Clooncose to Cockstown West

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A list of townlands of Ireland from Clooncose to Cockstown West, together with alternative possibilities for the parish and county in which it is located. See Irish Townlands Category for further lists of townslands.

Townland Parish County Remarks
Clooncose Carrigallen Leitrim
Clooncose Cloone Leitrim
Clooncose Cloonoghil Sligo
Clooncosker Clooncraff Roscommon
Clooncoul Kilmanaheen Clare
Clooncous Kilbeagh Mayo
Clooncraff Kilteevan Roscommon
Clooncraff Clooncraff Roscommon
Clooncraffield Kilkeevin Roscommon
Clooncran Kilkeevin Roscommon
Clooncree Ballynakill Galway Ballynahinch Barony
Clooncreestane Kilmoyly Kerry
Clooncrim Kiltullagh Roscommon
Clooncrippa Kilmeedy Limerick
Clooncrooeel Ballintober Mayo
Clooncruffer Ardcarn Roscommon
Clooncugger Caheragh Cork
Clooncullaan Elphin Roscommon
Clooncullaan Kilcooley Roscommon
Clooncullaun Ballynakill Galway Ballymoe Barony
Clooncullen Noughaval Longford
Clooncullin Kilmacduane Clare
Clooncumber Cloone Leitrim
Clooncunna North Abington Limerick
Clooncunna South Abington Limerick
Clooncunnig Ardfield Cork
Clooncunny Ballynakill Galway Ballymoe Barony
Clooncunny Elphin Roscommon
Clooncunny Killaraght Sligo
Clooncunny Kilshalvy Sligo
Clooncunny Achonry Sligo
Clooncurra Kinard Kerry
Clooncurreen Moylough Galway
Cloondacarra Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloondacarra Beg Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloondace Knock Mayo
Cloondacon Aghagower Mayo
Cloondadauv Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Cloondaff Addergoole Mayo
Cloondahamper (Blake) Killererin Galway
Cloondahamper (Brown) Killererin Galway
Cloondalin St. Mary's Westmeath Brawny Barony
Cloondanagh Tulla Clare
Cloondara Killashee Longford
Cloondarah Tisrara Roscommon
Cloondara T. Killashee Longford
Cloondarone Tuam Galway
Cloondart Tibohine Roscommon
Cloondaver Robeen Mayo
Cloondeash Ballyhean Mayo
Cloondergan Dunmore Galway
Cloonderreen Rathclarin Cork
Cloonderry Drumcliff Sligo
Cloondine Kilbeacanty Galway
Cloondinnaire Tagheen Mayo
Cloondoolough Killedan Mayo
Cloondoorney Beg Tulla Clare
Cloondoorney More Tulla Clare
Cloondorragha Cloonoghil Sligo
Cloondoyle Beg Boyounagh Galway
Cloondoyle More Boyounagh Galway
Cloondrihara Achonry Sligo
Cloondrinagh Kilfiddane Clare
Cloondrinagh Clondagad Clare
Cloondroon Addergoole Galway
Cloondroon Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Cloone Scrabby Cavan
Cloone Dunkitt Kilkenny
Cloone Cloone Leitrim
Cloone Rossinver Leitrim
Cloone Loughmoe East Tipperary
Clooneagh Rattoo Kerry
Clooneagh Mohill Leitrim
Clooneagh Kilfree Sligo
Clooneally Ballysumaghan Sligo
Cloonean Aghamore Mayo
Cloonearagh Kilgarrylander Kerry
Cloonearagh Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Cloon East Knockane Kerry
Cloonederowen Ballynakill Galway Ballynahinch Barony
Cloonee Kilbolane Cork
Cloonee Durrus Cork
Cloonee Kilmocomoge Cork
Cloonee Drumatemple Galway
Cloonee Kilkilvery Galway
Cloonee Tuosist Kerry
Cloonee Cloone Leitrim
Cloonee Corcomohide Limerick
Cloonee Killoe Longford
Cloonee Ballyovey Mayo
Cloonee Ballinrobe Mayo
Clooneen Kildallan Cavan
Clooneen Inchicronan Clare
Clooneen Kilfenora Clare
Clooneen Killeany Galway
Clooneen Dunmore Galway
Clooneen Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Clooneen Kilthomas Galway
