Corbane to Corracunna

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A list of townlands of Ireland from Corbane to Corracunna, together with alternative possibilities for the parish and county in which it is located. See Irish Townlands Category for further lists of townslands.

Townland Parish County Remarks
Corbane Clones Fermanagh
Corbane Lemanaghan Offaly
Corbane Magheross Monaghan
Corbaun Kilcooly Galway
Corbaun Kilmore Roscommon
Corbaun or Leitrim Columbkille Longford
Corbeagh Crosserlough Cavan
Corbeagh Shercock Cavan
Corbeagh Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Corbeagh Clonbroney Longford
Corbeg Rossinver Leitrim
Corbeg Tehallan Monaghan
Cor Beg and Cor More Lemanaghan Offaly
Corbehagh Feakle Clare
Corbet Magherally Down
Corbetstown Mothell Kilkenny
Corbetstown Castlejordan Offaly
Corbetstown Killucan Westmeath
Corbetstown Kilbride Wexford
Corblonog Tedavnet Monaghan
Corbo Kilbride Roscommon
Corboe Clogher Tyrone
Corboggy Moynalty Meath
Corboghil Mohill Leitrim
Corboghil Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Corboley Killinvoy Roscommon
Corboley (Lynch) Rahoon Galway
Corboley (Morgan) Rahoon Galway
Corbollis Clonkeehan Louth
Corboy Killoe Longford
Corboy Glebe Templeport Cavan
Corbrack Ballybay Monaghan
Corbrack Noughaval Westmeath
Corbracky Drumcree Armagh
Corcaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Corcam Donaghmore Donegal
Corcamore Kilkeedy Limerick
Corcanadas Drumlane Cavan
Corcanon Kilcavan Wexford
Corcarra Moybolgue Meath
Corcashel Annagh Cavan
Corcashel Killinagh Cavan
Corcashy Convoy Donegal
Corcaskea Clontibret Monaghan
Corcas and Sandhills Kilconly Kerry
Corchoney Kildress Tyrone
Corchuill Lower Inishmagrath Leitrim
Corchuill Upper Inishmagrath Leitrim
Corclaragh Mostrim Longford
Corclare Shercock Cavan
Corclare Errigal Trough Monaghan
Corclogh Lusmagh Offaly
Corclogh Kilcommon Mayo Erris Barony
Corclogh Kilmore Mayo
Corcloghan Drumgoon Cavan
Corcloghan Castleterra Cavan
Corcloghy Clogher Tyrone
Corcloon Pass of Kilbride Westmeath
Corconnelly Killeevan Monaghan
Corcoransacres Templeboy Sligo
Corcoranstown Cloncurry Kildare Ikeathy and Oughterany Barony
Corcormick Inishmagrath Leitrim
Corcovety Drung Cavan
Corcraff Annagh Cavan
Corcraff Drung Cavan
Corcrain Drumcree Armagh
Corcreaghan Kilkeel Down
Corcreeghagh Drumgoon Cavan
Corcreeghagh Louth Louth
Corcreeghagh Magheross Monaghan
Corcreeghy Newry Down
Corcreeghy Kilmore Monaghan
Corcreeny Donaghcloney Down
Corcreeny Hillsborough Down
Corcreevy Kilmore Armagh
Corcreevy Clogher Tyrone
Corcreevy, (Part of) Clogher Tyrone
Corcreevy Demesne Clogher Tyrone
Corcreggan Clondahorky Donegal
Corcrin Magheross Monaghan
Corcrum Ballymore Armagh
Corcuilloge Magheross Monaghan
Corcullen Rahoon Galway
Corcullen Moycullen Galway
Corcullentragh Beg Drumcree Armagh
Corcullentragh More Drumcree Armagh
Corcullentry and Cloran Killua Westmeath
Corcullin Crossmolina Mayo
Corcullion Donaghmore Donegal
Corcullioncrew Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Corcullionglish Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Corcummins Killeevan Monaghan
Corcusconny Killanummery Leitrim
Corcush Rahan Offaly
Cordalea Kilmore Cavan
Cordal East Ballincuslane Kerry
Cordal West Ballincuslane Kerry
Cordangan Cordangan Tipperary
Cordarragh Killesher Fermanagh
Cordarragh Killursa Galway
