Kistna Viaduct, Raichur(GIPR)

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Kistna Viaduct, Raichur(GIPR)

The Kistna Viaduct crossing the Kisna River near Raichur was constructed by the Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR) in c.1870 as part of its main line.

Raichur, in the state of Hyderabad, is at the junction of the Madras Railway and the GIPR, 351 m[iles] N.E. from Madras.

The viaduct was 3854 feet in length (443 m.) and comprise 36 equal girders of 107 ft., with a weight of 2500 tons, supplied by Skere Ironworks, Darlington, Britain and Woodside Works, Dudley supplied 1200 tons of cast iron piers [1].

George Berkley was the GIPR Consulting Engineer on the project who first visited India in 1867 [2][3].

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