Clooneen Killahan Kerry
Clooneen Eglish Offaly
Clooneen Inishmagrath Leitrim
Clooneen Killasnet Leitrim
Clooneen Columbkille Longford
Clooneen Forgney Longford
Clooneen Kilmeena Mayo
Clooneen Kilmore Mayo
Clooneen Meelick Mayo
Clooneen Kilcommon Mayo Kilmaine Barony
Clooneen Oughaval Mayo
Clooneen Athleague Roscommon
Clooneen Rahara Roscommon
Clooneen Kilnamanagh Roscommon
Clooneen Creagh Roscommon
Clooneen Drumcliff Sligo
Clooneen Emlaghfad Sligo
Clooneen Kilmorgan Sligo
Clooneen Kilmacshalgan Sligo
Clooneenagh Kilmacduane Clare
Clooneenbaun Fuerty Roscommon
Clooneenbeg T. Athleague Roscommon
Clooneen (Beirne) Mohill Longford
Clooneen (Blakeny) Kilglass Roscommon
Clooneencapullagh Seirkieran Offaly
Clooneencarra Touaghty Mayo
Clooneen (Cox) Mohill Longford
Clooneen (Hartland) Kilglass Roscommon
Clooneenhugh Kilmactranny Sligo
Clooneen (Kennedy) Mohill Longford
Clooneenkillew Touaghty Mayo
Clooneen or Lettybrook Letterluna Offaly
Clooneen Lower Kilruane Tipperary
Clooneen Middle Kilruane Tipperary
Clooneenroe Kilross Sligo
Clooneen (Shanly) Mohill Longford
Clooneen Upper Kilruane Tipperary
Clooneeny Ballymacormick Longford
Clooneigh Ardagh Mayo
Clooneigh Kilteevan Roscommon
Clooneigh Tumna Roscommon
Clooneigh Kilcooley Roscommon
Clooneish Moore Roscommon
Cloonellan Clongesh Longford
Cloonelly Killoe Longford
Cloonelly Kilbride Roscommon
Cloonelly Drumcliff Sligo
Cloonelt Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonena Kilshalvy Sligo
Cloonenagh Ballinrobe Mayo
Cloonerane Taghmon Wexford
Cloonerco Ahamlish Sligo
Cloonerk Kilbride Roscommon
Cloonerkaun Kiltullagh Roscommon
Cloonerneen Ballinrobe Mayo
Cloonerra Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Clooneshil Burrishoole Mayo
Clooneskert Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloone T. Cloone Leitrim
Cloonevit Moydow Longford
Clooney Dunluce Antrim
Clooney Clooney Clare Bunratty Upper Barony
Clooney Inishkeel Donegal
Clooney Tullyfern Donegal
Clooney Kiltubbrid Leitrim
Clooney Aghanloo Derry
Clooney Magilligan Derry
Clooney Kilcronaghan Derry
Clooney Clondermot Derry
Clooney Drakestown Meath
Clooneybreen Kilmanaheen Clare
Clooney and Gortnamona Clondavaddog Donegal
Clooneylissaun Killimer Clare
Clooney More Tullyfern Donegal
Clooney North Clooney Clare Corcomroe Barony
Clooneyogan North Kilfarboy Clare
Clooneyogan South Kilfarboy Clare
Clooney South Clooney Clare Corcomroe Barony
Cloonfad Termonbarry Roscommon
Cloonfad Tumna Roscommon
Cloonfad Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonfad Tibohine Roscommon
Cloonfad Moore Roscommon
Cloonfadbeg Aughrim Roscommon
Cloonfadda Killaloe Clare
Cloonfadda Ballysakeery Mayo
Cloonfad East Kiltullagh Roscommon
Cloonfad More Aughrim Roscommon
Cloonfad West Kiltullagh Roscommon
Cloonfaghna Ballynakill Galway Ballymoe Barony
Cloonfane Dunmore Galway
Cloonfane Kilbeagh Mayo
Cloonfaughna Knock Mayo
Cloonfaulus Kilmovee Mayo
Cloonfeacle Kiltoghert Leitrim
Cloonfeagh Drumcliff Clare
Cloonfeaghra Ruan Clare
Cloonfeaghra Kilmovee Mayo
Cloonfeightrin Kilturra Mayo
Cloonfelliv Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonfert Ballyhean Mayo
Cloonfide Taghsheenod Longford
Cloonfin Granard Longford
Cloonfineen Kiltullagh Roscommon
Cloonfinfy Killashee Longford
Cloonfinglas Tibohine Roscommon
Cloonfinglass Killardry Tipperary
Cloonfinish Killasser Mayo
