Great Indian Peninsula Railway - Lines owned and worked

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GIPR Railway System 1937 Map

Great Indian Peninsula Railway - Lines owned and worked

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The GIPR operated an extensive network of railways of broad gauge(BG). In 1905 the route mileage was 1562 miles(2514km) and by 1918 was 2553 miles(4109km) divided into three sections ‘North East Division’, ‘South East Division’ and ‘Midland Division’ and their associated branches.
By 1937 the ‘GIPR Railway System’ had become 3727 miles(5998km)[1].

The GIPR also managed, worked and maintained a number of lines on behalf of other parties.

The information below is mainly from the “Administration Report on the Railways in India – corrected up to 31st March 1918" [2] and subsequent additions and variations referenced from the 1937 ‘History of Railways’) [1].

GIPR North East Mainline

GIPR North East Mainline and Branches

The ‘GIPR North East Mainline’ , from Bombay to Jubbulpore, 615 miles(990km), opened in stages from 1853, reaching Jubbulpore in 1870

Shown in Green on GIPR North East Division Map

  • ‘Bombay(Victoria Terminus)-Kalkan Section’; 1853-54, 33 miles(53km)
  • ‘Kalkan-Thal Ghat(Igatpuri) Section’; 1860-65, 52 miles(84km)
  • Thal Ghat (Igatpuri)-Jalagon Section’, via Manmad Junction and Chalisgaon; 1861-63, 176 miles(283km)
  • ‘Jalagon-Bhusaval Section’ ; 1863, 15 miles(24km)
  • ‘Bhusawal-Khandwa Section’; 1865-66, 77 miles(124km)
  • ‘Khandwa-Jubbulpore Section’, via Itarsi Junction; 1868-70, 262 miles(422km)
  • ‘Jubbulpore-Naini Extension’ opened 1867 by the East_Indian_Railway as the ‘EIR Jubbulpore Branch’ and trasferred to GIPR in 1925[1].

GIPR North East Branches

Shown in Pink on GIPR North East Division Map

  • ‘Nagpur Branch, NE line’; Bhusawal Junction to Baderna 1863-65, Bederna via Wardha Junction to Nagpur 1867: 243 miles(391km)
  • ‘Khamgaon Branch’ NE line’, branch from ‘Nagpur Branch’; Jalamb to Khamgaon , 1870, 8 miles(13km)
  • ‘Amraoti Branch, NE line’ branch from ‘Nagpur Branch’; Baderna to Amraoti , 1871, 5½ miles(9km)
  • ‘Balharshah Branch, NE line’, Wardha to Warora, 1875-79, extended from Warora to Balharshah 1898, 82 miles(132km); with branch line Majri to Rajur, 1925, 37 miles[1].
  • ‘Mohpani Branch, NE line’, branch from ‘Khandwa- Jubbulpore Section’; Gadarvada to Mohpani , 1872; extended to Goitoria 1896 and to new coal-fields 1900,
  • ‘Jalagon-Amainer Branch, NE line’; Jalagon to Amainer, 1900, 34 miles(55km)
  • ‘Chalisgaon-Dhulia Branch, NE line’; Chalisgaon to Dhulia , 1900, 35 miles56km)
  • ‘Bombay Harbour Branch, NE line’; 1910, 6 miles(10km), extended 1925 from Victoia Tezrminus to Bray Road, giving total 10 miles(16km) [1].
  • ‘Itsari-Nagpur Branch, NE line’ Itsari to Parasia; 1913-15, 134 miles(216km); finally extended to Nagpur 1923-24, giving total 278 miles(447km) [1].
  • ‘Mahim Chord, NE line’; Ravali to Mahim, 1914, 1¼ miles(2km)
  • ‘Kurla Branch, NE line’; Kurla to Mandala, 1924-27, 4 miles(7km) [1].
  • ‘Ghugus Extension, NE line’,Tadali to Ghugus, 1918, 9 miles(14km) [1].
  • ‘Agra-Bah Section, NE line’, Agra to Bah, 1918, 43 miles(69km) [1].
  • ‘Baran-Kotah Section, NE line’, Baran to Kotah,1907-09, 40 miles(64km) [1] Not listed in 1918 Report
  • ‘Cawnpore-Banda Section, NE line’, Cawnpore to Banda, 1913-14, 76 miles(122km) [1] Not listed in 1918 Report

GIPR South East Mainline

GIPR South East Mainline and Branches

The ‘GIPR South East Mainline’ from Kalyan to Raichur, 409 miles(658km), opened in stages from 1856, reaching Raichur in 1871.

Shown in Yellow on GIPR South East Division Map

  • ‘Kalkan-Bhore Ghat(Khandala) Section’; 1856-63, 44 miles(71km)
  • ‘Bhore Ghat Khandala)-Poona Section’; 1858, 42 miles(68km)
  • ‘Poona-Barsi Junction Section’; 1858-59, 115 miles(185km)
  • ‘Barsi Junction-Gulburga Section’; to Sholapur, 1860 via Hotgi Juction to Gulberga, 1870, 119 miles(192km)
  • ‘Galburga-Raichur Section’, via Wadi Junction and Kistna Viaduct; 1870-71, 89 miles(143km)

GIPR South East Branches

Shown in Purple on GIPR South East Division Map

  • ‘Khopoli Branch, SE line’; Palasdhari(Padusdhurree) to Khopoli(Campoolie) 1856: 7¼ miles(12km). This section became a branch line on the opening of the Bhor Ghat in 1863.
  • ‘Manmad Branch, SE line’; Dhond to Manmad: 145 miles(233km) at Madmad connected to the ‘GIPR North East Mainline’‘. Originally the ‘Dhond-Manmad State Railway’; opened 1878. A 'chord' line connecting the GIPR south-eastern main line to Madras with the GIPR north-eastern main line to Allahabad, passed to GIPR 1880.

GIPR Midland Mainline

GIPR Midland Mainline and Branches

The ‘GIPR Midland Mainline’ from Bhopal to Agra Cantonment, 316 miles(509km), opened 1878-81, originally by the ‘Indian Midland Railway’. The line was extended to connect to the ‘Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway ‘(BB&CIR) at Agra in 1905 and the ‘Agra-Delhi Chord Railway’ in 1906, a further 3½ miles (6km).

Shown in Red on GIPR Midland Division Map'

  • ‘Bhopal-Jhansi Section’ via Bina; 1880, 180 miles(290km)
  • ‘Jhansi-Gwalior Section’; 1880, 60 miles(97km)
  • ‘Gwalior-Dholpur Section’; 1879-80, 40 miles(64km)
  • ‘Dholpur-Agra Cantonment Section’; 1878, 36 miles(58km)

GIPR Midland Branches

Shown in Blue on GIPR Midland Division Map

Former IMR Lines transferred to GIPR

Note these generally incorporated into the GIPR network above
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Railways absorbed into GIPR

Note these generally incorporated into the GIPR network above
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Lines worked by GIPR at some time - alphabetical order

Broad Gauge (BG) and Narrow Gauge (NG) as indicated.

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