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East Indian Railway - Lines owned and worked

- a sub-section of the East Indian Railway(EIR) page

East Indian Railway(EIR) owned and operated an extensive network of railways of broad gauge(BG), in 1905 the route mileage was 1962 miles(3157km).
By 1918 was 2775 miles(4465km) as detailed below in section BG Lines - owned and worked by EIR at 1918

The ‘Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway’ was amalgamated with the EIR on 1 July 1925 to comprise the ‘East Indian Railway System’ and the total system comprised 4217 miles(6787km).
By 1937 was 4217 miles(6787km) as detailed below in section BG Lines - owned and worked by EIR at 1937[1].

The EIR also managed, worked and maintained a number of lines on behalf of other parties .
As detailed below in section BG Lines Worked by EIR at some time

East Indian Railway Map 1909, east section - Howrah (Calcutta) to Gaya
East Indian Railway Map 1909, mid section__ - Gaya to Cawnpore
East Indian Railway Map 1909, west section - Cawnpore to Delhi

BG Lines - owned and worked by EIR at 1918

The listings below are generally based on the “Administration Report on Railways 1918” [2] with page numbers (and pdf pages) noted at the end of each entry.

1918 Total - 2464 miles(3965km). Page 53 (pdf 62)

Howrah-Delhi EIR Main Line

First section Howrah to Hooghly, 24 miles(38km,) opened 1854; via Khana Junction-Bhagalpur-Jamalpur-Luckeesera-Mogul Sarai to Allahabad with the opening of the Jumna Bridge completed 1865; connecting to the Allahabad via Cawnpore and Ghaziabad to Delhi (South Bank, Jumna River) in 1864, and to Delhi Terminus in 1867; 864 miles(1643km). Page 53 (pdf 62)

First Chord EIR Line

Khana Junction-Sitarampur, opened in stages from 1855-63; reaching Luckeeserai 1871. 183 miles(294km. Page 53 (pdf 62). Initially called the Chord Line but then re-designated as the Main Line.

Sahibganj Loop EIR Line

Khana Junction-Bhagalpur-Jamalpur-Luckeeserai section of the Main Line 250 miles(402km) became secondary with the opening of the First Chord, reducing Howrah-Delhi to 943 miles (1517km). Page 53 (pdf 62)

Bausi Branch Railway

A branch railway from Bhagalpur to Mandar Hill; under construction 1907 for EIR as a branch of the Sahibganj Loop EIR Line; dismantled in 1917-18 for reasons unknown.

Grand Chord EIR Line

Sitarampur-Gaya-Mogul Sarai, first section to Barakar, 1865; to Gaya and Moghal Sarai 1900, which included the 'Upper Sone Bridge, Dehri'. 278 miles(447km). Page 54 (pdf 63)

Howrah-Burdwan Chord Railway

Howrah to Saktighar,6 miles(10km) 1917; 45 miles(72km). Page 54 (pdf 63)

Branches from the Howrah-Delhi EIR Main Line

Alphabetical order with page and pdf references from the “1918 Report on Railways” ” [2] and IOR source[3].