Cloonfinlough Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Cloonfinnan Mohill Leitrim
Cloonfinnaun Kilconduff Mayo
Cloonfinnoge Killian Galway
Cloonfiugh Killashee Longford
Cloonflyn Rosslee Mayo
Cloonfoher Burrishoole Mayo
Cloonfore Rathcline Longford
Cloonfower Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonfree Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Cloonfurrihis Kilchreest Clare
Cloonfush Tuam Galway
Cloongad Tawnagh Sligo
Cloongaheen East Killokennedy Clare
Cloongaheen West Killokennedy Clare
Cloonfower Termonbarry Roscommon
Cloongarvan Clooncraff Roscommon
Cloongarve Kilshanny Clare
Cloongawna Ballymacward Galway
Cloongawnagh Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Cloongawnagh Kilmainemore Mayo
Cloongawnagh (Burke) Aghamore Mayo
Cloongawnagh (Cosgrave) Aghamore Mayo
Cloongee Templemore Mayo
Cloongeel Kilmeen Cork Duhallow Barony
Cloonglasney Ardagh Mayo
Cloonglasny Beg Clooncraff Roscommon
Cloonglasny More Clooncraff Roscommon
Cloon Glebe Ardfert Kerry
Cloongoonagh Kilmacteige Sligo
Cloongowla Ballinrobe Mayo
Cloongown Tullylease Cork
Cloongowna Kilnamona Clare
Cloongowna Drum Roscommon
Cloongownagh Adare Limerick
Cloongownagh Tumna Roscommon
Cloongreaghan Ardcarn Roscommon
Cloongullaun Kilconduff Mayo
Cloonierin Kilmovee Mayo
Clooniff Moycullen Galway
Clooniff Moore Roscommon
Cloonigny Kilgerrill Galway
Clooniher Mohill Longford
Cloonillan Drum Roscommon
Clooninagh Cummer Galway
Cloonineen Kiltormer Galway
Clooningan Achonry Sligo
Clooninihy Terryglass Tipperary
Clooninisclin Kiltullagh Roscommon
Clooninshin Meelick Mayo
Cloon Island Killorglin Kerry
Cloonisle Moyrus Galway
Cloonkea Clonfert Galway
Cloonkedagh Killedan Mayo
Cloonkee Kilfian Mayo
Cloonkeeghan Tagheen Mayo
Cloonkeeghan Commons Kilmainemore Mayo
Cloonkeehan East Kiltullagh Roscommon
Cloonkeehan West Kiltullagh Roscommon
Cloonkeel Killashee Longford
Cloonkeelaun Castleconor Sligo
Cloonkeely Killursa Galway
Cloonkeen Aglishdrinagh Cork
Cloonkeen Kilmacabea Cork
Cloonkeen Dunmore Galway
Cloonkeen Boyounagh Galway
Cloonkeen Moylough Galway
Cloonkeen Killaha Kerry
Cloonkeen Ballymacormick Longford
Cloonkeen Taghsheenod Longford
Cloonkeen Shrule Longford
Cloonkeen Kilmeena Mayo
Cloonkeen Aglish Mayo
Cloonkeen Tagheen Mayo
Cloonkeen Taghmaconnell Roscommon
Cloonkeen Tumna Roscommon
Cloonkeen Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonkeenbeg Monivea Galway
Cloonkeenclare Kilkerrin Galway
Cloonkeen (Davies) Killian Galway
Cloonkeen East Kilmacabea Cork
Cloonkeen East Killallaghtan Galway
Cloonkeen Eighter Kilkerrin Galway
Cloonkeen (Ffrench) Killian Galway
Cloonkeen (Kelly) Killian Galway
Cloonkeenleananode Kilkerrin Galway
Cloonkeenmore North Monivea Galway
Cloonkeenmore South Monivea Galway
Cloonkeennagran Kilkerrin Galway
Cloonkeen (Netterville) Killian Galway
Cloonkeen North Cummer Galway
Cloonkeen Oughter Kilkerrin Galway
Cloonkeen South Cummer Galway
Cloonkeen (Waldron) Kilkerrin Galway
Cloonkeen West Killallaghtan Galway
Cloonkeevy Emlaghfad Sligo
Cloonkelly Crossmolina Mayo
Cloonker Moydow Longford
Cloonkerin Kilcolagh Roscommon
Cloonkerry Kilraghtis Clare
Cloonkerry Ballinrobe Mayo
Cloonkerry East Killofin Clare
Cloonkerry West Killofin Clare
Cloonkesh Turlough Mayo
Cloonkett Killadysert Clare
Cloonkilla Kilgullane Cork
Cloonkirgeen Kilmeen Cork East Carbery (W.D.) Barony
Cloonlagheen Ballyovey Mayo
Cloonlahan (Eyre) Killoran Galway
