Delhi Electric Tramways and Lighting Company

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Delhi Electric Tramway and Lighting Company


The ’John Fleming Company’ was granted a licence under the Indian Electricity Act, 1903. Subsequently it was replaced by the ‘Delhi Electric Tramway and Lighting Co’ which later was named the 'Delhi Electric Supply and Traction Co’ [1].

The ‘Delhi Electric Tramway and Lighting Company’ was registered in London in 1908 [2].

The tram system opened in March 1908, 10 miles (16km) of track were laid running to most parts of the city as well as the outskirts of Subzee Mandi and Sudder Bazaar. The track comprised a concrete bed and single line with turnouts with side-pole arrangement and bracket arms [3].

By 1921 there were 24 cars, each car was of the convertable type so as to meet summer and winer conditions of service [3].

There were three main routes on the system, but all routes passed through Fatehpuri Junction with fixed stopping-places [3].

The system closed c.1963 [4]

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