Cooleamore to Corbally West

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A list of townlands of Ireland from Cooleamore to Corbally West, together with alternative possibilities for the parish and county in which it is located. See Irish Townlands Category for further lists of townslands.

Townland Parish County Remarks
Cooleanig Knockane Kerry
Coolearagh East Timahoe Kildare
Coolearagh West Timahoe Kildare
Cool East Valencia Kerry
Cool East Rathronan Limerick
Coole Demesne Kiltartan Galway
Coole East Rathcooney Cork
Cooleen Ballyhay Cork
Cooleen Inchigeelagh Cork
Cooleen Dysartmoon Kilkenny
Cooleen Bruree Limerick
Cooleen Kilmainemore Mayo
Cooleen Glenkeen Tipperary
Cooleen Kilcomenty Tipperary
Cooleen Kilmore Tipperary
Cooleen Ballyloughloe Westmeath
Cooleenagow Fanlobbus Cork
Cooleenaree Drishane Cork
Cooleenlemane Kilmocomoge Cork
Cooleen and Raheen St. Nicholas Cork
Cooleens Kinure Cork
Cooleens St. Mary's Clonmel Tipperary
Cooleeny Kilreekill Galway
Cooleeny Templemichael Longford
Cooleeny Moyne Tipperary
Cooleeny East Kiltormer Galway
Cooleeny West Kiltormer Galway
Cooleeshal Killaloe Kilkenny
Cooleeshal Beg Odagh Kilkenny
Cooleeshal More Odagh Kilkenny
Cooleeshill Corbally Offaly
Cooleeshill Roscrea Offaly
Cooleeshill Corbally Tipperary
Cooleeshil or Richfort Ardagh Longford
Coole Glebe Lower Macosquin Derry
Coole Glebe Upper Macosquin Derry
Coolehill Lower Killamery Kilkenny
Coolehill Upper Killamery Kilkenny
Cooleighter Kilcumny Westmeath
Coolelan Rathangan Kildare
Coole or Lisnagomman Dysartgallen Laois
Coole Lower Coole Cork
Coolerin Kilmokea Wexford
Coolerin North Ballybrazil Wexford
Coolerin South Ballybrazil Wexford
Coolermoney Leckpatrick Tyrone
Cooles Tullylease Cork
Coolesker Clogherny Tyrone
Coolessan Drumachose Derry
Coole T. Mayne Westmeath
Coole Upper Coole Cork
Coole West Rathcooney Cork
Cooley Ballyhean Mayo
Cooley Termonmaguirk Tyrone
Coolfadda Kilbrogan Cork
Coolfarnamanagh Graiguenamanagh Kilkenny
Coolfin Ardrahan Galway
Coolfin Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Coolfin Reynagh Offaly
Coolfin Rathdowney Laois
Coolfin Aghaboe Laois
Coolfin Bordwell Laois
Coolfin Ardnurcher or Horseleap Westmeath
Coolfin Glebe Ballyboy Offaly
Coolfinn Kilmeadan Waterford
Coolfitch Donaghcumper Kildare
Coolflugh Matehy Cork
Coolfore Tullyallen Louth
Coolfore Kilmoon Meath
Coolfore Ardcath Meath
Coolfore Magheross Monaghan
Coolfores Naul Dublin
Coolfowerbeg Killererin Galway
Coolfree Kilflyn Limerick
Coolfree Taghmaconnell Roscommon
Coolfune Glenogra Limerick
Coolgarragh Killabban Laois
Coolgarran Magheracross Fermanagh
Coolgarran Bourney Tipperary
Coolgarrane Shyane Tipperary
Coolgarriff Aghinagh Cork
Coolgarriv Aghadoe Kerry
Coolgarriv Nohaval Kerry
Coolgarrow Templeshannon Wexford
Coolgarrow St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Wexford
Coolgarrow Ballintemple Wicklow
Coolgarrow Ballinacor Wicklow
Coolglass Tullomoy Laois
Coolgort Kilfithmone Tipperary
Coolgort Templeneiry Tipperary
Coolgower Kilbarry Waterford
Coolgrange St. Canice Kilkenny
Coolgrange Tiscoffin Kilkenny
Coolgreany Tiscoffin Kilkenny
Coolgreany Inch Wexford
Coolgreany Demesne Inch Wexford
Coolgreany T. Inch Wexford
Coolgreen Templeusque Cork
Coolguerisk Kilquane Cork
Coolharbour Kilnamanagh Wexford
Coolharbour Lower Donard Wicklow