Cordarragh Killedan Mayo
Cordarragh North Aghagower Mayo
Cordarragh South Aghagower Mayo
Corderraun Owenduff Wexford
Corderry Gartan Donegal
Corderry Inishmagrath Leitrim
Corderry Killarga Leitrim
Corderry Louth Louth
Corderry Ardcarn Roscommon
Corderry Clonbeg Tipperary
Corderry Carnteel Tyrone
Corderrybane Clontibret Monaghan
Corderryduff Clontibret Monaghan
Corderryhugh Fuerty Roscommon
Corderry (Morton) Kiltubbrid Leitrim
Corderry (Peyton) Kiltubbrid Leitrim
Cordevlis Larah Cavan
Cordevlis Aghnamullen Monaghan
Cordevlis Clontibret Monaghan
Cordevlis Monaghan Monaghan
Cordevlis Tehallan Monaghan
Cordevlis North Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cordevlis South Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cordingin Larah Cavan
Cordiver Rossinver Leitrim
Cordivin Ballymacormick Longford
Cordoagh Enniskeen Cavan
Cordoagh Knockbride Cavan
Cordoagh Glebe Upper Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Cordoagh Lower Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Cordonaghy Scrabby Cavan
Cordooey Enniskeen Meath
Cordoogan Monasterboice Louth
Cordoolagh Clones Fermanagh
Cordoolough Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cordrain Kilmore Armagh
Cordrehid Killukin Roscommon Roscommon Barony
Cordressigo Ematris Monaghan
Cordressogagh Killinagh Cavan
Cordromedy Kilskeery Tyrone
Cordroon Cong Mayo
Cordrumman Bumlin Roscommon
Cordrumman Kiltrustan Roscommon
Cordrummans Lower Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cordrummans Middle Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cordrummans Upper Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cordrummond Kilclooney Armagh
Corduff Ballintemple Cavan
Corduff Crosserlough Cavan
Corduff Lusk Dublin
Corduff Castleknock Dublin
Corduff Timahoe Kildare
Corduff Drumreilly Leitrim
Corduff Inishmagrath Leitrim
Corduff Annaduff Leitrim
Corduff Mohill Leitrim
Corduff Aghabog Monaghan
Corduff Magheross Monaghan
Corduff Common Lusk Dublin
Corduff or Cormore Scrabby Cavan
Corduff (Hackett) Lusk Dublin
Corduffhall Lusk Dublin
Corduffhill Mohill Leitrim
Corduff (Kelly) Magheross Monaghan
Corduff North Cloone Leitrim
Corduff South Cloone Leitrim
Cordwood Drumkeeran Fermanagh
Core Feakle Clare
Corebeg Doora Clare
Corelish East Grean Limerick
Corelish West Grean Limerick
Corernagh Ballymore Armagh
Cores Killarney Kerry
Corfad Mullagh Cavan
Corfad Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Corfad Larah Cavan
Corfad Aghnamullen Monaghan
Corfad Ballybay Monaghan
Corfad Tullycorbet Monaghan
Corfannan Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Corfeehone Larah Cavan
Corfehan Tynan Armagh
Corfinlough Tullycorbet Monaghan
Corflugh Clones Fermanagh
Corfree Scrabby Cavan
Corgallion Mohill Leitrim
Corgannive Glebe Clondahorky Donegal
Corgar Oughteragh Leitrim
Corgar Mohill Leitrim
Corgarran Kilmore Cavan
Corgarriff Kilmovee Mayo
Corgarrow Kiltrustan Roscommon
Corgarry Enniskeen Cavan
Corgarve Castleterra Cavan
Corgarve Ballynakill Galway Ballymoe Barony
Corgarve Cong Mayo
Corgarve Kilmeane Roscommon
Corgarve Creeve Roscommon
Corgarve Ardnurcher or Horseleap Westmeath
Corgarve or Creeve Castleterra Cavan
Corgarve North Lusmagh Offaly
Corgarve South Lusmagh Offaly
Corgary Donaghmore Donegal
Corgary Donaghmore Down
Corgary Inishmacsaint Fermanagh