Cloonlahan (Geoghegan) Killoran Galway
Cloonlahard East Kilmoylan Limerick
Cloonlahard West Kilmoylan Limerick
Cloonlaheen Kilmaley Clare
Cloonlaheen Kilfree Sligo
Cloonlaheen East Kilmurry Clare Ibrickan Barony
Cloonlaheen Middle Kilmurry Clare Ibrickan Barony
Cloonlaheen West Kilmurry Clare Ibrickan Barony
Cloonlara Kiltenanlea Clare
Cloonlara Molahiffe Kerry
Cloonlara Cloncrew Limerick
Cloonlara Bekan Mayo
Cloonlara Kilconduff Mayo
Cloonlara North Boyounagh Galway
Cloonlara South Boyounagh Galway
Cloonlara T. Kiltenanlea Clare
Cloonlarge Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloonlarhan Kilbeagh Mayo
Cloonlatieve Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonlaughil Cloone Leitrim
Cloonlaughil Mohill Leitrim
Cloonlaughil Achonry Sligo
Cloonlaughnan Tisrara Roscommon
Cloonlaur Kilgeever Mayo
Cloonlavis Lower Knock Mayo
Cloonlavis Upper Knock Mayo
Cloonleagh North Shandrum Cork
Cloonleagh South Shandrum Cork
Cloonlee Duniry Galway
Cloonlee Knock Mayo
Cloonlee Kiltullagh Roscommon
Cloonleenaun Annaghdown Galway
Cloonliffen Ballinrobe Mayo
Cloonlish or Robinhood Kiltullagh Roscommon
Cloonlogher Rattoo Kerry
Cloonlogher Cloonlogher Leitrim
Cloonlogue Kilbreedy Minor Limerick
Cloonlooaun Ballynakill Galway Ballynahinch Barony
Cloonloogh Killaraght Sligo
Cloonlough Brigown Cork
Cloonloughan or Dooyeaghny Castleconor Sligo
Cloonloum Beg Clonlea Clare
Cloonloum More Clonlea Clare
Cloonlumney Kilcolman Mayo Costello Barony
Cloonlumney Kilconduff Mayo
Cloonlurg Kilmorgan Sligo
Cloonlusk Killererin Galway
Cloonlusk Doon Limerick
Cloonlynchaghaun Drum Mayo
Cloonlyon Killeroran Galway
Cloonlyon Kilbeagh Mayo
Cloonmaan Ballysakeery Mayo
Cloonmaan Tumna Roscommon
Cloonmacart Killoe Longford
Cloonmacduff Ballysadare Sligo
Cloonmackan Inagh Clare
Cloonmackon Listowel Kerry
Cloonmacmullan Kilnamanagh Roscommon
Cloonmaghaura Templetogher Galway
Cloonmagunnaun Kilnamanagh Roscommon
Cloonmahaan Elphin Roscommon
Cloonmain Killoran Galway
Cloonmalonga Kilmucklin Tipperary
Cloonmanagh Cullen Tipperary
Cloonmartin Rathborney Clare
Cloonmaul Tibohine Roscommon
Cloonmealane Kilnanare Kerry
Cloonmeane Kilmore Roscommon
Cloonmee Cashel Longford
Cloonmeen Kilcolman Mayo Costello Barony
Cloonmeen East Kilbeagh Mayo
Cloonmeen West Kilbeagh Mayo
Cloonmeone Lower Inishmagrath Leitrim
Cloonmeone Upper Inishmagrath Leitrim
Cloonminda Boyounagh Galway
Cloonmohaun Clonrush Galway
Cloonmonad Oughaval Mayo
Cloonmoney Inchicronan Clare
Cloonmore Doora Clare
Cloonmore Killard Clare
Cloonmore Clondagad Clare
Cloonmore Shandrum Cork
Cloonmore Dunmore Galway
Cloonmore Belclare Galway
Cloonmore Tuam Galway
Cloonmore Killannin Galway
Cloonmore Kilcolman Kerry
Cloon More Ratass Kerry
Cloonmore Mahoonagh Limerick
Cloonmore Killashee Longford
Cloonmore Crossboyne Mayo
Cloonmore Kilbeagh Mayo
Cloonmore Termonbarry Roscommon
Cloonmore Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloonmore Ballymackey Tipperary
Cloonmore Lower Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Cloonmore Upper Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Cloonmorris Kilbeacanty Galway
Cloonmorris Mohill Leitrim
Cloonmoylan Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Cloonmoylan Tynagh Galway
Cloonmoyle Tuam Galway
Cloonmucker Moydow Longford
Cloonmull Drumcliff Sligo
Cloonmullenan Oran Roscommon
Cloonmulligan Kiltoghert Leitrim
