Derrymeen to Doonour

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A list of townlands of Ireland from Derrymeen to Doonour, together with alternative possibilities for the parish and county in which it is located. See Irish Townlands Category for further lists of townslands.

Townland Parish County Remarks
Derrymeen Clones Fermanagh
Derrymeen Errigal Keerogue Tyrone
Derrymeen Killyman Tyrone
Derrymihin East Killaconenagh Cork
Derrymihin West Killaconenagh Cork
Derrymony Templeport Cavan
Derrymore Aghagallon Antrim
Derry More Newry Armagh
Derry More Templeport Cavan
Derry More Killeely Clare
Derrymore Inchicronan Clare
Derrymore Clooney Clare Corcomroe Barony
Derrymore Taughboyne Donegal
Derry More Drumkeeran Fermanagh
Derrymore Donaghpatrick Galway
Derrymore Dunmore Galway
Derrymore Fohanagh Galway
Derrymore Killosolan Galway
Derrymore Killinane Kerry
Derrymore Killoughy Offaly
Derrymore Clonsast Offaly
Derry More Drumachose Derry
Derrymore Ardagh Longford
Derrymore Ballyovey Mayo
Derrymore Bekan Mayo
Derrymore Kilcommon Mayo Kilmaine Barony
Derrymore Oughaval Mayo
Derry More Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois
Derry More Killadoon Sligo
Derrymore Corbally Tipperary
Derrymore Clogher Tipperary
Derrymore Killucan Westmeath
Derrymore East Tulla Clare
Derrymore East Annagh Kerry
Derrymore Island Killaraght Sligo
Derrymore West Tulla Clare
Derrymore West Annagh Kerry
Derrymoyle Killeshin Laois
Derrymoylin Termonbarry Roscommon
Derrymullan Kilcloony Galway
Derrymullen Kilmeage Kildare
Derrymullen, Coolagh, and Coolavoran Castlebrack Laois
Derrymullin and Loughderry Eglish Offaly
Derryna Kilmore Cavan
Derrynabaunshy Attymas Mayo
Derrynablaha Templenoe Kerry
Derrynablunnaga Knockane Kerry
Derrynabrack Tuosist Kerry
Derrynabrin Kilkerrin Galway
Derrynabrock Kilbeagh Mayo
Derrynabuntale Shrule Longford
Derrynacaheragh Fanlobbus Cork
Derrynacaheragh Kenmare Kerry
Derrynacannana Ballintober Mayo
Derrynacarragh Kilmaley Clare
Derrynacarrow Lettermacward Donegal
Derrynacarrow East or Bellanaboy Lettermacward Donegal
Derrynacleigh Ballynakill Galway Ballynahinch Barony
Derrynacloy Clones Fermanagh
Derrynacong Annagh Mayo
Derrynacoulagh Kenmare Kerry
Derrynacrannog Glebe Belleek Fermanagh
Derrynacreeve Templeport Cavan
Derrynacrit Clongesh Longford
Derrynacross Killashandra Cavan
Derrynacross Inishmacsaint Fermanagh
Derrynacross Killoe Longford
Derrynacross Turlough Mayo
Derrynacross Kilcolman Mayo Costello Barony
Derrynadarragh or Chevychase Clonsast Offaly
Derrynadivva Aglish Mayo
Derrynadooey Kilronan Roscommon
Derrynafaugher Devenish Fermanagh
Derrynafeana Killorglin Kerry
Derrynafeana Knockane Kerry
Derrynafinchin Kilmocomoge Cork
Derrynafinnia Killaha Kerry
Derrynaflaw Bovevagh Derry
Derrynafulla Kilcaskan Cork
Derrynafunsha Templenoe Kerry
Derrynafunshion Lea Laois
Derrynagad Tedavnet Monaghan
Derrynagall or Ballydaly Kilbride Offaly
Derrynagalliagh Cashel Longford
Derrynagallion Kilronan Roscommon
Derrynagan Kilmore Cavan
Derrynagarragh Faughalstown Westmeath
Derrynagasha Leighmoney Cork
Derrynageeha Kilfiddane Clare
Derrynagittagh (Naughton) Feakle Clare
Derrynagittagh (Purcell) Feakle Clare
Derrynaglah Magheracloone Monaghan
Derrynagleragh Inchicronan Clare
