Cawnpore-Kalpi-Jhansi Railway

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The Cawnpore-Kalpi-Jhansi Railway opened in 1886 by Indian Midland Railway(IMR) but a direct link to Bombay could not be established until the completion of the Yamuna Bridge at Kalpi in 1888. [1]

The Indian Midland Railway(IMR) amalgamated into Great Indian Peninsula Railway(GIPR) in 1900.


  • Hugh Lewin Monk,1884 April, deployed from the Railway Branch of the Public Works Department to the Cawnpore-Kalpi Division. In August 1884 the construction of the Kalpi Bridge was added to his duties and in 1885 December the Kalpi-Jhansi Division. He remained attached to the Cawnpore-Kalpi-Jhansi Railway until March 1887.