Darjeeling-Himalayan Extensions Railway

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Darjeeling-Himalayan Extensions Railway

Darjeeling-Himalayan Extensions Railway

1913-14 extensions to the Darjeeling-Himalayan Railway(DHR), technically a separate company but worked by (DHR)[1].

  • ‘Kissengunge Extension’, 66 miles(107km), opened 1914-15, from Panchanai to Kissengunge via Matigara, Naksalbari, Taabpur, Islampur-Aluabari,
  • ‘Teesia Valley Extension’, 29 miles(47km), opened 1914-15 from Siliguri to Kalimpng Road via Sivoke and Riyang

The ‘Statistics of Working’ show the year-by-year financial results for this ‘Extensions Railway’ from 1913-14 through to 1936-37 and open mileage rising from 14¼ miles(23km) reaching 95 miles (154km) from 1915-16 onwards [2].


Indian Railway Classification of 1926 - Class II railway system.

Further Information

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