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The Nizam's Railway opened 1874 as a privately owned railway; it had its beginnings in a line built privately by the Nizam, to the dismay of the British authorities. The Wadi-Secunderbad Railway broad gauge(BG) line, from Wadi Junction to Secunderabad, opened 1874, 115 miles(185km) [1].

The line was worked by Great Indian Peninsula Railway Company(GIPR) until the end of 1878 with its own rolling stock.

From January 1879 to 31st December 1884 it was worked by the State Railway agency of the Government of India(GoI). Howard William Warden from the Public Works Department - State Railways was appointed Manager of Nizam's Railway in 1883 [2].

In 1883, a management company, Nizam's Guaranteed Railway Company, was formed to gradually take over this line and others, under the provision of a guarantee from the Government of HEH the Nizam of the Princely Hyderabad State.

From January 1885 the Nizam's Guaranteed State Railway was formed.


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