Corgary Fifth or First Croagh Termonamongan Tyrone
Corgary First Termonamongan Tyrone
Corgary Fourth or Meenablagh Termonamongan Tyrone
Corgary Second Termonamongan Tyrone
Corgary Sixth or Second Croagh Termonamongan Tyrone
Corgary Third Termonamongan Tyrone
Corgerry Eighter Killoscobe Galway
Corgerry Oughter Killoscobe Galway
Corglancey Killanummery Leitrim
Corglass Bailieborough Cavan
Corglass Enniskeen Cavan
Corglass Crosserlough Cavan
Corglass Drumlane Cavan
Corglass Drung Cavan
Corglass Annagelliff Cavan
Corglass Denn Cavan
Corglass Carrigallen Leitrim
Corglass Drumreilly Leitrim
Corglass Inishmagrath Leitrim
Corglass Kiltubbrid Leitrim
Corglass Killasnet Leitrim
Corglass Killoe Longford
Corglass Ematris Monaghan
Corglass Kilronan Roscommon
Corglass or Aghanergill Drumcree Armagh
Corglass or Cloverhill Oughteragh Leitrim
Corglass or Rassan Crosserlough Cavan
Corgloghan Drumreilly Leitrim
Corgorman Kilronan Roscommon
Corgowan Kilglass Roscommon
Corgreagh Drumlane Cavan
Corgreagh Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Corgreagh Larah Cavan
Corgreagh Aghnamullen Monaghan
Corgreagh or Killagriff Moybolgue Meath
Corgreenan Errigal Trough Monaghan
Corgrig Robertstown Limerick
Corgullion Kilmore Roscommon
Corhammock Kilclooney Armagh
Corhanagh Killashandra Cavan
Corhawnagh Kiltoghert Leitrim
Corhawnagh Aghamore Mayo
Corhawnagh Ballysadare Sligo
Corhawny Lissonuffy Roscommon
Corhelshinagh Aghnamullen Monaghan
Corhober Emlaghfad Sligo
Corhollan Drumsnat Monaghan
Corhoogan Annagelliff Cavan
Corick Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Corick Dungiven Derry
Corick Ballynascreen Derry
Corick Clogher Tyrone
Corickmore Bodoney Upper Tyrone
Corillaun Donaghpatrick Galway
Corimla North Kilmoremoy Sligo
Corimla South Kilmoremoy Sligo
Corkaboy Kilgarrylander Kerry
Corkagh Clondalkin Dublin
Corkagh Beg Templeboy Sligo
Corkagh Demesne Clondalkin Dublin
Corkagh More Templeboy Sligo
Corkan Rathconrath Westmeath
Corkanaknockaun Kilnasoolagh Clare
Corkan Isle Clonleigh Donegal
Corkanree St. Michael's Limerick
Corkashybane Magheross Monaghan
Corkashyduff Magheross Monaghan
Corkbeg Corkbeg Cork
Corkeenagh Clooncraff Roscommon
Corkeeran Aghnamullen Monaghan
Corkeeran Ballybay Monaghan
Corkeeran Ematris Monaghan
Corkeeran Killeevan Monaghan
Corkeeran Magheracloone Monaghan
Corker Kiltartan Galway
Corker Kilcooley Roscommon
Corkeragh Ballynafagh Kildare
Corker Beg Killaghtee Donegal
Corkermain Carncastle Antrim
Corker More Killaghtee Donegal
Corkey Raymoghy Donegal
Corkey Middle Loughguile Antrim
Corkey North Loughguile Antrim
Corkey South or Little Loughguile Antrim
Cork Great Oldconnaught Dublin
Corkhill Clogher Tyrone
Corkhill Pomeroy Tyrone
Corkhill Kildress Tyrone
Corkhill Kilskeery Tyrone
Corkhill Demesne Clogher Tyrone
Corkip Taghmaconnell Roscommon
Corkish Bailieborough Cavan
Corkish Aghabog Monaghan
Corkley Keady Armagh
Cork Little Oldconnaught Dublin
Corknock Tedavnet Monaghan
Corkragh Kilskeery Tyrone
Corlack Bunratty Clare
Corlackan Kilbegnet Galway
Corlackan Kilcroan Galway
Corlacky Kilteevoge Donegal
Corlacky Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Corlacky Killelagh Derry
Corlagan Ballymacormick Longford
Corlagan North Clontibret Monaghan
Corlagan South Clontibret Monaghan
Corlaghaloo Annagh Cavan
Corlaghaloon Clones Fermanagh
Corlaghdergan Dromore Tyrone
