Deogarh Railway

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Deogarh Railway
[[Image:|150px| ]]
Line of route
Jasidih to Deogarh
Gauge / mileage
Metre gauge 4.12 miles (1882)
Broad Gauge 4.12 miles (1913
1882 Opened to traffic
1911 Merged into East Indian Railway
Key locations
Presidency Bengal
Stations Deogarh
System agency
1882 Own agency
1911 East Indian Railway
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The Deogarh Railway is also described as the Deogarh Town Tramway

Deogarh Railway Map 1909

The Deogarh Railway was a short metre gauge(MG) 4.12 mile (6.4km) line which branched off the East Indian Railway at Jasidih, on the EIR main line between Madhupur and Luckeeserai. The line terminated at Baidyanathdham railway station close to Deogarh [1]

The line first opened in 1882 and was constructed and worked by Messers Burn & Co Ltd of Calcutta up to 30 June 1911. It was acquired by the State and incorporated with the East Indian Railway(EIR) on the 1 July 1911 and converted to the broad gauge(BG) on 13 Sep 1913 [1]

The railway served one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage centres in India, located in the town of Deoghar, also known as Baidyanathdham which is now the name of the terminus. [2]

The ‘Imperial Gazetteer of India, 1908’ gives the following description “Deogarh Town is 4 miles to the east of the chord-line of the East Indian Railway, with which it is connected by a steam tramway. The principal object is the group of twenty-two temples dedicated to Siva, which form a centre of pilgrimage for Hindus from all parts of India. The oldest temple is called Baidyanath [3]

Note spelling

  • Deogarh – is used in the Imperial Gazetteer of India, 1908 which we take as the definitive spelling.
  • Deoghar – is the modern spelling
  • Deoghur – is only used in the 1918 Administration Report on Railways and appears to be incorrect