Derrynagooley Ballyhean Mayo
Derrynagower Mayo Mayo
Derrynagran Kilkerrin Galway
Derrynagran Cashel Longford
Derrynagran Ballynahaglish Mayo
Derrynagraug Kilshalvy Sligo
Derrynagree Inchigeelagh Cork
Derrynagree Kilcrohane Kerry
Derrynagree East Dromdaleague Cork
Derrynagree West Dromdaleague Cork
Derrynagrew Tedavnet Monaghan
Derrynagrial Lettermacward Donegal
Derrynagun Lemanaghan Offaly
Derrynagur Kilcolman Mayo Costello Barony
Derrynaheila Feakle Clare
Derrynaheilla Kiltoraght Clare
Derrynahesco Tedavnet Monaghan
Derrynahimmirk Rossinver Leitrim
Derrynahinch Derrynahinch Kilkenny
Derrynahinch Inishmagrath Leitrim
Derrynahona Drumreilly Leitrim
Derrynakilla Kilmocomoge Cork
Derrynaleck Kilmovee Mayo
Derrynalecka Kilfiddane Clare
Derrynalecka Kilmurry Clare Clonderalaw Barony
Derrynalester Killinagh Cavan
Derrynaloobinagh Ballybay Monaghan
Derrynalurgan Inishmagrath Leitrim
Derrynamanagh Grange Galway
Derrynamansher Templecrone Donegal
Derrynameel Kilcommon Mayo Erris Barony
Derrynameeo Inishmacsaint Fermanagh
Derrynamona Kilmeen Cork Duhallow Barony
Derrynamraher Breaghwy Mayo
Derrynamuck Turlough Mayo
Derrynamuck Annagh Mayo
Derrynamuck Ballynahaglish Mayo
Derrynamuck Donaghmore Wicklow
Derrynamucklagh Tuosist Kerry
Derrynanaff Kilmeena Mayo
Derrynanaff Kilbeagh Mayo
Derrynanagh Rahan Offaly
Derrynanagh or Tullymorerahan Rahan Offaly
Derrynanamph Tedavnet Monaghan
Derrynananta Lower Templeport Cavan
Derrynananta Upper Templeport Cavan
Derrynanaspol Lettermacward Donegal
Derrynaneal Feakle Clare
Derrynaneane Kilmactranny Sligo
Derrynaned Aghamore Mayo
Derrynanny Derryvullan Fermanagh
Derrynanool Marshalstown Cork
Derrynaraw Kilmeena Mayo
Derrynarget Errigal Trough Monaghan
Derrynarud Aghamore Mayo
Derrynasafagh Fanlobbus Cork
Derrynasaggart Ballyvourney Cork
Derrynascobe Magheracloone Monaghan
Derrynascobe Clogher Tyrone
Derrynasee Kiltoom Roscommon
Derrynaseer Aghagallon Antrim
Derrynaseer Killinagh Cavan
Derrynaseer Kiltoghert Leitrim
Derrynaseer Rossinver Leitrim
Derrynaseer Dromore Tyrone
Derrynaseera Offerlane Laois
Derrynasell East Tedavnet Monaghan
Derrynasell West Tedavnet Monaghan
Derrynashallog Donagh Monaghan
Derrynashask Ballyhean Mayo
Derrynashesk Drumkeeran Fermanagh
Derrynaskea Kilcommock Longford
Derrynaskeagh Ballyhean Mayo
Derrynaskineen Ardcarn Roscommon
Derrynaslieve Templeport Cavan
Derrynaslieve Kilmactranny Sligo
Derrynasling Ardcrony Tipperary
Derrynatuan Templeport Cavan
Derrynatubbrid Kilmeen Cork Duhallow Barony
Derrynaught Mullaghbrack Armagh
Derrynavahagh Kilmoon Clare
Derrynaveagh Clonlea Clare
Derrynaveagh Feakle Clare
Derrynavglaun Moyrus Galway
Derrynavogy Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Derrynawana Oughteragh Leitrim
Derrynawilt East Clones Fermanagh
Derrynawilt West Clones Fermanagh
Derrynea Killannin Galway
Derryneel Clonbroney Longford
Derryneen Moyrus Galway
Derryneese Clones Fermanagh
Derryneeve Drumkeeran Fermanagh
Derryneill Drumgooland Down
Derryneskan Drumcree Armagh
Derryness Inishkeel Donegal
Derryness Island Inishkeel Donegal
Derrynid Tuosist Kerry
Derryniggin Carrigallen Leitrim
Derrynim Cleenish Fermanagh
Derrynine Fontstown Kildare
Derrynisk Magheramesk Antrim
Derrynoyd Ballynascreen Derry
Derrynure Bailieborough Cavan