Corlaght East Drumkeeran Fermanagh
Corlaght West Drumkeeran Fermanagh
Corlane Layd Antrim
Corlaskagh Mohill Leitrim
Corlat Ballymyre Armagh
Corlat Mullagh Cavan
Corlat Aghnamullen Monaghan
Corlat Killeevan Monaghan
Corlat Monaghan Monaghan
Corlat Tedavnet Monaghan
Corlateerin Crosserlough Cavan
Corlatt Galloon Fermanagh
Corlatt Kinawley Fermanagh
Corlattallan Errigal Trough Monaghan
Corlattan Monaghan Monaghan
Corlattycarroll Knockbride Cavan
Corlattylannan Knockbride Cavan
Corlave Drumkeeran Fermanagh
Corlea Enniskeen Cavan
Corlea Killinagh Cavan
Corlea Kilfinaghta Clare
Corlea Feakle Clare
Corlea Donaghmore Donegal
Corlea Kilbarron Donegal
Corlea Templecarn Donegal
Corlea Mohill Leitrim
Corlea Rossinver Leitrim
Corlea Kilcommock Longford
Corlea Aghnamullen Monaghan
Corlea Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Corlea Magheracloone Monaghan
Corlea Magheross Monaghan
Corlea Tullycorbet Monaghan
Corlea Drumragh Tyrone
Corlea Kilskeery Tyrone
Corlea Beg Feakle Clare
Corleacommons North Feakle Clare
Corleacommons South Feakle Clare
Corleadargan Clontibret Monaghan
Corleaghan Clogher Tyrone
Corlealackagh Clontibret Monaghan
Corlea More Feakle Clare
Corleanamaddy Clontibret Monaghan
Corleck Knockbride Cavan
Corleck Aghabog Monaghan
Corleck Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Corleckagh Lower Killinagh Cavan
Corleckagh Upper Killinagh Cavan
Corleckduff Drumgoon Cavan
Corlee Killasser Mayo
Corleggy Annagh Cavan
Corlican Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Corlis Killashandra Cavan
Corlis Baslick Roscommon
Corlis Aughrim Roscommon
Corlis Noughaval Westmeath
Corlisalee Annagelliff Cavan
Corlisbane Mullary Louth
Corlisbannan Killinagh Cavan
Corlisbrattan Killashandra Cavan
Corlisheen Annaduff Leitrim
Corlisheen Kilmacallan Sligo
Corliskea Drumatemple Galway
Corlisland Mayo Mayo
Corlislea Crosserlough Cavan
Corlismore Ballintemple Cavan
Corliss Creggan Armagh
Corlona Kiltoghert Leitrim
Corlongford Tullycorbet Monaghan
Corlough Templeport Cavan
Corlough Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Corlough Fenagh Leitrim
Corlough Kiltoghert Leitrim
Corloughan Fiddown Kilkenny
Corlougharoe Killeevan Monaghan
Corloughcahill Inishmagrath Leitrim
Corloughlin Kiltoghert Leitrim
Corloughtomalty Inishmagrath Leitrim
Corluddy Portnascully Kilkenny
Corlummin Ballynahaglish Mayo
Corlurgan Bailieborough Cavan
Corlurgan Annagelliff Cavan
Corlust Ballymore Armagh
Corlust Monaghan Monaghan
Corlygorm Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cormackstown Holycross Tipperary
Cormaclew Drumraney Westmeath
Cormacmullan Annagh Cavan
Cormacuagh East Monivea Galway
Cormacuagh West Monivea Galway
Cormaddyduff Castlerahan Cavan
Cormaddyduff Drumlumman Cavan
Cormaglava Cashel Longford
Cormakilly Urney Donegal
Cormeelick North Addergoole Galway
Cormeelick South Addergoole Galway
Cormeeltan Kiltoghert Leitrim
Cormeen Derrynoose Armagh
Cormeen Castlerahan Cavan
Cormeen Kilmore Cavan
Cormeen Larah Cavan
Cormeen Kildallan Cavan
Cormeen Killoughy Offaly
Cormeen Moybolgue Meath
Cormeen Moynalty Meath
Cormeen Aghnamullen Monaghan
Cormeen Currin Monaghan
Cormeen Monaghan Monaghan
Cormeen Glebe Larah Cavan
Cormey Enniskeen Cavan
Cormick Abbeygormacan Galway
Cormick Duniry Galway
Cormickstown Laraghbryan Kildare
Cormonalea Galloon Fermanagh
Cormongan Kiltoghert Leitrim