Cloonmullin Tibohine Roscommon
Cloonmung Toomore Mayo
Cloonmunnia Kilmurry Clare Bunratty Lower Barony
Cloonmurly Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloonmurray Killukin Roscommon Roscommon Barony
Cloonmustra Cloontuskert Roscommon
Cloonmweelaun Kilconla Galway
Cloonmweelaun Moylough Galway
Cloonnabinnia Moycullen Galway
Cloonnabricka Killeroran Galway
Cloonnacartan Moyrus Galway
Cloonnacat Clonbern Galway
Cloonnacorra Liskeevy Galway
Cloonnacross Addergoole Galway
Cloonnacusha Tynagh Galway
Cloonnafinneela Kilflyn Kerry
Cloonnacross Boyounagh Galway
Cloonnafunshin Kilmacduagh Galway
Cloonnagalleen Kilcornan Limerick
Cloonnagark Tynagh Galway
Cloonnagarnaun Killard Clare
Cloonnagashel Ballinrobe Mayo
Cloonnaglasha Kilconla Galway
Cloonnagleragh Turlough Mayo
Cloonnagleragh Knock Mayo
Cloonnagloghaun Ruan Clare
Cloonnagoppoge Touaghty Mayo
Cloonnagro Feakle Clare
Cloonnahaha Beagh Galway
Cloonnahulty Aghamore Mayo
Cloonnakilla Kilchreest Clare
Cloonnakilla Kilmihil Clare
Cloonnamarve Cong Galway
Cloonnamaskry Kilquain Galway
Cloonnameeltoge and Caherrevagh Kilmainemore Mayo
Cloonnamna Kilmovee Mayo
Cloonnasee Kinvarradoorus Galway
Cloonnavaddoge Athenry Galway
Cloonnavarnoge Kilkilvery Galway
Cloonoghil Taghmaconnell Roscommon
Cloonomra Kilfenora Clare
Cloononaghaun Killursa Galway
Cloonoo East Kilconickny Galway
Cloonoolia North Clonrush Galway
Cloonoolia South Clonrush Galway
Cloonoolish Killimorbologue Galway
Cloonoon Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Cloonooragh Crossmolina Mayo
Cloonoo West Kilconickny Galway
Cloonoran Moylough Galway
Cloonoranoughter Killoscobe Galway
Cloonoughter St. Patrick's Clare
Cloonoughter Kilfergus Limerick
Cloonoul Cappagh Limerick
Cloonown St. Peter's Roscommon
Cloonpasteen Kilmeedy Limerick
Cloonpee Killosolan Galway
Cloonprask Duniry Galway
Cloonprohus Murher Kerry
Cloonrabrackan Bumlin Roscommon
Cloonradoon Bumlin Roscommon
Cloonrallagh Templemichael Longford
Cloonrane Addergoole Galway
Cloonrane Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Cloonreask Askeaton Limerick
Cloonreask Tomdeely Limerick
Cloonreddan Kilmacduane Clare
Cloonree Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonregan Ballingarry Limerick Connello Upper Barony
Cloonreleagh (Bellew) Ballynakill Galway Killian Barony
Cloonreleagh East Ballynakill Galway Killian Barony
Cloonreleagh West Ballynakill Galway Killian Barony
Cloonreliagh Kiltullagh Roscommon
Cloonriddia Killererin Galway
Cloonrollagh Drum Roscommon
Cloonroosk Kilmeedy Limerick
Cloonroughan Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonroughan Elphin Roscommon
Cloonruff Kilcroan Galway
Cloonruff Athleague Galway
Cloonscott Taghsheenod Longford
Cloonselherny Kilkeedy Clare
Cloonsellan Killashee Longford
Cloonsellan Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloonshaghan Estersnow Roscommon
Cloonshanbally Drumrat Sligo
Cloonshanbo Mayo Mayo
Cloonshannagh Kilmore Roscommon
Cloonshannagh Termonbarry Roscommon
Cloonshannagh Bumlin Roscommon
Cloonshannagh Kiltrustan Roscommon
Cloonshannagh or Coolamber Manor Demesne Street Longford
Cloonshanville Tibohine Roscommon
Cloonsharragh Cloghane Kerry
Cloonshask Moore Roscommon
Cloonshear Beg Inchigeelagh Cork
Cloonshear More Inchigeelagh Cork
Cloonshease (Daly) Clonfert Galway
Cloonshease (Persse) Clonfert Galway
Cloonshee Ahascragh Galway
