Bhopal-Ujjain Railway

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Bhopal-Ujjain Railway
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Line of route
Bhopal to Ujjain
Gauge / mileage
Broad gauge 113 miles (1905)
c 1895 Line opened to traffic
Key locations
Presidency Bengal
Stations Bhopal, Sehore, Ujjain
System agency
Indian State line worked by GIPR
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The Bhopal-Ujjain Railway was a broad gauge(BG) line, owned by the Princely Bhopal State; opened c.1895 linking Bhopal and Ujjain.

Initially worked by Indian Midland Railway(IMR); amalgamated into Great Indian Peninsula Railway(GIPR), 1900. [1]


Refer to FIBIS Fact File #4: “Research sources for Indian Railways, 1845-1947” - available from the Fibis shop. This Fact File contains invaluable advice on 'Researching ancestors in the UK records of Indian Railways' with particular reference to the India Office Records (IOR) held at the British Library

This railway was worked by a State Railway from 1900 and the following IOR records relating to Staff employment are held :- [2]

  • L/F/8/1-20 "Appointments to State Railways made in the UK; 1855-1946"
  • Z/L/F/8/1-2 "Index to Appointments to State Railways made in the UK; 1855-1946"


The 1905 Civil List records William Hanbury Pettingall Sherman, Executive Engineer from the Public Works Department - State Railways as being 'on loan to Gwallior Durbar for the Bhopal-Ujjain, Feb 1891' [3].


Further Information

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