Derrynure Drummully Fermanagh
Derryoge Kilkeel Down
Derryoghil Kilcommock Longford
Derryoghill Clonfeacle Tyrone
Derryola Annagh Cavan
Derryolam Magheross Monaghan
Derryonogh Termonbarry Roscommon
Derryoober East Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Derryoober West Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Derryool Ballyhean Mayo
Derryool Aghamore Mayo
Derryool Knock Mayo
Derryoran Ballintober Mayo
Derryorgan Ballyclogh Cork
Derryork Bovevagh Derry
Derryork Dungiven Derry
Derryoughter Rahoon Galway
Derryoughter Annaghduff Leitrim
Derryoughter East Ballybrackan Kildare
Derryoughter West Ballybrackan Kildare
Derryounce Ballykean Offaly
Derryowen Kilkeedy Clare
Derrypark Ballinchalla Galway
Derrypatrick Derrypatrick Meath
Derrypatrick Grange Derrypatrick Meath
Derryphatten Killukin Roscommon Roscommon Barony
Derryquin Kilcrohane Kerry
Derryquirk Kilcooley Roscommon
Derryra Beg Killury Kerry
Derryragh Templeport Cavan
Derryraghan Magheracross Fermanagh
Derryraghan Desertcreat Tyrone
Derryraine Mullaghbrack Armagh
Derryra More Killury Kerry
Derryreag Killaha Kerry
Derryrealt Kinawley Cavan
Derryree Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Derryreel Clondahorky Donegal
Derryreel Raymunterdoney Donegal
Derryrellan Errigal Trough Monaghan
Derryribbeen Kilmaclasser Mayo
Derryriordane North Inchigeelagh Cork
Derryriordane South Inchigeelagh Cork
Derryroe Aghabulloge Cork
Derryroe Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois
Derryroe and Benalbit Castletownkindalen Westmeath
Derryrona Glebe Belleek Fermanagh
Derryronan Kilconduff Mayo
Derryroosk Aghnamullen Monaghan
Derryrush Moyrus Galway
Derryrush Tuosist Kerry
Derrysallagh Tuosist Kerry
Derrysallagh Kilmactranny Sligo
Derryscobe Cleenish Fermanagh
Derryscollop Clonfeacle Armagh
Derryscollop T. Clonfeacle Armagh
Derryshaan Kilfiddane Clare
Derryshandra Cleenish Fermanagh
Derryshannoge Cashel Longford
Derrysheridan Killeagh Meath
Derrysillagh Moyrus Galway
Derrysiskal Killimorbologue Galway
Derrysteaton Galloon Fermanagh
Derrytagh North Montiaghs Armagh
Derrytagh South Montiaghs Armagh
Derryteigeroe Kiltoghert Leitrim
Derrytrasna Montiaghs Armagh
Derrytrasna Fossy or Timahoe Laois
Derrytresk Clonoe Tyrone
Derryulk Feakle Clare
Derryulk Lower Tulla Clare
Derryulk Middle Tulla Clare
Derryulk Upper Tulla Clare
Derry Upper Drumcullen Offaly
Derry Upper Crossmolina Mayo
Derry Upper Modelligo Waterford
Derryvackny Drumlane Cavan
Derryvacorneen Inchigeelagh Cork
Derryvahalla Kilmocomoge Cork
Derryvahan Templeport Cavan
Derryvahon Inishmacsaint Fermanagh
Derryvalannagher Glebe Inishmagrath Leitrim
Derryvale Corbally Tipperary
Derryvaleen Inchigeelagh Cork
Derryvally Ballybay Monaghan
Derryvane Drumcree Armagh
Derryvane Inchigeelagh Cork
Derryvane Muff Donegal
Derryvarroge Timahoe Kildare
Derryvary Beg Devenish Fermanagh
Derryvary More Devenish Fermanagh
Derryveagh Kilcommock Longford
Derryveagh Errigal Trough Monaghan
Derryvealawauma Moyrus Galway
Derryveen Donagh Monaghan
Derryveen Donaghmore Tyrone
Derryveeny Ballyovey Mayo
Derryvehil Drumlane Cavan
Derryvella Templeport Cavan
Derryvella Kilcooly Tipperary
Derryveone Derryvullan Fermanagh
Derryvet Inchicronan Clare
Derryvickrune Moyrus Galway