Cormore Mohill Leitrim
Cormore Clogher Tyrone
Cor More and Cor Beg Lemanaghan Offaly
Cormore or Corduff Scrabby Cavan
Cormoy Aghabog Monaghan
Cormoy Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cormoy Lower Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cormoy Upper Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cormullagh Clonfeacle Tyrone
Cormullin Drumhome Donegal
Cormurphy Monaghan Monaghan
Cornabanny Kiltullagh Roscommon
Cornabaste Drung Cavan
Cornabeagh Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Cornabracken Drumragh Tyrone
Cornabraher Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Cornabrandy Clontibret Monaghan
Cornabrass Galloon Fermanagh
Cornabrogue Donaghmore Donegal
Cornabroher Oughteragh Leitrim
Cornabrone Fenagh Leitrim
Cornacaghan Drummully Fermanagh
Cornacahan Killybegs Upper Donegal
Cornacarrow Drumgoon Cavan
Cornacarrow Drung Cavan
Cornacarrow Enniskeen Meath
Cornacarrow Aghnamullen Monaghan
Cornacarrow Magheracloone Monaghan
Cornacarta Kilcommock Longford
Cornacarta Annagh Mayo
Cornacarta Boyle Roscommon
Cornacartan Killererin Galway
Cornacartan Kilmainebeg Mayo
Cornacask or Easterfield Athleague Galway
Cornacausk Street Westmeath
Cornaclare or Johnstown Clones Fermanagh
Cornaclea or Tawlagh Kildallan Cavan
Cornacleigh Templeport Cavan
Cornacloy Cloonclare Leitrim
Cornacloy Inishmagrath Leitrim
Cornacorroo Kiltoghert Leitrim
Cornacoyntia Boyounagh Galway
Cornacranaghy Kiltoghert Leitrim
Cornacrea Kilmore Cavan
Cornacrea Kinawley Fermanagh
Cornacrea Magheraculmoney Fermanagh
Cornacreegh Oughteragh Leitrim
Cornacreeve Castlerahan Cavan
Cornacreeve Clones Fermanagh
Cornacreeve Drumreilly Leitrim
Cornacreeve Oughteragh Leitrim
Cornacreeve Monaghan Monaghan
Cornacreeve Tedavnet Monaghan
Cornacreeve Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cornacreeve Donagh Monaghan
Cornacreevy Foyran Westmeath
Cornacrew Mullaghbrack Armagh
Cornacrew Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cornacrum Kildallan Cavan
Cornacullew Killoe Longford
Cornacully Cleenish Fermanagh
Cornadarragh Drumlane Cavan
Cornadarragh (Pleydell) Drumlane Cavan
Cornadarum Inishmacsaint Fermanagh
Cornadimpan Glebe Larah Cavan
Cornadowagh Cashel Longford
Cornadrum Killeroran Galway
Cornadrung Columbkille Longford
Cornafaghy Clones Monaghan
Cornafannoge Aghavea Fermanagh
Cornafean Killashandra Cavan
Cornaferst Carrigallen Leitrim
Cornafostra Fenagh Leitrim
Cornafulla Drum Roscommon
Cornafunshin Killoe Longford
Cornafurrish & Corrabeg Lemanaghan Offaly
Cornagall Drung Cavan
Cornagall Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cornagark Drumcullen Offaly
Cornagarrow Drung Cavan
Cornagarrow Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Cornagarvoge Inishkeen Monaghan
Cornagashlaun Islandeady Mayo
Cornagawna Rossinver Leitrim
Cornageaghta Aghamore Mayo
Cornagee Enniskeen Cavan
Cornagee Killinagh Cavan
Cornagee Cleenish Fermanagh
Cornagee Kilronan Roscommon
Cornageeha Drumreilly Leitrim
Cornageeha Mohill Leitrim
Cornageeha Cloone Leitrim
Cornageeha Rossinver Leitrim
Cornageeha Killasser Mayo
Cornageeha Cam Roscommon
Cornageeha St. John's Sligo
Cornageeragh Oughteragh Leitrim
Cornagher Cloone Leitrim
Cornaghy Carrigallen Leitrim
Cornagill Aghanunshin Donegal
Cornagillagh Convoy Donegal
Cornagillagh Annaduff Leitrim
