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Guidelines and policies for the FIBIwiki are detailed here.

Please do not add material directly to the wiki that is protected by copyright or link to material that breaches other's copyright.

If in doubt, ask a moderator.


Where book titles are added to the wiki these should be:-

  • Books that have been digitised and found online, where subject matter relates directly to title of article (Historical books online)
  • Books which form part of the recommended reading section of the wiki
  • Books which have been favourably reviewed in FIBIS Journals
  • Books that have been consulted for reference purposes in writing a wiki article (add in reference section, not external links)

Reviews and/or copies of books relating to aspects of British India are welcomed. Please contact SarahB for further information.

Adding external links

See Fibiwiki external link guidelines

Citing sources

See also: Using the citation template

Try to provide sources for information you add so that other British India researchers are able to use those sources for their own research. If the source is available online, please link to it.


See Upload images for our image policy.