Derryvicneill Attymass Mayo
Derryvilla Clonyhurk Offaly
Derryvillane Derryvillane Cork
Derryville Templetouhy Tipperary
Derryvinna Feakle Clare
Derryvinnaan Kilseily Clare
Derryvinnane Adare Limerick
Derryvoghil Killannin Galway
Derryvogue Cleenish Fermanagh
Derryvohy Killedan Mayo
Derryvokeel Ardrahan Galway
Derryvolan Clones Fermanagh
Derryvony Drumlane Cavan
Derryvorahig Tuosist Kerry
Derryvore Seagoe Armagh
Derryvore Kinawley Fermanagh
Derryvore Enniskillen Fermanagh
Derryvoreada Moyrus Galway
Derryvorrigan Aghaboe Laois
Derryvrane Kinawley Fermanagh
Derryvree Aghavea Fermanagh
Derryvreen Castleventry Cork
Derryvreen Kilmeen Cork Ibane & Barryroe Barony
Derryvrin Kilcaragh Kerry
Derryvrisk Kilcummin Galway
Derryvulcaun Turlough Mayo
Derryvullan Derryvullan Fermanagh
Derryvung Kiltullagh Roscommon
Derryvunlam Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Derryvunny Kilbryan Roscommon
Derrywanna Kilbryan Roscommon
Derryware Dungiven Derry
Derrywee East Kilthomas Galway
Derryweelan Geashill Offaly
Derrywee West Kilthomas Galway
Derry West Kilcrohane Kerry
Derrywilligan Killevy Armagh
Derrywillin Feakle Clare
Derrywillow Annaduff Leitrim
Derrywinnin Glebe Tullyniskan Tyrone
Derrywinny Kilmore Cavan
Derrywode Templetogher Galway
Dervaghroy Clogherny Tyrone
Derver Loughan or Castlekeeran Meath
Dervin Addergoole Mayo
Dervock Derrykeighan Antrim
Dervock T. Derrykeighan Antrim
Dervotstown Killua Westmeath
Desart Demesne Tullaghanbrogue Kilkenny
Descart Aghabog Monaghan
Descart Magheracloone Monaghan
Desert Gortroe Cork
Desert Desert Cork
Desert Newry Down
Desert Donagh Monaghan
Desert Leckpatrick Tyrone
Desertcreat Desertcreat Tyrone
Desertderrin Finvoy Antrim
Desertmartin T. Desertmartin Derry
Deshure Kilmichael Cork
Destinrath Kells Meath
Devally Drung Cavan
Devenish Devenish Fermanagh
Devenish Island Ballinrobe Mayo
Devenish Island Moore Roscommon
Devinish Island Kilcummin Galway
Devinstown Killary Meath
Devleash Killedan Mayo
Devleash East Ballintober Mayo
Devleash West Ballintober Mayo
Devlin Gartan Donegal
Devlin Tagheen Mayo
Devlin Clontibret Monaghan
Devlin or Barr of Ballyconnell Raymunterdoney Donegal
Devlinmore Mevagh Donegal
Devlin North Kilgeever Mayo
Devlinreagh Mevagh Donegal
Devlin South Kilgeever Mayo
Devlis Bekan Mayo
Diamondhill or Drumcartagh Kildallan Cavan
Diamor Diamor Meath
Dian Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Dickey's Town Tickmacrevan Antrim
Dicksborough St. Patrick's Kilkenny
Dicksgrove Dysert Kerry
Dick's Island Skull Cork
Diffin Cloone Leitrim
Difflin Raphoe Donegal
Diffreen Killasnet Leitrim
Dillagh Ballintemple Cavan
Dillay Tynan Armagh
Dillin Ballee Down
Dillonsdown Blessington Wicklow
Dillonsland Navan Meath
Dillonstown Drumcar Louth
Dimanistown East Julianstown Meath
Dimanistown West Julianstown Meath
Dingin Enniskeen Cavan
Dinginavanty Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Dingins Scrabby Cavan
Dingle Dingle Kerry
Dingle, Commons of Dingle Kerry
Dingle T. Dingle Kerry
Dinish Kilcummin Galway
Dinish Island Killaconenagh Cork
Dinish Island Tuosist Kerry
Dinish Island Killarney Kerry
Dinnahorra Mullaghbrack Armagh
Dinneens Kilmoyly Kerry
Dinnydoon Rossorry Fermanagh
Diralagh Moynalty Meath
Dira or Upper Broghindrummin Grange of Layd Antrim