  • ‘Agra Branch Line’ ; Tundla to Jumna Bridge, 1862; Jumna Bridge to Agra City, 1907; total 15 miles(24km). Page 55 (pdf64)
  • ‘Allahabad Fort Branch Line’ ; Allahabad Fort, 1859; 2.3 miles(3.7km), Page 55 (pdf64); extension to Daraganj sanctioned 1914, 1.9 miles(3km), Page 56(pdf65)
  • ‘Bandel-Barharwa Branch Line’ ; Bandel to Barharwa, 1911-13; 166 miles(267km). Page 54 (pdf 63)
  • ‘Benares Branch ‘ - the branch railway from the Mogul Serai station, on the main line of the EIR to the right bank of the River Ganges, opposite Benares . This date of opening of this branch is not known, on 1 Oct 1887 the branch of the Dufferin Bridge by the Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway(O&RR) on the 16 Dec 1887. [3]. This would probably have made this branch line redundant but not confirmed
  • ‘Benares Chord Line ‘; to Bechupur, connecting to the Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway, 1910; 1.2 miles(1.9km). Page 54 (pdf 63)
  • ‘Bhadreswar Branch Line’ ; Bhadreswar to River Bank, 1882; 2.6 miles(4.2km). Page 54 (pdf 63). A branch line of railway from the EIR station at Bhadreswar to the right bank of the River Hughli at Pulta Ghat [3]
  • ‘Cawnpore City Branch Line’ ; Cawnpore, 1879; 0.9 miles(1.4km). Page 55 (pdf64)
  • Deoghar Branch Line’ ; Jasidih to Baidyanathdham, opened 1882 as the metre gauge (MG) MG Deoghur Railway, originally owned and worked by Burn & Co Ltd until merged in EIR, 1911; converted to BG 1913; 4.1 miles(6.6km). Page 54 (pdf 63)
  • ‘Digha Ghat Branch’ ; Bankipore to Digha Ghat, 1885; 5.5 miles(8.8km). Page 54 (pdf 63). A branch line of railway from the EIR station at Bankipur to the right bank of the Ganges at Digha Ghat. The EIR at Digha Ghat connected to the 'Bengal and North-Western Railway'5B&NWR) at Palaza Ghat on the opposite bank by the Digha Ghat Steam Ferry [4]
  • ‘Giridih Branch Line’ ; Madhupar to Giridih, 1871; 27 miles(43km). Page 54 (pdf 63)
  • ‘Hathras Branch Line’ ; Hathras Junction to Hathras Kilah, 1898; 5.6 miles(9km). Page 55 (pdf64)
  • ‘Ikrah Branch Line’ ; Ikrah to Barabani, 1894; Barabani to Sitarampur; total 15 miles(24km). Page 54 (pdf 63)
  • ‘Jubbulpore Branch Line’; Naini to Jubbulpore; 1867; 224 miles(360km). Page 54 (pdf 63). In 1925 this line was transferred to the Great Indian Peninsula Railway as an extension to the 'GIPR North-East Mainline'[5].
  • ‘Mokameh Ghat Branch Line’ ; Tal Junction to Mokameh, 1883; 3miles(4.8km). Page 54 (pdf 63). A branch line of railway from the EIR line to Mokameh to the- right bank of the River Ganges [3].
  • ‘Naihati Branch Line’ ; Bandel to Naihati, 1887; 4.5 miles(7.2km]. Page 54 (pdf 63)
  • ‘Ondal-Sainthia Chord Line’ ; Ondal to Sainthia, 1906; 43 miles(69km). Page 54 (pdf 63)
  • ‘Ondal Loop Line’ ; Ondal -Baboissola section opened 1864, constructed by the Tarkessur Railway Company and worked by EIR, incorporated into EIR 1915 as part of the ‘Ondal Loop Line’ ; Baboissola to Toposi, 1863; Toposi via Ikrah to Rupnarainpur , 1894-5; total 32 miles(51km). Page 54 (pdf 63)
  • ‘Patna Ghat Branch’; Patna to Patna Ghat, 1862; 0.9 miles(1.4km). Page 54 (pdf 63)
  • ‘Patna-Gaya Branch Line’ ; Bankipore to Gaya(Gya) opened 1879; constructed and worked by State and named Patna & Gaya State Railway; worked by EIR from 1883 and transferred to EIR 1892; 58 miles(93km). Page 54 (pdf 63)
  • ‘Salanpur Branch Line’ ; Salanpur to Shamdi, 1894-7; 5.5 miles(8.8km). Page 54 (pdf 63)
  • ‘Shikohabad-Farukhabad Branch Line’ ; Shikohabad to Farukhabad, 1905-6; 66 miles(106km). Page 55 (pdf64)
  • ‘Tari Ghat Branch Line’; Dildarnager to Tari Ghat, opened 1880 as the Dildarnagar-Ghazipur State Railway; worked by EIR; transferred to EIR 1892 becoming the EIR ‘Tari Ghat Branch Line’; 12 miles(19km). Page 54 (pdf 63)
  • ‘Tarkessur Branch Line’; Sheoraphuli-Tarkessur section opened, 1885, constructed by the Tarkessur Railway Company and worked by EIR, incorporated into EIR 1915 becoming the ‘Tarkessur Branch Line’; 22 miles(35km). Page 54 (pdf 63)
  • ‘Toposi-Barabani Chord’ ; Toposi to Barabani, 1908 and 1915; total 6.5 miles(10.4km). Page 54 (pdf 63)
  • Toposi Colliery Branch Lines’. Branch lines of railway from Toposi to Kharabad, from Nundi to Paruria, and from Salunpur to Shamdee [3] see separate page

Branches from the First Chord EIR Line

Alphabetical order with page and pdf references from the “1918 Report on Railways” ” [2] and IOR source[3]