Coolharbour Upper Donard Wicklow
Coolhenry Killeshin Laois
Coolhill The Rower Kilkenny
Coolhill Aghadowey Derry
Coolhill Killeeshil Tyrone
Coolhill Drumglass Tyrone
Coolhull Bannow Wexford
Coolier Lackagh Kildare
Coolieragh Kilcaskan Cork
Coolierher Ballyvourney Cork
Coolierin Graiguenamanagh Kilkenny
Coolies Killarney Kerry
Cooligboy Timoleague Cork
Coolim Aghadown Cork
Coolin Ross Galway
Coolinarrig Lower Baltinglass Wicklow
Coolinarrig Upper Baltinglass Wicklow
Coolineagh Aghabulloge Cork
Cooliney Cooliney Cork
Coolinfin Glebe Kinawley Fermanagh
Coolinny Killathy Cork
Coolintaggart Kilcavan Wexford
Coolintaggarthill Kilcavan Wexford
Coolishal Carrigparson Limerick
Coolishal Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Coolishal Kilsheelan Waterford
Coolishal Bannow Wexford
Coolishal Lower Kilnahue Wexford
Coolishal Upper Kilnahue Wexford
Coolisk Derryvullan Fermanagh
Cooliska Mahoonagh Limerick
Coolistoonan Clonlea Clare
Cooljohn Balsoon Meath
Coolkeeghan Derryloran Tyrone
Coolkeenaght Faughanvale Derry
Coolkeeragh Clondermot Derry
Coolkeeragh Longfield East Tyrone
Coolkeeran Loughguile Antrim
Coolkeeran Killinick Wexford
Coolkellure Fanlobbus Cork
Coolkenna Aghowle Wicklow
Coolkennedy Galbooly Tipperary
Coolkenny Ramoan Antrim
Coolkeragh Galey Kerry
Coolkereen Aghnameadle Tipperary
Coolkerry Coolkerry Laois
Coolkill Tynan Armagh
Coolkill Crosserlough Cavan
Coolkill Kinawley Fermanagh
Coolkill Ballycahill Tipperary
Coolkill Moyaliff Tipperary
Coolkill Clonfeacle Tyrone
Coolkill East Ematris Monaghan
Coolkill East Tedavnet Monaghan
Coolkill West Ematris Monaghan
Coolkill West Tedavnet Monaghan
Coolkip Moycarky Tipperary
Coolkirky Ballymartle Cork
Coolkisha Aghinagh Cork
Coolknedane North Britway Cork
Coolknedane South Britway Cork
Coolknoohil Kilgarvan Kerry
Coollagagh Killasser Mayo
Coollane Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Coollegrean Killarney Kerry
Coollegrean Ballincuslane Kerry
Coollegreane Inishmagrath Leitrim
Coollemoneen Killadoon Sligo
Coollena Kilcolman Mayo Costello Barony
Coollick Kilcredane Kerry
Coollick Kilcummin Kerry
Coollicka Donaghmore Cork
Coollicknalea Addergoole Galway
Coollisduff Kilmainemore Mayo
Coollisduff Kilmolara Mayo
Coollisteige Kiltenanlea Clare
Cool Lodge Ballyhean Mayo
Coolloughra Aghagower Mayo
Coolloughra Bekan Mayo
Cool Lower Kilmacrenan Donegal
Coollusty Athleague Roscommon
Coolmaghery Donaghedy Tyrone
Coolmaghra Ballintoy Antrim
Coolmaghry Pomeroy Tyrone
Coolmagort Knockane Kerry
Coolmahane Kilbrin Cork
Coolmain Ringrone Cork
Coolmain Monaghan Monaghan
Coolmakean Crossboyne Mayo
Coolmanagh Lower Haroldstown Carlow
Coolmanagh Upper Haroldstown Carlow
Coolmannan Clontibret Monaghan
Coolmarks Tiscoffin Kilkenny
Coolmeen Killonaghan Clare
Coolmeen Kilfiddane Clare
Coolmeen Derrynahinch Kilkenny
Coolmeen Fuerty Roscommon
Coolmeen Clooncraff Roscommon
Coolmeen Kilmactranny Sligo
Coolmela or Prospect Moyacomb Wexford
Coolmillish Mullaghbrack Armagh
Coolmine Clonsilla Dublin
Coolmine Saggart Dublin
Coolmona Donaghmore Cork
Coolmoney Donaghmore Wicklow
Coolmoohan Macroney Cork
Coolmore Carrigaline Cork
Coolmore Churchtown Cork
Cool More Kilbarron Donegal
Coolmore Knocktopher Kilkenny
Coolmore Rathcool Tipperary
Coolmore Ennereilly Wicklow
Coolmoreen Inishannon Cork
Coolmountain Inchigeelagh Cork