Dirkbeg Ballinchalla Galway
Dirnan Lissan Derry
Dirraw Finvoy Antrim
Dirtagh Aghanloo Derry
Dirtane Ballyheige Kerry
Dirtystep Callan Kilkenny
Disert Kildallan Cavan
Disert Killaconenagh Cork
Disert Inver Donegal
Disert Ballynascreen Derry
Disertowen Clondermot Derry
Diskirt Ardclinis Antrim
Diswellstown Castleknock Dublin
Divinagh Clogher Tyrone
Diviny Drumcree Armagh
Diviny Magheraculmoney Fermanagh
Divis Shankill Antrim
Divish Kilmore Mayo
D'Loughtane Kinsalebeg Waterford
Doagh Doagh Grange Antrim
Doagh Mevagh Donegal
Doagh Magheracloone Monaghan
Doagh Beg Clondavaddog Donegal
Doaghbeg T. Clondavaddog Donegal
Doaghcrabbin Clondavaddog Donegal
Doagheys Donagh Monaghan
Doagh Glebe Devenish Fermanagh
Doagh More Clondavaddog Donegal
Doaghs Lower Magilligan Derry
Doaghs Lower Middle Magilligan Derry
Doaghs Upper Magilligan Derry
Doaghs Upper Middle Magilligan Derry
Doagh T. Doagh Grange Antrim
Dobbsland Kilroot Antrim
Dobbynsparks Trinity Without Waterford
Dockery's Island Kilglass Roscommon
Doctor's Quarter Forkill Armagh
Doddsborough Lucan Dublin
Dodds Island Killyleagh Down
Dog Big Devenish Fermanagh
Doghtog Ratoath Meath
Dog Island Clonfert Galway
Dog Island Kilcummin Galway
Dog Little Devenish Fermanagh
Dogs Island Kilmeane Roscommon
Dogstown Diamor Meath
Dogstown Kilskeer Meath
Dogstown Glenkeen Tipperary
Dogstown Dogstown Tipperary
Dogstown 1st Division Trim Meath
Dogstown 2nd Division Trim Meath
Dogstown 3rd Division Trim Meath
Dohilla Valencia Kerry
Dohora Anhid Limerick
Dohora Croom Limerick
Dolan Ballindoon Galway
Dolanstown Rodanstown Meath
Dolanstown Kilcashel Moore Roscommon
Dollards Swords Dublin
Dollardstown Tankardstown Kildare
Dollardstown Painstown Meath
Dollas Ballingarry Limerick Connello Upper Barony
Dollas Lower Croom Limerick
Dollas Upper Croom Limerick
Dollingstown T. Magheralin Down
Dollymount T. Clontarf Dublin
Dolphinsbarn St. James Dublin
Dolphinsbarn North St. James Dublin
Doluskey Artrea Derry
Donabate Donabate Dublin
Donabate T. Donabate Dublin also in Portraine parish.
Donabate T. Portraine Dublin also in Donabate parish.
Donacarney Great Colp Meath
Donacarney Little Colp Meath
Donacarney T. Colp Meath
Donacavey Donacavey Tyrone
Donadea North Donadea Kildare
Donadea South Donadea Kildare
Donagh Galloon Fermanagh
Donagh Donagh Monaghan
Donaghadee T. Donaghadee Down
Donaghaguy Clonallen Down
Donaghanie Clogherny Tyrone
Donagh Beg Cloonclare Leitrim
Donaghcloney Donaghcloney Down
Donaghcloney T. Donaghcloney Down
Donaghcumper Donaghcumper Kildare
Donaghenry Donaghenry Tyrone
Donaghey Donaghenry Tyrone
Donaghintraine Templeboy Sligo
Donaghmore Donaghmore Cork
Donaghmore Donaghmore Kildare
Donaghmore Donaghmore Kilkenny
Donaghmore St. Patrick's Kilkenny
Donagh More Cloonclare Leitrim
Donaghmore Dunbin Louth
Donaghmore Donaghmore Meath Lower Navan Barony
Donaghmore Donaghmore Meath Ratoath Barony
Donaghmore Donaghmore Laois
Donaghmore Rathdowney Laois
Donaghmore Donaghmore Tipperary
Donaghmore Donaghmore Tyrone
Donaghmore Donaghmore Wexford
Donaghmore Donaghmore Wicklow
Donaghmore Glebe Donaghmore Donegal
Donaghmore Lower Fertagh Kilkenny
Donaghmore T. Donaghmore Laois also in Rathdowney parish.
Donaghmore T. Rathdowney Laois also in Donaghmore parish.
