Ganges Ferry, Digha Ghat-Sonpur

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Ganges Ferry, Digha Ghat-Sonpur See spelling variants below

The Bengal and North-Western Railway(B&NWR) provided a ferry service across the Ganges from the Sonpur terminus of the B&NWR to Digha Ghat , where the East Indian Railway(EIR) branch line joined the EIR mainline at Bankipore, this branch had opened in 1885. The ferry enabled loaded wagons to be transported thus connecting the B&NWR to the EIR mainline to Howrah for Calcutta.

James Rhind, Locomotive Superintendent of the B&NWR inspected in 1887 ‘in Glasgow a number of steamers and flats to be constructed in the preparation of a flotilla to transport loaded wagons via the Ganges Ferry, Digha Ghat-Sonepur. These steamers he put together at Sonpur on his return to India, the various parts having been shipped from Glasgow to Calcutta’.[1].

Spelling Variants – we have adopted spelling given in the Imperial Gazetteer of India 1905

  • Dinga Ghat is used in the Gazetteer in Vol 6, page 382; Vol 12, page 279 and Vol 22, pages 90 and 91; the spelling in Vol 20, page 62 Ginga Ghat is a typographical error.
  • Sonpur has alternative spellings Sonepore is used in Grace’s Guide, Sonepur in Wikipedia,


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