Cornagillagh Mohill Leitrim
Cornagillagh Killasnet Leitrim
Cornagilty Tedavnet Monaghan
Cornaglah Rossinver Leitrim
Cornaglare Currin Monaghan
Cornaglare Kilmore Monaghan
Cornaglare or Palmira Mullagh Cavan
Cornaglea Lower Mullagh Cavan
Cornaglea Upper Mullagh Cavan
Cornagleragh or Oldtown Annagelliff Cavan
Cornaglia Boyle Roscommon
Cornagon Fenagh Leitrim
Cornagower East Dunganstown Wicklow
Cornagower West Dunganstown Wicklow
Cornagrade Enniskillen Fermanagh
Cornagrally Loughgilly Armagh
Cornagran Kinawley Cavan
Cornagran Scrabby Cavan
Cornagrea Ardcarn Roscommon
Cornagresha North Mohill Leitrim
Cornagresha South Mohill Leitrim
Cornagrillagh Inishkeel Donegal
Cornagrow Drumlane Cavan
Cornagrow Denn Cavan
Cornaguillagh Drumreilly Leitrim
Cornaguillagh Cashel Longford
Cornaguillagh Tedavnet Monaghan
Cornagullion Gartan Donegal
Cornagun Kinawley Fermanagh
Cornagunleog Templeport Cavan
Cornahaia Kildallan Cavan
Cornahaltie Inishmacsaint Fermanagh
Cornahavoley Rosslee Mayo
Cornahaw Killinagh Cavan
Cornahawla Cleenish Fermanagh
Cornahawla Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cornaheive Errigal Trough Monaghan
Cornaher Newtown Westmeath
Cornahilt Castlerahan Cavan
Cornahinch Caherduggan Cork
Cornahoe Ballybay Monaghan
Cornahoe Tehallan Monaghan
Cornahoe Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cornahoe Lower Clontibret Monaghan
Cornahoe Upper Clontibret Monaghan
Cornahoo Kilcommock Longford
Cornahoova Enniskeen Meath
Cornahoule Kinawley Fermanagh
Cornahove Creggan Armagh
Cornakessagh Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Cornakill Mullagh Cavan
Cornakill Enniskeen Cavan
Cornakill Drung Cavan
Cornakill Kinawley Fermanagh
Cornakilly Castlerahan Cavan
Cornakinnegar Shankill Armagh
Cornalack Drumcree Armagh
Cornalack Terryglass Tipperary
Cornalaghta Drumlease Leitrim
Cornalara Shercock Cavan
Cornalaragh Magheracloone Monaghan
Cornalassan Robeen Mayo
Cornalaur Rahan Offaly
Cornaleck Drumlane Cavan
Cornaleck Kinawley Fermanagh
Cornaleck Kiltubbrid Leitrim
Cornalee Cam Roscommon
Cornalee Dysart Roscommon
Cornaleen Shercock Cavan
Cornalon Kinawley Cavan
Cornalough Clontibret Monaghan
Cornamaddy Kilmeane Roscommon
Cornamaddy Pomeroy Tyrone
Cornamaddy St. Mary's Westmeath Brawny Barony
Cornamagh Enniskeen Cavan
Cornamagh St. Mary's Westmeath Brawny Barony
Cornamahan Denn Cavan
Cornaman Enniskeen Cavan
Cornaman Cloonclare Leitrim
Cornamarrow Ballyhean Mayo
Cornamart Killinvoy Roscommon
Cornamarve Killarga Leitrim
Cornameelta Boyle Roscommon
Cornaminaun Clonbern Galway
Cornamona Cong Galway
Cornamona Gallen Offaly
Cornamonaster Rosslee Mayo
Cornamramurry Clones Fermanagh
Cornamuck Dromore Tyrone
Cornamucklagh Drumcree Armagh
Cornamucklagh Castlerahan Cavan
Cornamucklagh Kilmore Cavan
Cornamucklagh Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Cornamucklagh Scrabby Cavan
Cornamucklagh Clones Fermanagh
Cornamucklagh Aghavea Fermanagh
Cornamucklagh Kilcroan Galway
Cornamucklagh Ahascragh Galway
Cornamucklagh Kilrainy Kildare
Cornamucklagh Cloone Leitrim
Cornamucklagh Kiltoghert Leitrim
Cornamucklagh Forgney Longford
Cornamucklagh Carlingford Louth
Cornamucklagh Ardcarn Roscommon
Cornamucklagh Killadoon Sligo
Cornamucklagh Clogher Tyrone
Cornamucklagh Drumglass Tyrone
Cornamucklagh Dromore Tyrone
Cornamucklagh and Falmore Kilcorkey Roscommon
