath
Cloonagun Emlaghfad Sligo
Cloonahard Templemichael Longford
Cloonahee Clooncraff Roscommon
Cloonaheen Kilmurryely Offaly
Cloonaherna Quin Clare
Cloonahinch Killaan Galway
Cloonahinshin Cloonoghil Sligo
Cloonahussey Templemichael Longford
Cloonainra Killasser Mayo
Cloonakeemoge Dromard Sligo
Cloonakille St. Peter's Roscommon
Cloonakilleg Tisrara Roscommon
Cloonakillina Kilturra Mayo
Cloonakilly Beg Killukin Roscommon Roscommon Barony
Cloonakilly More Killukin Roscommon Roscommon Barony
Cloonalaghan Lackan Mayo
Cloonalassan Kiltallagh Kerry
Cloonaleary Tulla Clare
Cloonaleedin Kilfian Mayo
Cloonalis Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonalisk Templeharry Offaly
Cloonalison Kilbeagh Mayo
Cloonaloo Killeshin Laois
Cloonalough Ballysakeery Mayo
Cloonalough Kiltullagh Roscommon
Cloonaloughan Templeharry Offaly
Cloonalour Ratass Kerry
Cloonalour Tralee Kerry
Cloonamahan Ballysadare Sligo
Cloonaman Aghavallen Kerry
Cloonamanagh Emlaghfad Sligo
Cloonameehan North Cloonoghil Sligo
Cloonameehan South Cloonoghil Sligo
Cloonameragaun Aughrim Galway
Cloonametagh O'Dorney Kerry
Cloonamirran Inishcaltra Galway
Cloonamore Inishbofin Mayo
Cloonamuinia Dunamon Roscommon
Cloonamurgal Inishmagrath Leitrim
Cloonan Islandeady Mayo
Cloonanaff Kilcommon Mayo Kilmaine Barony
Cloonanagh Kilmore Tipperary
Cloonanaha Inagh Clare
Cloonanart Beg Kilcooley Roscommon
Cloonanart More Kilcooley Roscommon
Cloonanass Kilfinaghta Clare
Cloonanass Lackan Mayo
Cloonanearla Kiltartan Galway
Cloonanna Croom Limerick
Cloonanny Ballymacormick Longford
Cloonanny Glebe Templemichael Longford
Cloonanorig Tralee Kerry
Cloonanure Kilfree Sligo
Cloonapisha Ardagh Mayo
Cloonaquin Cloonlogher Leitrim
Cloonaraher Kilshalvy Sligo
Cloonaraher Achonry Sligo
Cloonarara Achonry Sligo
Cloonarass Killofin Clare
Cloonard Killashee Longford
Cloonard Taghshinny Longford
Cloonard Tibohine Roscommon
Cloonareague Kinneigh Cork
Cloonargid Tibohine Roscommon
Cloonark Ballinrobe Mayo
Cloonark Drum Roscommon
Cloonarkan Clonbern Galway
Cloonarragh Kilbride Roscommon
Cloonarragh Tibohine Roscommon
Cloonart North Mohill Longford
Cloonart South Mohill Longford
Cloonascarberry (Cheevers) Killian Galway
Cloonascarberry North Killian Galway
Cloonascarberry South Killian Galway
Cloonascoffagh Kilmacshalgan Sligo
Cloonascragh Tuam Galway
Cloonascragh Kilbennan Galway
Cloonascragh Clontuskert Galway
Cloonascragh Moylough Galway
Cloonastiallas Killukin Roscommon Roscommon Barony
Cloonatleva Lower Fohanagh Galway
Cloonatleva Upper Fohanagh Galway
Cloonatloukaun Killaan Galway
Cloonatreane Killesher Fermanagh
Cloonatrig Cleenish Fermanagh
Cloonatumpher Killesher Fermanagh
Cloonaufill Termonbarry Roscommon
Cloonaufill Island Termonbarry Roscommon
Cloonavarry Templemurry Mayo
Cloonaveel Cleenish Fermanagh
Cloonaveige Kilmanaheen Clare
Cloonavery Kilmore Roscommon
Cloonavihony Killian Galway
Cloonavindin Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonavoan Enniskillen Fermanagh
Cloonavullaun Castlemore Mayo
Cloonawee Doora Clare
Cloonaweema Kilbeagh Mayo
Cloonawillin Inchicronan Clare
Cloonawillin Rossinver Leitrim
Cloonawillin Ballysakeery Mayo
Cloonawillin Crossmolina Mayo
Cloonawillin Aglishcloghane Tipperary
Cloonback Columbkille Longford
Cloonbalt Templemichael Longford
Cloonbanaun Shrule Mayo
Cloonbane Doneraile Cork
Cloonbaniff Achonry Sligo
Cloonbannan Drumrat Sligo
Cloonbannin East Cullen Cork
Cloonbannin West Cullen Cork
Cloonbanniv Ahascragh Galway
Cloonbannive Killanummery Leitrim
Cloonbar Kilconla Galway
Cloonbard Baslick Roscommon
Cloonbarry Kilmacteige Sligo
Cloonbaul Mayo Mayo
Cloonbearla Killashee Longford
Cloonbeg Moyrus Galway
Cloonbeg Kilbeacanty Galway
Cloonbeg Killiney Kerry
Cloon Beg Ratass Kerry
Cloonbeg Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Cloonbeggaun Moore Roscommon
Cloonbenes Grange Galway
Cloonbigny Taghmaconnell Roscommon
Cloonbo Mohill Leitrim