  • ‘Azimganj Branch Line’; opened in 1863 as the Nalhati-Azimganj Railway, a 4ft(1222mm) unique rail gauge line from Nalhati to Azimganj, constructed and worked by the Indian Branch Railway. Lline taken over by the Government 1872 and re-named Nalhati State Railway; converted to BG in 1892 and becoming the EIR ‘Azimganj Branch Line’ ; 27 miles(43km). Page 55 (pdf64) , [3].
  • ‘Mirza Chowki Branch Line’; Mirza Chowki to river side, 1909, 0.2 miles(0.3km). Page 55 (pdf64)
  • ‘Monghyr Branch Line’; Jamalpur Junction to Monghyr, 1862; 5.7 miles(9.1km)
  • ‘Rajmehal Branch Line’; Tinpahar Junction to Rajmehal, 1860; 7 miles(11km). Page 55 (pdf64)
  • ‘Sakrigali Branch Line’; Sakriali to River Ganges, 1894, 1.3 miles(2.0km). Page 55 (pdf64)
  • ‘Sultangunge Ghat Branch Line’; Sultangunge Junction to Sultangunge Ghat, 1895 1.2 mile(1.9km). Page 55 (pdf64)

Branches from the Grand Chord EIR Line

Alphabetical order with page and pdf references from the “1918 Report on Railways” ” [2] and IOR source[3]

BG Lines under Construction or Sanctioned for Construction in 1918

Alphabetical order with page and pdf references from the “1918 Report on Railways”

  • Dhanbad-Katrasgarh Line; Dhanbad to Katrasgarh and beyond, sanctioned 1918; 2.4 miles(3.8km). Page 56 (pdf65)
  • Toposi-Baraboni Chord Line; Toposi to Baraboni, sanctioned 1913; 3.7 miles(5.9km). Page 56 (pdf65)

BG Lines worked as part of the 'EIR System'

Alphabetical order with page and pdf references from the “1918 Report on Railways” [2]

BG Lines - owned and worked by EIR at 1937

EIR Railway System 1937 Map

The following are detailed in the 1937 ‘History of Railways’ together with the map shown[1].

1937 Line Total - 4217 miles(6787km)

EIR Main Line

Fully opened 1865, 941 miles(1514km) from Howrah to Ghaziabad. The 1918 Report describes as the ‘Howrah-Delhi EIR Main Line‘ see separate page but later the final 12½ miles(20km) from Ghaziabad to Delhi was a North Western Railway Line over which EIR had “running powers”.

EIR Loop Line

Fully opened 1862, 253 miles(407km) from Khana Junction to Kjul. § The 1918 ‘Administration Report’ detailed above described this line as the as the ‘Sahibganj Loop EIR Line

EIR Grand Chord

Fully opened 1906, 275 miles(443km) from Sitarampur to Mogul Sarai. The 1918 Report § gives the line as 278 miles(447km)

Howrah-Burdwan Chord Railway

Opened 1917, 45 miles(km) from near Howrah to Saktighar

Branches of the ‘EIR Main Line’

