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  • Search the Archives of the Rootsweb India Mailing List for posts which discuss the possible ways of finding records for a divorce. However they do not definitely establish that there are still relevant records existing in India.
    • Rootsweb India List post Williams[1] gives a copy of a notice of a 1926 divorce action in Cawnpore, where the wife resided, the husband residing in Cardiff, Wales. The notice appeared in the Public and Legal Notices of a Cardiff newspaper, Western Mail Tuesday October 5th 1926, presumably placed there by the Indian court system. This suggests local U.K. newspapers may be a source of information, if one spouse lived in the U.K.

Divorce legal judgements

From www.indiankanoon.org

Historic books online

The Law of Divorce Applicable to Christians in India (The Indian Divorce Act 1869) By H A Rattigan 1897. On archive.org contains a Table of Cases

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