Bhopal State Railway

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Bhopal State Railway

The Bhopal State Railway was an Indian State broad gauge(BG) line , funded by Begum, Nawab of the Princely Bhopal State to connect Bhopal to the Great Indian Peninsula Railway(GIPR) line at Itarsi. The line comprised two sections, one in the territory of Her Highness the Begum of Bhopal, which joined to the ‘British Section’ to form the Bhopal-Itarsi Railway.

The section from Itarsi to Hoshangabad, 11 miles(17km) opened in 1882 and reached Bhopal in Nov 1884, a total length of 45 miles(72km) [1]

The railway was initially worked by ’Indian Midland Railway Company (IMR) under a Contract of 2 Oct 1885, amended 17 Feb 1891 to include the two sections and a Supplementary Contract of 1 Jan 1894 [2]

This railway became part of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway(GIPR) network in 1900 under a Contract dated 21 Dec 1900[1]. This as a result of the amalgamation of the IMR into the GIPR



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Further Information

See Bhopal-Itarsi Railway for later development of this railway
and Indian Midland Railway up to 1900,
then Great Indian Peninsula Railway