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  • Taylor, Stephen

Storm and conquest : the battle for the Indian Ocean, 1809. London: Faber, 2007

Sailing ships, shipwrecks, scandal, politics, war, monsoon mayhem, mutiny both at sea and in the army, and more. All meticulously researched and fascinatingly retold in this account of a devastating year in the history of the East India Company. The American edition of this book is called Storm and conquest : the clash of empires in the eastern seas, 1809. Lawrie Butler, FIBIS trustee and research co-ordinator, says: "extremely well written and fast-moving, it is a delight to read and should be on the book list of everyone who has an interest particularly in Madras around 1800 and in the vicissitudes of all East Indiaman travel before the steam age. The book has sixteen pages of notes with numerous references as well as four pages of bibliography." See his full review on pp. 52-53 of FIBIS Journal 19 (Spring 2008).

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