Cloonshee Clooncraff Roscommon
Cloonsheebane Kiltoghert Leitrim
Cloonsheecahill Killimordaly Galway
Cloonshee (Connor) Kilgefin Roscommon
Cloonshee (Dillon) Ahascragh Galway
Cloonshee (Hartland) Kilgefin Roscommon
Cloonshee (Kelly) Ahascragh Galway
Cloonsheen Kilconla Galway
Cloonsheerea Kilseily Clare
Cloonsheerevagh Kiltoghert Leitrim
Cloonsheerin Killashee Longford
Cloonshee (Rochfort) Ahascragh Galway
Cloonshee (Trench) Ahascragh Galway
Cloonsheever Tibohine Roscommon
Cloonsherick Killeedy Limerick
Cloonsherick Mahoonagh Limerick
Cloonshinnagh Ballyhean Mayo
Cloonshinnagh Ballysakeery Mayo
Cloonshivna Killian Galway
Cloonshivna (Kelly) Killian Galway
Cloonsillagh Tullylease Cork
Cloonsillagh Kiltomy Kerry
Cloonsillagh Kilmore Roscommon
Cloonsillagh Kilfree Sligo
Cloonskeagh Kilfian Mayo
Cloonskeeveen Tumna Roscommon
Cloonskill Aghagower Mayo
Cloonskirtaun Killala Mayo
Cloonslanor Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Cloonslaun Kilmoremoy Sligo
Cloonsnaghta Killadysert Clare
Cloonsnaghta Moygawnagh Mayo
Cloonsreane Killukin Roscommon Roscommon Barony
Cloonsuck Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonsunna Ballyhean Mayo
Cloonta Kilgarvan Mayo
Cloontabeg Rathcline Longford
Cloontabonniv Kilmaley Clare
Cloontagh Clonmany Donegal
Cloontagh Clongesh Longford
Cloontakilla Kilcommon Mayo Erris Barony
Cloontakillew Kilfian Mayo
Cloontally Kilbelfad Mayo
Cloontamore Killashee Longford
Cloontarriff Aghamore Mayo
Cloontarriff Knock Mayo
Cloontarriv Nohaval Kerry
Cloontarsna Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloonteem Kilmore Roscommon
Cloonteen Templemaley Clare
Cloonteen Tulla Clare
Cloonteen Kilconla Galway
Cloonteen Kilmacduagh Galway
Cloonteen Doon Limerick
Cloonteens Roskeen Cork
Cloonteens Kilcummin Kerry
Cloontemple Ballingarry Limerick Connello Upper Barony
Cloonties Kilfaughnabeg Cork
Cloonties Dunurlin Kerry
Cloonties East Fanlobbus Cork
Cloonties West Fanlobbus Cork
Cloontimullan Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloontiquirk Fanlobbus Cork
Cloontirm Ballymacormick Longford
Cloontogher Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloontohil Dysert Clare
Cloontooa Tuam Galway
Cloontooa Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Cloontowart Tibohine Roscommon
Cloontra Kilseily Clare
Cloontra East Kilseily Clare
Cloontrask Kilkeevin Roscommon
Cloontra West Kilseily Clare
Cloontreen Kilcatherine Cork
Cloonts Nohavaldaly Kerry
Cloontubbrid Cloone Leitrim
Cloontubbrid Turlough Mayo
Cloontubbrid Killasser Mayo
Cloontubbrid North Listowel Kerry
Cloontubbrid South Listowel Kerry
Cloontumper Annagh Mayo
Cloontumpher Mohill Leitrim
Cloonturk Mohill Leitrim
Cloonturk Ballymacormick Longford
Cloonturk Aghamore Mayo
Cloonturk Ballynahaglish Mayo
Cloonturnaun Knock Mayo
Cloontuskert Cloontuskert Roscommon
Cloontuskert T. Cloontuskert Roscommon
Cloonty Billy Antrim
Cloonty Rossinver Leitrim
Cloonty Kilmoylan Limerick
Cloonty Shanagolden Limerick
Cloonty Kilgeever Mayo
Cloonty Ardstraw Tyrone
Cloontybaunan Breaghwy Mayo
Cloontycarn Kilfree Sligo
Cloontycarthy Kilnamartry Cork
Cloontycommade Clonfert Cork
Cloontyconnaught Inishcaltra Galway
Cloontykillew Kilmoremoy Mayo
Cloontymurphy Kilraghtis Clare
Cloontymweenagh Inishcaltra Clare
Cloontyprocklis Ahamlish Sligo
Cloontyprughlish Rossinver Leitrim
Cloontysmarra Inagh Clare
Cloonulla Killadysert Clare
