Nalhati-Azimganj Railway

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Nalhati-Azimganj Railway

The Nalhati-Azimganj Railway was the original section of the line constructed in 1863 by the ‘Indian Branch Railway Company’. Also referred to as the 'Nulhati-Murshidibad Tramway' in some early records. The line used a 4ft(1222mm) unique rail gauge and ran from Nalhati only far as Azimganj, a distance of 27 miles (43 km) [1].

The ‘Indian Branch Railway Company’ was purchased by the Government of India(GoI) in 1872 and the line was renamed the Nalhati State Railway. [2]

Nulhatee Railway’ is the name used in the ‘Administration Report for India 1871-72’ to describe this line. “This line has become one of what are denominated ‘State’ lines, Government having purchased it for 30,000/. from the Oude and Rohilkund Company. It was constructed by this company on a 4' 0" gauge as the Indian Branch Railway Company” [3]

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