Donaghmore T. Donaghmore Tyrone
Donaghmore Upper Fertagh Kilkenny
Donaghmoyne Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Donaghmoyne Clogher Tyrone
Donaghpatrick Donaghpatrick Galway
Donaghpatrick Donaghpatrick Meath
Donaghrisk Desertcreat Tyrone
Donaghstown Laraghbryan Kildare
Donagreagh Magheralin Armagh
Donaguile Castlecomer Kilkenny
Donard Clonleigh Wexford
Donard Demesne East Donard Wicklow
Donard Demesne West Donard Wicklow
Donard Lower Donard Wicklow
Donard Mountain Donard Wicklow
Donard T. Donard Wicklow
Donard Upper Donard Wicklow
Donaskeagh Rathlynin Tipperary
Donegal Clonmel Cork
Donegal Donegal Donegal
Donegal Knockgraffon Tipperary
Donegall Devenish Fermanagh
Donegall East Creagh Cork
Donegall Middle Creagh Cork
Donegall West Creagh Cork
Donegal T. Killymard Donegal also in Donegal parish.
Donegal T. Donegal Donegal also in Killymard parish.
Donegore Donegore Antrim
Donegore Nilteen Grange Antrim
Doneraile Doneraile Cork
Doneraile T. Doneraile Cork
Donickmore Clonmult Cork
Donnageaga or Brownstown Robeen Mayo
Donnellystown Drumshallon Louth
Donnybrewer Faughanvale Derry
Donnybrewer Level (Intake) Faughanvale Derry
Donnybrook Feenagh Clare
Donnybrook Ballymackey Tipperary
Donnybrook East Donnybrook Dublin
Donnybrook West Donnybrook Dublin
Donnycarney Clonturk Dublin
Donnycarney T. Clonturk Dublin
Donnydeade Clonfeacle Tyrone
Donnygowen Urney Tyrone
Donode Ballymore Eustace Kildare
Donode Coghlanstown Kildare
Donohill Lands Donohill Tipperary
Donore Lorum Carlow
Donore Sliguff Carlow
Donore Carragh Kildare
Donore Donore Meath
Donore Moynalty Meath
Donore Castlerickard Meath
Donore Killaconnigan Meath
Donore Offerlane Laois
Donore Multyfarnham Westmeath
Donore Demesne Ardnurcher or Horseleap Westmeath
Donoure Rathbarry Cork
Donoure East Kilcorney Cork
Donoure Middle Kilcorney Cork
Donoure West Kilcorney Cork
Dooaghs Killorglin Kerry
Dooaghs Commons Killorglin Kerry
Dooaghtry Kilgeever Mayo
Dooally Newcastle Limerick
Dooan Kilglass Roscommon
Dooard Rossinver Leitrim
Dooary Ballyroan Laois
Dooballagh Leck Donegal
Doobally Kilbarron Donegal
Doobally Rossinver Leitrim
Doo Beg Kilmorgan Sligo
Doobeg Kilturra Sligo
Doobehy Moygawnagh Mayo
Doobin Inishkeel Donegal
Doocarrick Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Doocarrick Clondavaddog Donegal
Doocarrig Beg Kilcummin Kerry
Doocarrig More Kilcummin Kerry
Doocashel Glebe Clondahorky Donegal
Doocassan Drung Cavan
Doocastle or Ballindoo Kilturra Mayo
Doocatteen Newcastle Limerick
Doocharn Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Doocharn Muckno Monaghan
Doocharn Island Kinawley Fermanagh
Doochill North Killybegs Lower Donegal
Doochill South Killybegs Lower Donegal
Doochorran Drumreilly Leitrim
Doochrock Drumkeeran Fermanagh
Doocreggaun Aughrim Galway
Doocrock Dromore Tyrone
Doocrow Killymard Donegal
Doodys Bottoms Donard Wicklow
Dooederny Rossorry Fermanagh
Dooederny Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Dooega Achill Mayo
Dooey Billy Antrim
Dooey Glencolumbkille Donegal
Dooey Lettermacward Donegal
Dooey Slanes Down
Dooey Beg Ballyaghran Derry
Doogans Warren Rosslare Wexford
Doogarraun Kilconickny Galway
Doogary Tynan Armagh