Cloonulty Moore Roscommon
Cloonusker Tomgraney Clare
Cloon West Knockane Kerry
Cloonwhite North Kilmacduane Clare
Cloonwhite South Kilmacduane Clare
Cloonyarigaun Kilbelfad Mayo
Cloonybeirne Roscommon Roscommon
Cloonybeirne Killukin Roscommon Roscommon Barony
Cloonybrennan Elphin Roscommon
Cloonybrien Ardcarn Roscommon
Cloonycarran Beg Lissonuffy Roscommon
Cloonycarran More Lissonuffy Roscommon
Cloonycattan Clooncraff Roscommon
Cloonyclohassy Kilmoylan Limerick
Cloonycolgan Oran Roscommon
Cloonycollaran Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Cloonyconaun Grange Galway
Cloonyconry Beg Killokennedy Clare
Cloonyconry More Killokennedy Clare
Cloonycoppoge Clogher Tyrone
Cloonydiveen Kilmacteige Sligo
Cloonydonigan Lower Kilcredane Kerry
Cloonydonigan Upper Kilcredane Kerry
Cloonyeffer Shankill Roscommon
Cloonygarra Dromin Limerick
Cloonygorman Kilmocomoge Cork
Cloonygowan Meelick Mayo
Cloonygunnaun Kilbelfad Mayo
Cloonyhea Drangan Tipperary
Cloonykeevan Clonfert Galway
Cloonykelly Athleague Roscommon
Cloonykerny Ballintober Roscommon
Cloonylyon Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Cloonymeenaghan Tawnagh Sligo
Cloonymorris Killaan Galway
Cloonymurrikin Ardnurcher or Horseleap Westmeath
Cloonyogan Killukin Roscommon Roscommon Barony
Cloonyourish Fuerty Roscommon
Cloonyquin Fuerty Roscommon
Cloonyquin Elphin Roscommon
Cloonyross (Bolton) Clogher Tipperary
Cloonyross (Percival) Clogher Tipperary
Cloonyscrehane Grange Limerick
Cloonyscrehane Monagay Limerick
Cloonyvollow Kilbelfad Mayo
Cloosecullen Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois
Cloosguire Killiney Kerry
Cloosh Kinvarradoorus Galway
Clooshgereen Kilcummin Galway
Clooskirt Ballynakill Sligo
Cloosmore Dingle Kerry
Clopook Tullomoy Laois
Clora Killiskey Wicklow
Cloran Athenry Galway
Cloran & Corcullentry Killua Westmeath
Clorane Croom Limerick
Cloran New Cloneen Tipperary
Cloran Old Cloneen Tipperary
Cloranshea St. Canice Kilkenny
Clorhane Clonmacnoise Offaly
Clorhane Adare Limerick
Clorhaun Rosconnell Laois
Clornagh Donaghmore Wicklow
Cloroge Beg Templeshanbo Wexford
Cloroge More Templeshanbo Wexford
Clorusk Lower Killinane Carlow
Clorusk Upper Killinane Carlow
Closdaw Aghabog Monaghan
Close Kilmocomoge Cork
Close Kilwatermoy Waterford
Closeland or Cloneen Lea Laois
Closes St. Anne's Shandon Cork
Closh Ballon Carlow
Closnabraddan or Taghart North Enniskeen Cavan
Clossagh Beg Aghnamullen Monaghan
Clossagh More Aghnamullen Monaghan
Clossaghroe Ballynahaglish Mayo
Closutton Killinane Carlow
Clough Loughinisland Down
Clough Clonmore Wexford
Clougheast Carn Wexford
Cloughfin Ballynascreen Derry
Cloughfin Kilcronaghan Derry
Cloughglass Templemore Derry
Cloughorr Ballywillin Antrim
Clough T. Loughinisland Down
Clouracaun Inishannon Cork
Cloustoge Doneraile Cork
Cloven Eden Loughgall Armagh
Clover Gowran Kilkenny
Cloverfield Killoscobe Galway
Cloverfield Aglishcormick Limerick
Cloverhill Bailieborough Cavan
Cloverhill Bunratty Clare
Cloverhill or Corglass Oughteragh Leitrim
Cloverhill Demesne Annagh Cavan
Cloverhill or Drumbeg Inver Donegal
Cloverhill or Knocknashammer Kilmacowen Sligo
Cloverpark Killaan Galway
Clovers Kilflyn Limerick
Clowanstown Killeen Meath
Clowanstown Trevet Meath
Clowater Ballyellin Carlow
Clowater Clonygoose Carlow
Clowater Lorum Carlow
Clownagh Drumcree Armagh
Clowney Drumlane Cavan
Clownings Greatconnell Kildare