Cloonboley Drum Roscommon
Cloonboniagh North Mohill Leitrim
Cloonboniagh South Mohill Leitrim
Cloonbonniff Crossboyne Mayo
Cloonbonniff Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonbonny St. Mary's Westmeath Brawny Barony
Cloonbony Kilfarboy Clare
Cloonbony Rathcline Longford
Cloonbony Kilbride Roscommon
Cloonboo Annaghdown Galway
Cloonboo Beg Dunmore Galway
Cloonbookeighter Bekan Mayo
Cloonbookoughter Bekan Mayo
Cloonbooly Kilmaley Clare
Cloonboo More Dunmore Galway
Cloonboorhy Burriscarra Mayo
Cloonbornia Clonkeen Galway
Cloonboy Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Cloonboy Templemurry Mayo
Cloonboygher Carrigallen Leitrim
Cloonboyoge Shankill Roscommon
Cloonbrackna Roscommon Roscommon
Cloonbrane Murher Kerry
Cloonbreany Kilcommock Longford
Cloonbrien Athlacca Limerick
Cloonbrin Abbeyshrule Longford
Cloonbrock Killashee Longford
Cloonbrone Cong Galway
Cloonbrone Ardagh Mayo
Cloonbrusk Addergoole Galway
Cloonbrusk Monivea Galway
Cloonbulban Bekan Mayo
Cloonbullig Annagh Mayo
Cloonbunny Tibohine Roscommon
Cloonbur Ross Galway
Cloonburren Moore Roscommon
Cloonca Tisrara Roscommon
Cloonca Kilmacteige Sligo
Clooncah Ballynakill Galway Ballymoe Barony
Clooncah Killimordaly Galway
Clooncah Aghamore Mayo
Clooncah Kilteevan Roscommon
Clooncah Kilkeevin Roscommon
Clooncah Tibohine Roscommon
Clooncah Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Clooncahir Mohill Leitrim
Clooncalgy Kiltullagh Roscommon
Clooncalgy Beg Kiltullagh Roscommon
Clooncalgy More Kiltullagh Roscommon
Clooncalla Beg Rathclarin Cork
Clooncallaga Moylough Galway
Clooncalla More Rathclarin Cork
Clooncallis Killaan Galway
Clooncallis Killallaghtan Galway
Clooncallow Forgney Longford
Clooncan Robeen Mayo
Clooncan Kilkeevin Roscommon
Clooncanavan Kilmaclasser Mayo
Clooncannon Athleague Galway
Clooncannon (Dillon) Ahascragh Galway
Clooncannon (Kelly) Ahascragh Galway
Clooncarha Kilmovee Mayo
Clooncarhy Kiltenanlea Clare
Clooncarrabaun Kilgeever Mayo
Clooncarreen Mohill Leitrim
Clooncarrig Killorglin Kerry
Clooncashel Beg Kilgefin Roscommon
Clooncashel More Kilgefin Roscommon
Clooncaulfield Ardagh Longford
Clooncaura Kildimo Limerick
Clooncaurha Kilnamona Clare
Cloonchambers Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonclare Cloonclare Leitrim
Clooncleagh Twomileborris Tipperary
Clooncleevragh Killasser Mayo
Cloonclivvy Mohill Leitrim
Cloonclogh Killeentierna Kerry
Clooncoe Cloone Leitrim
Clooncogaile Seskinan Waterford
Clooncolla Dysert Kerry
Clooncolligan Mohill Longford
Clooncolman Clondagad Clare
Clooncolry Mohill Leitrim
Clooncommon Beg Kilmore Roscommon
Clooncommon More Kilmore Roscommon
Cloon and Commons Stradbally Limerick
Clooncon Killeedy Limerick
Clooncon Monagay Limerick
Clooncona Killimorbologue Galway
Cloonconabeg Killimorbologue Galway
Clooncon East Boyounagh Galway
Cloonconeen Moyarta Clare
Cloonconlan Templemore Mayo
Cloonconneelaun Kilmainemore Mayo
Cloonconny Kilbride Roscommon
Cloonconor Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Cloonconore Kilkerrin Galway
Cloonconra Killererin Galway
Cloonconra Clonfert Galway
Cloonconra Templemore Mayo
Cloonconra Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloonconra Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonconragh East Ballyhean Mayo
Cloonconragh West Ballyhean Mayo
Cloonconway Rathreagh Mayo
Clooncon West Boyounagh Galway
Clooncool Killuran Clare
Clooncooravane North Mahoonagh Limerick
Clooncooravane South Mahoonagh Limerick
Clooncoose Carran Clare
Clooncoose Templemichael Longford
Clooncoose Clonbroney Longford
Clooncoose Kilmore Roscommon
Clooncoose Tumna Roscommon
Clooncoose North Kilkeevin Roscommon
Clooncoose South Kilkeevin Roscommon
Clooncor Kilcooley Roscommon
Clooncoran Taghmaconnell Roscommon
Clooncorban Kilmeen Cork East Carbery (W.D.) Barony
Clooncorick Carrigallen Leitrim
Clooncormick Robeen Mayo
Clooncorraun Ballinrobe Mayo