Coolmoyne Tullamain Tipperary
Coolmoyne (Fennell) Rathcool Tipperary
Coolmoyne (Taylor) Rathcool Tipperary
Coolmuckbane Tehallan Monaghan
Coolmucky Fermoy Cork
Coolmucky Litter Cork
Coolmucky Moviddy Cork
Coolmuinga Kilrush Clare
Coolmurly Kilmactranny Sligo
Coolnabacky Fossy or Timahoe Laois
Coolnabanch Kilmanman Laois
Coolnabeasoon Kilronan Waterford
Coolnabehy Durrow Laois
Coolnabinnia Crossmolina Mayo
Coolnaboul East Coolkerry Laois
Coolnaboul West Rathdowney Laois
Coolnaboy Edermine Wexford
Coolnabrone Powerstown Kilkenny
Coolnabrone Tullaghanbrogue Kilkenny
Coolnacaha Killaspugmullane Cork
Coolnacaheragh Ballyvourney Cork
Coolnacalla Kilvellane Tipperary
Coolnacalliagh Killeentierna Kerry
Coolnacarrick Ballintemple Cavan
Coolnacarrick Dysartenos Laois
Coolnacarriga Cannaway Cork
Coolnacartan Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Coolnacarte Currin Monaghan
Coolnaclehy Caheragh Cork
Coolnacloghafinna Clonpriest Cork
Coolnacola Killinkere Cavan
Coolnacolpagh Cumber Upper Derry
Coolnacon Killegney Wexford
Coolnaconarty Kilkerranmore Cork
Coolnaconarty Kilmeen Cork East Carbery (W.D.) Barony
Coolnacoppoge or Coolnambrisklaun Kilmacar Kilkenny
Coolnacran Aghaderg Down
Coolnacrannagh Inchigeelagh Cork
Coolnacreena Affane Waterford
Coolnacrunaght Ardstraw Tyrone
Coolnacrutta Glashare Kilkenny
Coolnacuppoge Sliguff Carlow
Coolnadead Ballymacelligott Kerry
Coolnadornory Templeachally Tipperary
Coolnadown Templebredon Limerick
Coolnafarna Annagh Mayo
Coolnafearagh Monasterevin Kildare
Coolnafinnoge Kilglass Longford
Coolnafranky Derryloran Tyrone
Coolnagard Lower Drumragh Tyrone
Coolnagard Upper Drumragh Tyrone
Coolnagarrahy Kilcummin Kerry
Coolnagarrane Abbeystrowry Cork
Coolnagaug Kilmonoge Cork
Coolnagay Castleventry Cork
Coolnagearagh Aghinagh Cork
Coolnageer Cam Roscommon
Coolnageeragh Lickmolassy Galway
Coolnageragh Castleisland Kerry
Coolnagillagh Lower Drishane Cork
Coolnagillagh Upper Drishane Cork
Coolnagloose Kilcavan Wexford
Coolnagoppoge Culfeightrin Antrim
Coolnagoppoge Ballynacourty Kerry
Coolnagoppoge Kilcaskan Kerry
Coolnagoppoge Kilgarvan Kerry
Coolnagoppoge Drumcannon Waterford
Coolnagor or Ricehill Kilmore Cavan
Coolnagour Offerlane Laois
Coolnagour Dungarvan Waterford
Coolnagraigue Aghavallen Kerry
Coolnagrane Aghavea Fermanagh
Coolnagranshy Boyle Roscommon
Coolnagrattan Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Coolnagree Doonooney Wexford
Coolnagrower Birr Offaly
Coolnagrower Modreeny Tipperary
Coolnagun Donohill Tipperary
Coolnagun Rathlynin Tipperary
Coolnagun Templenoe Tipperary
Coolnagun Street Westmeath
Coolnahane Castlemagner Cork
Coolnaha North Aghamore Mayo
Coolnaharragill Lower Glanbehy Kerry
Coolnaharragill Upper Glanbehy Kerry
Coolnagour Kilbolane Cork
Coolnaha South Aghamore Mayo
Coolnahau Jerpoint West Kilkenny
Coolnahavil Derryloran Tyrone
Coolnahay Templeoran Westmeath
Coolnahella Killuran Clare
Coolnahely Durrow Offaly
Coolnaherin Clonpet Tipperary
Coolnaherin Cordangan Tipperary
Coolnaherin Park Ardstraw Tyrone
Coolnahila (Palmer) Abington Limerick
Coolnahila (Powell) Abington Limerick
Coolnahilla Kilbrin Cork
Coolnahinch Gallen Offaly
Coolnahinch Templemichael Longford
Coolnahinch Kilcommock Longford
Coolnahinch Moynalty Meath
Coolnahinch Kilmakilloge Wexford
Coolnahorna Mothel Waterford