Clownings Whitechurch Kildare
Clowninny Drumlane Cavan
Clownstown Mullingar Westmeath
Cloy Magheraculmoney Fermanagh
Cloyfin North Ballywillin Derry
Cloyfin South Ballyrashane Derry
Cloyne, Dean & Chapter Land of Clonmel Cork
Cloyne T. Cloyne Cork
Cloyragh Ahamlish Sligo
Cloyrawer Kilfian Mayo
Cloysparra Ahamlish Sligo
Cloystuckera Kilmactranny Sligo
Clucka North Kilcomin Offaly
Clucka South Kilcomin Offaly
Cluddaun Kilfian Mayo
Cluggin Tuoghcluggin Limerick
Cluid Dunmore Galway
Cluid Emlaghfad Sligo
Cluide Smarmore Louth
Cluide Dunleer Louth
Cluidrevagh Annaghdown Galway
Clunahill Glebe Longfield West Tyrone
Cluntagh Killyleagh Down
Cluntagh Annahilt Down
Cluntirriff Ballinderry Antrim
Cluntoe (Quin) Arboe Tyrone
Cluntoe (Richardson) Arboe Tyrone
Cluntydoon Derryloran Tyrone
Cluntyganny Lissan Tyrone
Cluntygeeragh Dungiven Derry
Cluttahina Affane Waterford
Clutterland Kilmactalway Dublin
Clutterland Clondalkin Dublin
Clyard Kilmainemore Mayo
Clybanane Roscrea Tipperary
Clybaun Rahoon Galway
Clyda Kilshannig Cork
Clydagh Kilcaskan Cork
Clydagh Cargin Galway
Clydagh Moycullen Galway
Clydagh Knockane Kerry
Clydagh Kilfian Mayo
Clydagh Lower Kiltullagh Roscommon
Clydaghroe Killaha Kerry
Clydagh or Staunton's Island Cargin Galway
Clydagh Upper Kiltullagh Roscommon
Clydaville Kilshannig Cork
Clyderragh Shandrum Cork
Clyduff Carrigtohill Cork
Clyduff Dunkerrin Offaly
Clyduff Kilclonfert Offaly
Clyduff East Killeenagarriff Limerick
Clyduff West Killeenagarriff Limerick
Clygeen Kilglass Longford
Clyglass Killare Westmeath
Clyhannagh Killesher Fermanagh
Clykeel North Gortroe Cork
Clykeel South Gortroe Cork
Clylea or Greyfield Kilmainemore Mayo
Clynabroga Templebredon Limerick
Clynagh Killannin Galway
Clynagh Island Kilcummin Galway
Clynan Forgney Longford
Clynish Kilmeena Mayo
Clynoe Cullenwaine Offaly
Clyn's Island Reynagh Offaly
Clyroe Marshalstown Cork
Clyttaghan Grange of Layd Antrim
Coa Magheracross Fermanagh
Coachford T. Magourney Cork
Coad Killinaboy Clare
Coad Kilcrohane Kerry
Coagh Devenish Fermanagh
Coagh Kilshalvy Sligo
Coagh Tamlaght Tyrone
Coaghan Killesher Fermanagh
Coaghen Killeevan Monaghan
Coagh Lower Drumcullen Offaly
Coaghmill Leck Donegal
Coagh T. Tamlaght Tyrone
Coagh Upper Drumcullen Offaly
Coalbrook Ballingarry Tipperary Slievardagh Barony
Coalhill Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Coal Island T. Donaghenry Tyrone also in Tullyniskan parish.
Coal Island T. Tullyniskan Tyrone also in Donaghenry parish.
Coalpitparks Aghaviller Kilkenny
Coalpits Cullen Cork
Coalpits Athleague Galway
Coalpits Slane Meath
Coalsfarm Burnchurch Kilkenny
Coalspit Mayglass Wexford
Coan Donaghmore Wicklow
Coan East Dysart Kilkenny
Coan West Dysart Kilkenny
Coarha Beg Valencia Kerry
Coarha More Valencia Kerry
Coarliss Ballyhay Cork
Coarliss Caheragh Cork
Coars Killinane Kerry
Coarsefield Oranmore Galway
Coarsefield Tagheen Mayo
Coarse Island Addergoole Mayo
Coarse Island Kilglass Roscommon
Coarsepark Aglish Mayo
Coarsepark or Parkgarve Killursa Galway
Coarseparks Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Coasan Cleenish Fermanagh
Coash Killyman Tyrone
Cobbs Templeree Tipperary
Cock-and-the-Bull Youghal Cork
Cockhill Kilnaughtin Kerry
Cock Mountain Common Kilcoo Down
Cockow Knockane Kerry
Cockstown Castletowndelvin Westmeath
Cockstown East Ardrahan Galway
Cockstown West Ardrahan Galway