Cornamucklagh or Garranroe Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cornamucklagh North Drumreilly Leitrim
Cornamucklagh North Clontibret Monaghan
Cornamucklagh South Drumreilly Leitrim
Cornamucklagh South Clontibret Monaghan
Cornamucklagh T. Kilcroan Galway
Cornamucklaglass Ballybay Monaghan
Cornamuclagh Aghadowey Derry
Cornamuddagh Kiltoghert Leitrim
Cornamult Terryglass Tipperary
Cornamunady Monaghan Monaghan
Cornanaff Bailieborough Cavan
Cornanaff Templetogher Galway
Cornanaff Kildacommoge Mayo
Cornanagh Robeen Mayo
Cornanagh Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cornananta Beg Killeroran Galway
Cornananta More Killeroran Galway
Cornaneane Killasnet Leitrim
Cornan East Kiltegan Wicklow
Cornanerriff Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cornanoe Kinawley Fermanagh
Cornanool Islandeady Mayo
Cornanure Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cornanure Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cornanure Errigal Trough Monaghan
Cornanurney Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Cornan West Kiltegan Wicklow
Cornapallis Tisrara Roscommon
Cornapark Ardagh Longford
Cornapaste Currin Monaghan
Cornarona Killannin Galway
Cornarooslan Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Cornaroy Kiltoghert Leitrim
Cornaroya Ballinrobe Mayo
Cornasassonagh Magheross Monaghan
Cornasaus Enniskeen Cavan
Cornasaus Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Cornasaus Dulane Meath
Cornascreeb Kilmore Armagh
Cornaseer Denn Cavan
Cornaseer Kiltoom Roscommon
Cornashamsoge Kiltoghert Leitrim Cornashamroge?
Cornashannel Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Cornashee Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Cornashesk Lurgan Cavan
Cornashesk Longfield West Tyrone
Cornashesko Kinawley Fermanagh
Cornashinnagh Kilbride Roscommon
Cornaskeoge Kinawley Fermanagh
Cornasker Kildallan Cavan
Cornasleehan Kilmore Roscommon
Cornasleeve Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cornaslieve Lurgan Cavan
Cornaslieve Kiltoghert Leitrim
Cornasoo Drumsnat Monaghan
Cornasoo Kilmore Monaghan
Cornasore or Straghan Donagh Monaghan
Cornastauk Cloonclare Leitrim
Cornavad Fenagh Leitrim
Cornavannoge Cloonclare Leitrim
Cornavarrow Longfield East Tyrone
Cornaveagh Knockbride Cavan
Cornaveagh Donegal Donegal
Cornaveagh Dunamon Galway
Cornaveagh Ballyhean Mayo
Cornaveagh Kilconduff Mayo
Cornaveagh Estersnow Roscommon
Cornaveagh Moore Roscommon
Cornaveigh Ardagh Cork
Cornaveigh Clonpriest Cork
Cornaville North Moynalty Meath
Cornaville South Moynalty Meath
Cornavray Galloon Fermanagh
Cornawall Aghabog Monaghan
Cornawall Ematris Monaghan
Cornawall Killeevan Monaghan
Corncamble Allsaints Donegal
Corndale Lower Tamlaght Finlagan Derry
Corndale Upper Tamlaght Finlagan Derry
Corndarragh Kilbride Offaly
Corndog Moyne Wicklow
Cornecassa Demesne Monaghan Monaghan
Corneddan Killoe Longford
Cornee Mohill Leitrim
Corneen Templeport Cavan
Corneenflynn Templeport Cavan
Cornelian Shrule Mayo
Cornelscourt Kill Dublin
Cornelscourt Morristownbiller Kildare
Cornelstown Dunboyne Meath
Cornerpark Newcastle Dublin
Cornerstown Mayglass Wexford
Cornery Inchigeelagh Cork
Corness Monaghan Monaghan
Cornfield Kilchreest Clare
Cornfield Robeen Mayo
Cornhill Glanworth Cork
Cornhill Loughkeen Tipperary
Cornode Castletownarra Tipperary
Cornollen Clongesh Longford