Coolnahorna Monart Wexford
Coolnakeeran Oldleighlin Carlow
Coolnakilla Rathcormack Cork
Coolnakilly Glenealy Wicklow
Coolnakisha Tullowcreen Carlow
Coolnaknockane Cloncrew Limerick
Coolnalaght Listowel Kerry
Coolnaleen Castlecomer Kilkenny
Coolnaleen Kilcomb Wexford
Coolnaleen Lower Kilshenane Kerry
Coolnaleen Upper Kilshenane Kerry
Coolnalingady Mothel Waterford
Coolnalira O'Briensbridge Clare
Coolnalitteragh Annagh Cavan
Coolnalong Clones Fermanagh
Coolnalong Killevan Monaghan
Coolnamagh Ballyclogh Cork
Coolnamagh Castlemagner Cork
Coolnamara Ullard Carlow
Coolnamarrow Clones Fermanagh
Coolnambrisklaun or Coolnacoppoge Kilmacar Kilkenny
Coolnamohoge Kilbeheny Limerick
Coolnamona Castletown Limerick
Coolnamona Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Coolnamonan Banagher Derry
Coolnamoney Moyaliff Tipperary
Coolnamony Lower Rearymore Laois
Coolnamony Upper Rearymore Laois
Coolnamuck Clonamery Kilkenny
Coolnamuck Demesne Dysert Waterford
Coolnamuck East Dysert Waterford
Coolnamuck West Dysert Waterford
Coolnamunna Modreeny Tipperary
Coolnanav Whitechurch Waterford
Coolnanave Brigown Cork
Coolnaneagh Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Coolnanoglagh Monagay Limerick
Coolnanoonagh Kilnaughtin Kerry
Coolnapish Dunleckny Carlow
Coolnapisha Tullaroan Kilkenny
Coolnapisha Doon Limerick
Coolnapisha Oola Limerick
Coolnashamroge Cannaway Cork
Coolnashamroge Aglishcormick Limerick
Coolnashanton Derrybrusk Fermanagh
Coolnasheegan Myshall Carlow
Coolnashinnagh Ballingarry Tipperary Slievardagh Barony
Coolnashinny or Croaghan Kildallan Cavan
Coolnasillagh Galloon Fermanagh
Coolnasillagh Errigal Derry
Coolnasillagh Ballynascreen Derry
Coolnaskeagh Delgany Wicklow
Coolnasmear Lower Kilgobnet Waterford
Coolnasmearmountain Kilgobnet Waterford
Coolnasmear Upper Kilgobnet Waterford
Coolnasmuttaun Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Coolnasoon Cannaway Cork
Coolnastudd Kilnahue Wexford
Coolnatullagh Carran Clare
Coolnatullagh Oughtmama Clare
Coolnavarnoge and Coolaghy Coolbanagher Laois
Coolnaveagh Kilmakilloge Wexford
Coolock Coolock Dublin
Coolock T. Coolock Dublin
Coolodonnell Rossinver Leitrim
Coologe Templeport Cavan
Coologe Coolaghmore Kilkenny
Coologe Eglish Offaly
Coologe Grean Limerick
Coologe Croom Limerick
Coologe Aghnameadle Tipperary
Coologe Templeneiry Tipperary
Coologes Kilgarvan Kerry
Coologmartin Timahoe Kildare
Coologory Tomgraney Clare
Coololla Aughrim Galway
Cooloo Moylough Galway
Coolook Beg Killenagh Wexford
Coolook More Killenagh Wexford
Cooloo Mountain Moylough Galway
Cooloorta Killinaboy Clare
Cooloorta Abbeyknockmoy Galway
Cooloran Temple-etney Tipperary
Coolougher Kiltullagh Roscommon
Cooloughter Mayglass Wexford
Cooloultha or Moneynamuck Erke Kilkenny
Coolowen Whitechurch Cork
Coolowen Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Coolowen Little Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Coolowley (Mason) Rathdowney Laois
Coolowley (Plott) Rathdowney Laois
Coolownig Tuosist Kerry
Coolpark Tuam Galway
Coolpeach Drinagh Wexford
Coolpeekaun Kilfenora Clare
Coolpowra Lickmolassy Galway
Coolpuck Ferns Wexford
Coolquane Kilshanahan Cork
Coolquill Crohane Tipperary
Coolquoy Kilsallaghan Dublin
Coolquoy Common Kilsallaghan Dublin
Coolraheen Muckalee Kilkenny Fassadinin Barony