  • ‘Tarkessur Branch’, opened 1885, 22 miles(35km) from Sheoraphuli to Tarkessur. Constructed by Tarkessur Railway Company
  • ‘Naihati Branch’, opened 1887, 4½ miles(7km) from Bandel Junction to Nalhati
  • ‘Bandel-Barharwa Branch’, opened 1911-13, 166 miles(267km) from Bandel Junction to Barharwa
  • ‘Sakrigalighat Branch’, opened 1920, 1.2 miles(2km)
  • ‘Ondal-Sainthia Chord’, opened 1906, 43 miles(69km) from Ondal to Sainthia
  • ‘Bhadreswar Ghat Branch’, opened 1892, 12.6 miles(20km) from Bhadreswar to River Bank
  • ‘Kasta Coalfields Branch’, opened 1922, 17 miles(27km) branch to Palasthalai
  • ‘Ondal Loop’, opened in stages, total 25 miles(40km) - 1863-64 from Ondal to Toposi, extended to Gaurangdi in 1894-95, Buktarnagar-Ondal Connexion added 1920
  • ‘Toposi-Barabani Chord', opened in stages 1908, 1915 and 1925, total 11 miles(18km) from Toposi to Barabani
  • ‘Ikrah Branch’, opened 1902-04, 15 miles(40km) from Ikhah Junction to Sitarampur,
  • ‘Salanpur Branch’, opened 1894-97, 5½ miles(9km) from Salanput to Shamdi
  • ‘Giridh Branch’, opened 1871, 27 miles(43km) from Madhupar Junction to Giridh
  • Deogur Branch Line’ , opened 1882, 4 miles(6km)from Jasidih Junction to Baldyanathdham. -See separate page for history of this line
  • ‘Mokameh Ghat Branch’, opened 1883, 3.7 miles(6km) fromTal Junction, via Mokameh Ghat to Mokameh Junction
  • ‘Hathdah Ghat Branch’, opened 1925-26, 1 mile(1.6km) from Hathdah Junction to Hatdah Ghat
  • ‘Patna Ghat Branch’, opened 1862, 0.9 miles(1.5km) from Patna to Patna Ghat
  • Patna-Gaya Branch’, opened 1879, 58 miles(93km) from Patna Juction to Gaya. ‘-See separate page for history of this line
  • ‘Digha Ghat Branch’, opened 1885, 5½ miles(9km) from Patna Junction to Digha Ghat, in 1923 a further 1.1 miles(1.8km) added to create ‘the ‘Fair Weather Ghat Line
  • ‘Tari Ghat Branch’, opened 1880, 12 miles(35km) from Diarnagar Junction to Tari Ghat. -See separate page for history of this line
  • ‘Allahabad Fort Branch’, opened 1859, 2.1 miles(3km)
  • ‘Cawnpore City Branch’, opened 1879, 0.9 miles(1.5km)
  • ‘Shikohabad-Farukhabad Branch’, opened 1905-06, 66 miles(km) from Shikohabad to Farukhabad
  • ‘Agra Branch’, opened 1902, 12½ miles from Tundla Juction to Jumna Bridge, the ‘Agra Direct Connection, 1 mile(1.6km) opened 1 Jan 1908to Agra City
  • ‘Hathras Branch’, opened 1897, 6 miles(106km) from Hathras Juction to Hathras Kilah
  • ‘Hapur Branch’, opened 1907, 39 miles(63km) from Khurja to Hapur

Branches of the ‘EIR Loop Line’

  • Azimganj Branch}’, opened 1863, 27 miles(43km) from Nalhati to Azimganj Nalhati-Azimganj Railway -''see separate page for origins of this section''
  • ‘Rajmehal Branch’, opened 1860, 7 miles(11km) from Tinpahar Juction to Rajmehal
  • ‘Bhagalpur-Bausi Branch’, opened 1926, 31 miles(50km) from Bhagalpur to Mandar Hill
  • ‘Sultangunge Ghat Branch’, opened 1895, 1.2 miles(2km) from Sultangunge Junction to Sultangunge Ghat
  • ‘Monghyr Branch’, opened 1862, 5 miles(8km) from Jamalpur Junction to Monghyr

Branches of the ‘EIR Grand Chord’

  • ‘Chunch Branch’, opened 1903-06, 4 miles(6km) from Chanch block hut to mile 197.30 and between ‘Main Line’ and ‘Grand Choird’ at Sitarampur, 1.3 miles(2km) opened 1910
  • ‘Pandra Branch’, opened 1900, 2.7 miles(4km) from Pandra block hut to mile 151.41
  • ‘Pradhankhunta-Pathardihi Chord’, opened 1913, 6 miles(10km) from Pradhankhunta to Pathardihi
  • ‘Katras Branch’, opened 1891, 9 miles(14km from Dhanbad to Kathrasgarh; extended 1918 2.3 miles(4km) to “beyond”
  • ‘Damuda Branch’, opened 1895-96, 9 miles(14km) from Kusunda via Jharia to Pathardihi
  • ‘Jheragurah Golucckdih Branch, opened 4 miles(6km), route not stated
  • ‘Jharia Branch’, opened 1903, 4 miles(6km) from Dhanbad to Jharia
  • ‘Kusunda-Tetulmari Link’, opened 1906-07, 3 miles(5km) from Kusunda toTetulmari, including portion of ‘Chandpur Branch’
  • ‘Katras-Khanoodih Extension’, opened 1903, 7 miles(11km) from Katrasgarh to Khanoodih
  • ‘Jamunsaland Link’, opened 1910, 1 mile(1.6km) from ‘Katras-Khanoodih Extension’to the ‘Bokharo Colliery Joint Line’
  • ‘Katras Mulkera Cross Connection’, opened 1903, 1 mile(1.6km), northern half of the connection
  • ‘Katras Grand Chord Link’, opened 1918, 3 miles(5km), route not stated
  • ‘Jhennagurah Branch’, opened 1904, 2 miles(3km), route not stated
  • ‘Barun-Daltonganj Branch’, opened 1902, 78 miles(126km) from Sone East Bank at Barun to Daltonganj
  • ‘Gomoh Chandrapura Chord’, opened 1927, 10 miles(16km)
  • ‘Chandrapura-Barkakana Section’, opened 1915, 12 miles(35km) from Chandrapura to Bermo; extended 1925 to Danca and Barkana in 1926. Giving a total of 55 miles(90km) all constructed by the Bengal-Nagpur Railway (BNR) and transferred to EIR Apr 1928
  • ‘Barkakana-Daltonganj Section’, opened 1929, 113 miles(182km) from Barkakana-Daltonganj

