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If you had Dutch ancestors who lived in India, a useful association is the Dutch Indies Genealogical Association. Although their main focus is what is now called Indonesia, the Dutch Indies Genealogical Association can also help with Dutch genealogy in India. The association is called Indische Genealogische Vereniging in Dutch. They have a useful website

For webpages which are not available in English, you can obtain a computer produced translation of the webpage using Google Translate, (by entering the URL of the website, or copying and pasting text), or your browser (such as Chrome) may have an automatic facility.

The Dutch Indies Genealogical Association sells publications, including a DVD of records from multiple sources. Note both the DVD and the webpage describing the DVD, are in Dutch. If the webpage does not display the contents of the DVD, click on Beschrijving.

The contents of the DVD, with additional information, is also available on IGV Publicaties USB Stick also referred to as "USB stick 1: IGV Publicaties". Additionally there is also "IGV Bronnen USB Stick", which contains different publications, also referred to as "USB stick 2: IGV Bronnen", which can be purchased separately, or the two USB sticks together for a discounted amount. At 2020/12/27, the DVD was sold out, so in the future it seems likely it will be necessary to purchase the USB stick.

"Voorlopige zoekwijzer ten behoeve van genealogisch onderzoek naar Europeanen (Nederlanders) in Nederlandsch-Indiƫ (Zuid- en Zuid-Oost-Aziƫ) (versie: april 2018)

Google Translate English title "Provisional search guide for genealogical research to Europeans (Dutch) in the Dutch East Indies (South and South East Asia)" (version: April 2018). When accessed at 2020/12/27, to obtain a translation, it was necessary to copy and paste the text in Google Translate.

The "Provisional search guide" refers to a published guide in the Dutch language Asal Oesoel, published by Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie en Familiegeschiedenis [CBG] [Central Bureau for Genealogy and Family History].

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