Coolraheen Taghmon Wexford
Coolraheen North Mothel Kilkenny
Coolraheen South Mothel Kilkenny
Coolrahnee Askeaton Limerick
Coolrain Killabban Laois
Coolrain Killeshin Laois
Coolrain Offerlane Laois
Coolraine St. Munchin's Limerick
Coolrainey St. Margaret's Wexford Shelmaliere East Barony
Coolrain T. Offerlane Laois
Coolrainy The Rower Kilkenny
Coolrake Killelan Kildare
Coolrakelly Aghavea Fermanagh
Coolranny Culfeightrin Antrim
Coolrath Louth Louth
Coolrattin Dunhill Waterford
Coolraugh Lickerrig Galway
Coolrawer Achonry Sligo
Coolready Kilnoe Clare
Coolready Stradbally Limerick
Coolreagh Kilnoe Clare
Coolrainy Inistioge Kilkenny
Coolreagh Oldconnell Kildare
Coolreagh Cahernarry Limerick
Coolreagh Bruree Limerick
Coolreagh Killanny Monaghan
Coolreagh Beg Kilnoe Clare
Coolreagh or Cloghanhill Gallen Offaly
Coolreagh Glebe Ballyboy Offaly
Coolreagh More Kilnoe Clare
Coolreaghs Derryloran Tyrone
Coolreaghs Lissan Tyrone
Coolrecuill Kilmacteige Sligo
Coolree Dunfierth Kildare
Coolree Downings Kildare
Coolree St. Peter's Wexford
Coolree Templeshanbo Wexford
Coolreiry Stradbally Limerick
Coolremony Killanny Monaghan
Coolrevagh Killererin Galway
Coolroe Moyacomb Carlow
Coolroe Litter Cork
Coolroe Carrigrohane Cork
Coolroe Killiney Kerry
Coolroe Knockane Kerry
Coolroe Churchtown Kildare
Coolroe Graiguenamanagh Kilkenny
Coolroe Inistioge Kilkenny
Coolroe Dunkerrin Offaly
Coolroe Ettagh Offaly
Coolroe St. Peter's & St. Paul's Limerick
Coolroe Crossboyne Mayo
Coolroe Lea Laois
Coolroe Ardmore Waterford
Coolroe Modelligo Waterford
Coolroe Clonagam Waterford
Coolroe Mothel Waterford
Coolroe Killincooly Wexford
Coolroe Chapel Wexford
Coolroe Ferns Wexford
Coolroe Tintern Wexford
Coolroe Crosspatrick Wicklow
Coolroe Beg Clonmeen Cork
Coolroebeg Jerpointchurch Kilkenny
Coolroe East Inchigeelagh Cork
Coolroe East Aglish Kerry
Coolroe Great Kilgorman Wexford
Coolroe Little Kilgorman Wexford
Coolroe Lower Glanbehy Kerry
Coolroe More Clonmeen Cork
Coolroe North Kilbonane Kerry
Coolroe South Kilbonane Kerry
Coolroe Upper Glanbehy Kerry
Coolroe West Inchigeelagh Cork
Coolroe West Aglish Kerry
Coolroghaun Kilbegnet Galway
Coolronan Killaconnigan Meath
Coolross Dorrha Tipperary
Coolross Kilvellane Tipperary
Coolross Kilcommon Wicklow Ballinacor South Barony
Coolross Moyacomb Wicklow
Coolruntha Killoscully Tipperary
Coolrus Ballingarry Limerick Connello Upper Barony
Coolrusk Tullomoy Laois
Cools Kilnamartry Cork
Cools Prior Kerry
Cools Aghadoe Kerry
Cools Carn Wexford
Cools Coolstuff Wexford
Cools Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Coolsallagh Liscleary Cork
Coolsallagh Dromore Down
Coolsallagh Kilmannan Wexford
Coolsaragh Kilcronaghan Derry
Coolscart Hospital Limerick
Coolscuddan Kilmactalway Dublin
Coolseskin Bannow Wexford
Coolshaghtena Cloontuskert Roscommon
Coolshamroge Quin Clare
Coolshangan Inver Donegal
Coolshannagh Monaghan Monaghan
Coolsheskin Dunderrow Cork
Coolshinagh Kilbrittain Cork
Coolshingaun Inagh Clare
Coolshinny Magherafelt Derry
Coolsickin or Quinsborough Lackagh Kildare
Coolsillagh Inistioge Kilkenny
Coolskeagh Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Coolskeagh Drumcolumb Sligo
Coolsnaghtig Fanlobbus Cork
Coolsrahra Ballynacourty Galway
Coolsrahra Stradbally Galway
Coolstuff Coolstuff Wexford
Coolsuppeen Kilchreest Clare