Northern Main Line

Former ‘Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway’ (O&RR) Main Line, absorbed into EIR 1925. Total line length 520 miles(837km) opened in stages from 1872 to 1893 with the final section connecting to the EIR at Mogul Sarai in 1902 O&RR -see separate page for all following

  • ‘Cawnpore Branch’, opened 1867 and 1875 , 45 miles(89km) from Lucknow to join the EIR at Cawnpore
  • ‘Belamau-Madhogan Branch’, opened 1903, 14 miles(23km) from Belamau to Madhogan
  • ‘Madhopar-Auhadpur Extension, opened 1909-10, 17 miles(27km) from Madhopar tp Auhadpur
  • ‘Belamau-Sitapur Branch’, opened 1910, 37 miles(60km) from Belamau to Sitapur
  • ‘Chandpur-Bijnor-Muazzampur- Narain Branch’, opened 1930, 37 miles(60km) , route not stated
  • ‘Rosa-Sitapur Branch’, opened 1910-14, 53 miles(85km) from Rosa to Sitapur City and Sitapur Cantonment
  • ‘Moradabad-Ghaziabad Branch’, opened 1900, 87 miles(140km) from Moradabad to Ghaziabad, the River Ganges was crossed by the 'Garmukteshwar Bridge'
  • ‘Hapar-Meerut Branch’, opened 1904, 18 miles(45km) from Hapar to Meerut
  • ‘Kotdwara Branch’, opened 1896, 15 miles(24km) from Najibabad Junction to the right hand side of Kob River opposite Kotdwara
  • ‘Hardwar Branch’ , opened 1886, 17 miles(43km) from Lhnaksar Junction to left bank of Ganges Canal near Jawalapur and on to Hardwar
  • ‘Rikhikesh Branch’, opened 1927, 7 miles(11km) from Raiwala to Rikhikesh

Benares-Lucknow Loop

Former O&RR Loop, opened 1872-74, 199 miles(320km) O&RR -see separate page
O&RR Branches -see separate page for all following

  • ‘Allahabad-Fyzabad branch’, opened 1904-05, 92 miles(148km) from Allahabad via Sultanpur to Fyzabad
  • ‘Allahabad-Jaunpur Branch’, opened 1906-07, 58 miles(109km) from Phaphamau to Zafarabad
  • ‘Bahramghat Branch’, opened 1872, 21 miles(34km), Bara Banki to Bahramghat

‘Benares-Moradabad Loop’

Former {{O&RR]] Loop, opened 1872-73, 70 miles(113km) O&RR -see separate page
O&RR -see separate page for all following

  • ‘Aligarh Branch’, opened 1872, 61 miles(114km) from Chandauni to Aligarh
  • ‘Allahabad-Rae Bareli-Cawnpore Branch’, opened 1911-12, 153 miles(246km) from Phaphamau via Rae Bareli to Unao. The line was dismantled during WW1 and reopened 1927
  • ‘Gajroula-Chandpur Siau Branch’, opened 1911-12, 21 miles(34km) from Gajroula to Chandpur Siau
  • ‘Raja-ka-Saharapur to Sambal Hatim Sarai Section’, opened 1912, 14 miles(23km). The line was dismantled during WW1 and reopened 1922
  • ‘Akbarpur-Tanda Branch’, opened 1912, 11 miles(18km), from Akbarpur toTanda
  • Calcutta Chord Railway, opened 1932, 8 miles(14km). EIR link from Dum Dum to Dankuni over Willindon Bridge
  • ‘Lucknow-Sultanpur-Zafarabad Branch’, opened 1931-32, 136 miles(219km) from Lucknow via Sultanpur to Zafarabad
  • ‘Unao-Madhoganj Branch’, opened 1930, 48 miles(77km) from Unao to Madhoganj

BG Lines worked by EIR at some time