Doogary Kildallan Cavan
Doogary Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Doogary Knockane Kerry
Doogary Burrishoole Mayo
Doogary Breaghwy Mayo
Doogary Islandeady Mayo
Doogary Aghamore Mayo
Doogary Castlemore Mayo
Doogary Kilcolman Mayo Costello Barony
Doogary Tedavnet Monaghan
Doogary Ardcarn Roscommon
Doogary Drumragh Tyrone
Doogary Kilskeery Tyrone
Doogarymore Kilteevan Roscommon
Dooghan Donaghmore Donegal
Dooghan Drum Roscommon
Dooghary Seapatrick Down
Dooghbeg Burrishoole Mayo
Dooghcloon Killimordaly Galway
Dooghill Burrishoole Mayo
Dooghmakeon Kilgeever Mayo
Dooghta Cong Galway
Dooglaun Feakle Clare
Dooglen Dromara Down
Doogort Achill Mayo
Doogort East Achill Mayo
Doogort West Achill Mayo
Doohallat Drumgoon Cavan
Doohamlat Clontibret Monaghan
Doohat Galloon Fermanagh
Doohat Aghabog Monaghan
Doohat or Crossreagh Derrynoose Armagh
Doohatty Magheracloone Monaghan
Doohatty Glebe Killesher Fermanagh
Dooherty Kilbride Roscommon
Doohooma Kilcommon Mayo Erris Barony
Doohulla Ballindoon Galway
Doohyle Beg Nantinan Limerick
Doohyle More Nantinan Limerick
Dooish Raymoghy Donegal
Dooish Stranorlar Donegal
Dooish Longfield West Tyrone
Dookinelly (Calvy) Achill Mayo
Dookinelly (Calvy) Bal of Achill Mayo
Dookinelly (Thulis) Achill Mayo
Doolagh Naul Dublin
Doolahig Killorglin Kerry
Doolaig North Castleisland Kerry
Doolaig South Castleisland Kerry
Doolargy Ballymascanlan Louth
Doolargy Carnteel Tyrone
Doolargy Glebe Inishmagrath Leitrim
Dooleague Islandeady Mayo
Dooleeg Beg Crossmolina Mayo
Dooleeg More Crossmolina Mayo
Dooletter Boho Fermanagh
Dooletter Ross Galway
Dooletter East Moyrus Galway
Dooletter West Moyrus Galway
Doolin Killilagh Clare
Doolis Templetenny Tipperary
Doolough Kilmurry Clare Ibrickan Barony
Doolough Kilcommon Mayo Erris Barony
Doolough Lea Laois
Doolystown Trim Meath
Doomore Kilmorgan Sligo
Doomore Achonry Sligo
Doon Mullagh Cavan
Doon Drumreilly Cavan
Doon Tomregan Cavan
Doon Inchicronan Clare
Doon Kilfenora Clare
Doon Killuran Clare
Doon Kilseily Clare
Doon Kilmacrenan Donegal
Doon Kinawley Fermanagh
Doon Enniskillen Fermanagh
Doon Omey Galway
Doon Kilreekill Galway
Doon Killannin Galway
Doon Kilcrohane Kerry
Doon Kilkeedy Limerick
Doon Ballynascreen Derry
Doon Aghagower Mayo
Doon Moybolgue Meath
Doon Aghaboe Laois
Doon Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Doon Boyle Roscommon
Doon Killukin Roscommon
Doon Kilfree Sligo
Doon Kilgrant Tipperary
Doon Shanrahan Tipperary
Doon Seskinan Waterford
Doon Lickbla Westmeath
Doona Kilcommon Mayo Erris Barony
Doonacurry Kilcommock Longford
Doonacurry Shrule Longford
Doonadoba Kilcummin Mayo
Doonaghboy or Ballyonan Kilfearagh Clare
Doonaha East Moyarta Clare
Doonahaha Lissonuffy Roscommon
Doonaha T. Moyarta Clare
Doonaha West Moyarta Clare
Doonakenna Monagay Limerick
Doonally Calry Sligo
Doonally Drumcliff Sligo
Doonally Ballysumaghan Sligo
Doonally East Kilthomas Galway
Doonally West Kilthomas Galway
Doonalt Glencolumbkille Donegal
Doonaltan Templeboy Sligo
Doonameran Ballymacormick Longford
Doonamona Templemurry Mayo
Doonamona Noughaval Westmeath
Doonamontane Ballyheige Kerry
Doonamurray Kilross Sligo
Doonan Tickmacrevan Antrim