Coolsythe Drummaul Antrim
Cooltacker Kilgefin Roscommon
Cooltedery Lea Laois
Coolteen Ballysadare Sligo
Coolteen Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Coolteengowan Killadysert Clare
Cooltegin Crooke Waterford
Coolteige Kilbride Roscommon
Coolteige Clonmore Wexford
Coolthawn Kilnahue Wexford
Cooltomin Kilbradran Limerick
Cooltona Kilmeane Roscommon
Cooltoran Borris Laois
Cooltrain Magheracross Fermanagh
Cooltrane Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Cooltrim Aghnamullen Monaghan
Cooltrimegish Aghnamullen Monaghan
Cooltrim North Donadea Kildare
Cooltrim South Donadea Kildare
Cooltubbrid East Ballylaneen Waterford
Cooltubbrid West Ballylaneen Waterford
Coolturk Crossmolina Mayo
Cooltycanon Clonyhurk Offaly
Cooltymurraghy Killallaghtan Galway
Cooltymurraghy Aughrim Galway
Coolum Corbally Waterford
Coolum Rathmoylan Waterford
Coolumber Moore Roscommon
Cool Upper Kilmacrenan Donegal
Coolure Demesne Mayne Westmeath
Coolvackagh Duagh Kerry
Coolvallanane Beg Clontead Cork
Coolville Ballyburly Offaly
Coolvin Noughaval Westmeath
Coolvoy Inishkeel Donegal
Coolvuck Lower Ballyloughloe Westmeath
Coolvuck Upper Ballyloughloe Westmeath
Cool West Valencia Kerry
Cool West Rathronan Limerick
Coolwoneen Moylough Galway
Cooly Moville Upper Donegal
Cooly Fuerty Roscommon
Coolybrown Kilscannell Limerick
Coolycall Kilcowan Wexford
Coolycarney Templeshanbo Wexford
Coolycasey Kilfinaghta Clare
Coolydoody Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Coolydoody North Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Coolydoody South Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Coolyduff Carrigrohanebeg Cork
Coolyermer Cleenish Fermanagh
Coolygagan Clonsast Offaly
Coolygorman Mahoonagh Limerick
Coolyhane Macroom Cork
Coolyhenan Derrygalvin Limerick
Coolyhill Ballymore Armagh
Coolyhune St. Mullin's Carlow
Coolykeerane Drishane Cork
Coolykereen Clonfert Cork
Coolylaughnan Robeen Mayo
Coolymurraghue Currykippane Cork
Coolyphullagh Kilrush Kildare
Coolyrahilly Ringrone Cork
Coolyregan Brigown Cork
Coolyroe Mahoonagh Limerick
Coolyslin Urney Donegal
Coolyvenny Macosquin Derry
Coom Dunbulloge Cork
Coom Kilnamanagh Cork
Coom Fanlobbus Cork
Coom Prior Kerry
Coom Kilcummin Kerry
Coom Ballincuslane Kerry
Coomacheo Drishane Cork
Coomacroobeg Kilmocomoge Cork
Coomacullen Killaha Kerry
Coomakeoge Killemlagh Kerry
Coomanaspig Killemlagh Kerry
Coomanore North Kilmocomoge Cork
Coomanore South Kilmocomoge Cork
Coomarkane Kilcaskan Cork
Coomasaharn Glanbehy Kerry
Coomaspeara Dromod Kerry
Coomastow Dromod Kerry
Coomatallin Drinagh Cork
Coomatloukane Kilcrohane Kerry
Coomavanniha and Dughile Dromod Kerry
Coomavarrodig Tullagh Cork
Coomavoher Dromod Kerry
Coomavoon Glanbehy Kerry
Coombaha Dromod Kerry
Coombs Ballingaddy Limerick
Coomcallee Knockane Kerry
Coomclogh Kilmocomoge Cork
Coomclogherane Kilgarvan Kerry
Coomdeeween Killinane Kerry
Coomdorragha Inchigeelagh Cork
Coomduff Killinane Kerry
Coom East Dunbulloge Cork
Coomfarna Skull Cork
Coom (Fitzgerald) Dunbulloge Cork
Coomgira Kilcaskan Cork
Coom (Hudson) Dunbulloge Cork
Coomkeen Durrus Cork
Coomleagh Dromod Kerry
Coomleagh East Kilmocomoge Cork
Coomleagh West Kilmocomoge Cork
Coomlettra Knockane Kerry
Coomlibane Inchigeelagh Cork
Coomlogane Drishane Cork
Coomlumminy Templenoe Kerry