Cornoonagh Creggan Armagh
Cornreany Donaghcloney Down
Cornstown Ballymadun Dublin
Cornulla Cloone Leitrim
Cornwall Killurin Wexford
Cornyeal Callan Kilkenny
Coronea Abbeystrowry Cork
Corporation Armagh Armagh
Corporation Killybegs Upper Donegal
Corporation Bangor Down
Corporation Killyleagh Down
Corporation-land Trim Meath
Corporationland (1st Division) Skirk Laois
Corporation Land (1st Division) Rathnew Wicklow
Corporationland North Trim Meath
Corporationland Nth. (1st Division) Trim Meath
Corporationland Nth. (4th Division) Trim Meath
Corporationland Nth. (2nd Division) Trim Meath
Corporation Lands Annagh Cavan
Corporation Lands Kilpoole Wicklow
Corporation Land (2nd Division) Skirk Laois
Corporation Land (2nd Division) Rathnew Wicklow
Corporationland (3rd Division) Trim Meath
Corporationland (3rd Division) Skirk Laois
Corporation Murragh Rathnew Wicklow
Corporation North Newtownards Down
Corporation South Newtownards Down
Corr Ballintemple Cavan
Corr Killashandra Cavan
Corr Kilmalinoge Galway
Corr Killyman Tyrone
Corr Drumraney Westmeath
Corr Kilkenny West Westmeath
Corr Ballymorin Westmeath
Corraback Drumlane Cavan
Corrabally Ardfield Cork
Corrabally Kilkerranmore Cork
Corrabarrack Fenagh Leitrim
Corrabaun Clontuskert Galway
Corrabaun Grange Galway
Corrabaun Killeroran Galway
Corrabaun Templemichael Longford
Corrabaun Killoe Longford
Corrabaun Taghshinny Longford
Corrabaun Drum Mayo
Corrabaun Elphin Roscommon
Corrabaun or Nurserypark Monivea Galway
Corrabeagh Fenagh Leitrim
Corrabeagh Mohill Leitrim
Corrabeegher Oughteragh Leitrim
Corra Beg Athleague Roscommon
Corrabeg Kilcooley Roscommon
Corrabeg and Cornafurrish Lemanaghan Offaly
Corrabella Neddans Tipperary
Corrabofin Ballybay Monaghan
Corrabola Rathreagh Longford
Corrabola Taghshinny Longford
Corrabul Croom Limerick
Corrabulbeg Croom Limerick
Corracaboon Mohill Leitrim
Corracanvy Kilmore Cavan
Corracar Carrigallen Leitrim
Corracarrow Lavey Cavan
Corracharra Aghnamullen Monaghan
Corrachole Oughteragh Leitrim
Corracholia Beg Templeport Cavan
Corracholia More Templeport Cavan
Corrachomera Templeport Cavan
Corrachoosaun Fenagh Leitrim
Corrachrow Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Corrachuill Kiltoghert Leitrim
Corrachulter Aghabog Monaghan
Corrackan Currin Monaghan
Corraclare Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Corraclare Big Kinawley Fermanagh
Corraclare Little Kinawley Fermanagh
Corraclare North Kinawley Fermanagh
Corraclassy Templeport Cavan
Corracleigh Templeport Cavan
Corraclevin Dunkerrin Offaly
Corraclogh Kiltoom Roscommon
Corracloghan Clontibret Monaghan
Corracloon Feakle Clare
Corracloon Inishmacsaint Fermanagh
Corracloona Cloonclare Leitrim
Corracloon Beg Feakle Clare
Corracloon More Feakle Clare
Corracoash Kinawley Fermanagh Clanawley Barony
Corracoash Kinawley Fermanagh Knockninny Barony
Corracoggil North Tibohine Roscommon
Corracoggil South Tibohine Roscommon
Corracommeen Tibohine Roscommon
Corracoolia Taghboy Galway
Corracramph Donegal Donegal
Corracramph North Mohill Leitrim
Corracramph South Mohill Leitrim
Corracreeny Castleterra Cavan
Corracreeny Urney Cavan
Corracreeny Carrigallen Leitrim
Corracreigh Elphin Roscommon
Corracrin Donagh Monaghan
Corracrow Kilcommon Mayo Kilmaine Barony
Corracullin Kilkerrin Galway
Corracullin Lemanaghan Offaly
Corracunna Brigown Cork