Doonan Killymard Donegal
Doonan Derryvullan Fermanagh
Doonanarroo Lower Kilfian Mayo
Doonanarroo Upper Kilfian Mayo
Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Doonane Killoscully Tipperary
Doonanpatrick Killaspugbrone Sligo
Doonans Armoy Antrim
Doonarah Mohill Leitrim
Doonard Killora Galway
Doonard Beg Kiltrustan Roscommon
Doonard Lower Kilnaughtin Kerry
Doonard More Kiltrustan Roscommon
Doonard Upper Kilnaughtin Kerry
Doonaree Killallaghtan Galway
Doonaroya Addergoole Mayo
Doonasleen East Kilmeen Cork Duhallow Barony
Doonasleen North Kilmeen Cork Duhallow Barony
Doonasleen South Kilmeen Cork Duhallow Barony
Doonass Kiltenanlea Clare
Doonass Demesne Kiltenanlea Clare
Doonaun Tulla Clare
Doonaun Moylough Galway
Doonavanig Tracton Cork
Doonaveeragh Aghanagh Sligo
Doonawanly Wallstown Cork
Doonbeakin Kilmacshalgan Sligo
Doon Beg Killard Clare
Doonbeg Kilmoylan Galway
Doonbeg T. Killard Clare
Doonbeirne Rathkeale Limerick
Doonbought Dunaghy Antrim
Doonbreedia Addergoole Mayo
Doonbreedia Mountain Addergoole Mayo
Doonbristy Kilbride Mayo
Dooncaha Kilnaughtin Kerry
Dooncaha Dunmoylan Limerick
Dooncarton or Glengad Kilcommon Mayo Erris Barony
Dooncastle Aghagower Mayo
Doon Demesne Lemanaghan Offaly
Doon East Killehenny Kerry
Dooneen Doora Clare
Dooneen Abbey Clare
Dooneen Ballycurrany Cork
Dooneen Castlehaven Cork
Dooneen Kilcrohane Cork
Dooneen Killesher Fermanagh
Dooneen Enniskillen Fermanagh
Dooneen Ballynakill Galway Ballynahinch Barony
Dooneen Killinane Kerry
Dooneen Aghadoe Kerry
Dooneen Kilcummin Kerry
Dooneen Castleisland Kerry
Dooneen Crecora Limerick
Dooneen Kilgeever Mayo
Dooneen Cloonygormican Roscommon
Dooneen Kilcolagh Roscommon
Dooneen Clooncraff Roscommon
Dooneen Castleconor Sligo
Dooneen Kilmeadan Waterford
Dooneen Lisnakill Waterford
Dooneen Island Ross Galway
Dooneen Lower Kilroan Cork
Dooneenmacotter Kilmahon Cork
Dooneen North Ballymartle Cork
Dooneens Aghabulloge Cork
Dooneens Drishane Cork
Dooneens Inchigeelagh Cork
Dooneen South Ballymartle Cork
Dooneen Upper Kilroan Cork
Dooneen Upper Crecora Limerick
Doon and Eshcleagh Clones Fermanagh
Doonfeeny Lower Doonfeeny Mayo
Doonfeeny Upper Doonfeeny Mayo
Doonfin Ramoan Antrim
Doonflin Lower Skreen Sligo
Doonflin Upper Skreen Sligo
Doonfore Drumcliff Sligo
Doongelagh Kilmacallan Sligo
Doon Glebe Conwal Donegal
Doonierin Drumcliff Sligo
Doonimlaghbeg Ballymacelligott Kerry
Doonis Noughaval Westmeath
Doon Island Killadysert Clare
Dooniver Achill Mayo
Doonkelly Drumlease Leitrim
Doonkinane Aglish Kerry
Doonloughan Ballindoon Galway
Doon Lower Fohanagh Galway
Doonmacfelim Killilagh Clare
Doonmacreena Kilvine Mayo
Doonmadden Templeboy Sligo
Doonmanagh Minard Kerry
Doonmaynor Killasser Mayo
Doonmeegin Kilmorgan Sligo
Doonmoon Knocklong Limerick
Doonmore Killard Clare
Doonmorgan Drumlease Leitrim
Doonnagore Killilagh Clare
Doonnagurroge Killimer Clare
Doonnahinneena Inishbofin Mayo
Doonnamona Drum Mayo
Doon North Tralee Kerry
Doon North Doon Limerick
Doonogan Kilmurry Clare Ibrickan Barony
Doonooney Doonooney Wexford
Doonoor Donohill Tipperary
Doonoor Templenoe Tipperary
Doonore North Kilgobban Kerry
Doonore South Kilgobban Kerry
Doonour Kilcrohane Cork