Coom (Midleton) Dunbulloge Cork
Coomnaclohy Ballyvourney Cork
Coomnafanida Killorglin Kerry
Coomnageehy Abbeystrowry Cork
Coomnagire Ballyvourney Cork
Coomnahincha Killinane Kerry
Coomnahorna East Kilcrohane Kerry
Coomnahorna West Kilcrohane Kerry
Coomnakilla North Templenoe Kerry
Coomnakilla South Templenoe Kerry
Coomroe Inchigeelagh Cork
Coomshanna Killinane Kerry
Coomura Dromod Kerry
Coom West Dunbulloge Cork
Coomyanna Kilcrohane Kerry
Coonagh Ardkill Kildare
Coonagh East Killeely Limerick
Coonagh West Killeely Limerick
Coonane Kilcaskan Cork
Coonanstown Rathsallagh Wicklow
Coonbeg Killabban Laois
Coolealcauraun Ballysakeery Mayo
Coonealmore Ballysakeery Mayo
Cooneen Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Cooneen Castletownarra Tipperary
Cooneen Dolla Tipperary
Cooneen or Glenassy Aglish Waterford
Cooneen South Dolla Tipperary
Cooney Ballysadare Sligo
Coonmore Abington Tipperary
Coonmore Hollywood Wicklow
Coonoge Adamstown Wexford
Coonogue Kiltennell Carlow
Coontraght Tullaghanbrogue Kilkenny
Cooperhill Kilkeedy Limerick
Cooperhill Kilmacallan Sligo
Cooperhill Demesne Killabban Laois
Cooperhill or Gobbadagh Drumcolumb Sligo
Cooper's-lot St. John Baptist Tipperary
Cooperstown Donaghmore Wexford
Coor Drumcliff Clare
Cooraclare T. Kilmacduane Clare
Cooracoosane Templenoe Kerry
Cooracurkia Abbeygormacan Galway
Cooradarrigan Skull Cork
Cooradowny Caheragh Cork
Cooragannive Caheragh Cork
Cooragreenane Inchigeelagh Cork
Cooragurteen Skull Cork
Cooragweanish Kenmare Kerry
Cooranig Fanlobbus Cork
Coorannel Kilcaskan Cork
Cooranuller Caheragh Cork
Cooraun Edermine Wexford
Coorbaun Kilconickny Galway
Coorduff St. Mary's Newtownbarry Wexford
Coor East Kilmurry Clare Ibrickan Barony
Coorevin Uskane Tipperary
Coorinch Clonfert Galway
Coorinch Meelick Galway
Coorlacka Kilmoe Cork
Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Coorleagh Kilcaskan Kerry
Coorleagh Shankill Kilkenny
Coorleigh North Kilkerranmore Cork
Coorleigh South Kilkerranmore Cork
Coorloum East Kilmocomoge Cork
Coorloum North Kilmocomoge Cork
Coorloum West Kilmocomoge Cork
Coornacaragh Tuosist Kerry
Coornagillagh Tuosist Kerry
Coornagrena and Goulnacappy Killorglin Kerry
Coornahahilly Inchigeelagh Cork
Coornameana Killorglin Kerry
Coornariska Killeshin Laois
Coornishal Kilmacabea Cork
Coorolagh Inchigeelagh Cork
Coor West Kilmurry Clare Ibrickan Barony
Coorycommane Kilmocomoge Cork
Coorycullane Fanlobbus Cork
Cooryeen Tuosist Kerry
Cooryleary Kilmocomoge Cork
Cooryvanaheen Dromod Kerry
Coosan St. Mary's Westmeath
Coosane Kilshanahan Cork
Coosane Skull Cork
Coosaun Kilcummin Galway
Coosaun Kiltullagh Roscommon
Cooscroneen Myross Cork
Coose Tullylish Down
Coose Aghnamullen Monaghan
Coosheen Skull Cork
Cooslughoga Cong Mayo
Coos North Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Coos South Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Cootehall Tumna Roscommon
Cootehill T. Drumgoon Cavan
Coothagh Templetogher Galway
Copany Drumhome Donegal
Copay Adare Limerick
Copeland Island Bangor Down
Copney Clonfeacle Armagh
Copney Termonmaguirk Tyrone
Coppanagh Enniskeen Cavan
Coppanagh Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Coppanagh Killaan Galway
Coppanagh Killeenadeema Galway
Coppanagh Graiguenamanagh Kilkenny
Coppanaghbane Templeport Cavan
Coppanagh Glebe Lurgan Cavan
Coppanaghmore Templeport Cavan
Coppenagh Tullowphelim Carlow
Copperalley Youghal Cork
Coppingersacre St. Mary's Shandon Cork
Coppingersstang St. Finbar's Cork
Coppingerstown Middleton Cork
Copse Boyle Roscommon
Copse Rathdrum Wicklow
Copsefield Clonfert Cork
Copsetown Buttevant Cork
Cor Templeport Cavan
Cor Lettermacward Donegal
Coracow Killaha Kerry
Coragh Loughgall Armagh
Coragh Lurgan Cavan
Coragh Drumlane Cavan
Coragh Drumgoon Cavan
Coragh Kildallan Cavan
Coragh Kinawley Fermanagh Clanawley Barony
Coragh Kinawley Fermanagh Knockninny Barony
Coragh Drumreilly Leitrim
Coraghbrack Errigal Trough Monaghan
Coragh (Crawford) Kinawley Fermanagh
Coragh Glebe Killashandra Cavan
Coragh Glebe Kinawley Fermanagh
Coraghmuck or Greaghacholea Kildallan Cavan
Coraghy Clones Monaghan
Coraghy Magheross Monaghan
Corah Ballycarney Wexford
Coraknock Glebe Gallen Offaly
Coranagh Carrigallen Leitrim
Coras Point Urney Cavan
Coraughrim Kiltoghert Leitrim
Corballis Cloghran Dublin
Corballis Donabate Dublin
Corballis Kineagh Kildare
Corballis Duleek Meath
Corballis Rathmolyon Meath
Corballis Siddan Meath
Corballis Kildalkey Meath
Corballis Templekeeran Meath
Corballis Ballygarth Meath
Corballis Rathkenny Meath
Corballis Lower Rathdrum Wicklow
Corballis Upper Rathdrum Wicklow
Corbally Ballywillin Antrim
Corbally Killead Antrim
Corbally Ahoghill Antrim
Corbally Clooney Clare Bunratty Upper Barony
Corbally Kilfearagh Clare
Corbally Ardnageehy Cork
Corbally Dungourney Cork
Corbally Kilbrin Cork
Corbally Corbally Cork
Corbally Glanworth Cork
Corbally Dangandonovan Cork
Corbally Killeagh Cork
Corbally Killyleagh Down
Corbally Garvaghy Down
Corbally Tallaght Dublin
Corbally Annaghdown Galway
Corbally Moycullen Galway
Corbally Rattoo Kerry
Corbally Killorglin Kerry
Corbally Molahiffe Kerry
Corbally Kildare Kildare
Corbally Taghadoe Kildare
Corbally Callan Kilkenny
Corbally Fiddown Kilkenny
Corbally Kiltoghert Leitrim
Corbally Galbally Limerick
Corbally St. Patrick's Limerick
Corbally Kilkeedy Limerick
Corbally Shanagolden Limerick
Corbally Kilcolman Mayo
Corbally Tecolm Laois
Corbally Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Corbally Kilmanman Laois
Corbally Rosenallis Laois
Corbally Kilcooley Roscommon
Corbally Castleconor Sligo
Corbally Rahelty Tipperary
Corbally Castletownarra Tipperary
Corbally Clogher Tipperary
Corbally Drangan Tipperary
Corbally Donacavey Tyrone
Corbally Dromore Tyrone
Corbally Killucan Westmeath
Corbally Lynn Westmeath
Corbally St. Feighin's Westmeath
Corbally Kiltrisk Wexford
Corbally Templeshannon Wexford
Corbally Dunsfort Down
Corbally Down Down
Corbally or Ballymore East Boyle Roscommon
Corballybane Lisgoold Cork
Corbally Beg Abbeygormacan Galway
Corbally Beg Corbally Waterford
Corbally East Creeve Roscommon
Corbally (Hogan) Abbeygormacan Galway
Corbally Middle Creeve Roscommon
Corbally More Abbeygormacan Galway
Corbally More Corbally Waterford
Corballymore and Camgort Donanaghta Galway
Corbally North Ballydeloher Cork
Corbally North Lisgoold Cork
Corbally North Kilmoylan Galway
Corballyquill Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Corbally and Slieve Ballynakill Roscommon
Corbally South Ballydeloher Cork
Corbally South Lisgoold Cork
Corbally South Kilmoylan Galway
Corbally T. Castleconor Sligo
Corbally West Creeve Roscommon