Egyptian Campaign 1801

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Egyptian Campaign
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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Location: Egypt
British and Indians French
Result: British victory
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Napoleon Bonaparte landed in Egypt in 1798 but his army was cut off when the British fleet under Admiral Nelson defeated the French navy at the Battle of the Nile. Turkey joined Britain and Russia in declaring war on France. Napoleon laid siege to Acre but was forced to retreat to Egypt where he defeated the Turkish Army at the Battle of Aboukir in July 1799. He then returned to France leaving General Kléber in command. In March 1800 Kleber defeated the Turks again at the Battle of Heliopolis but was assassinated in June. General Menou took command of the French army.

In 1801 the British decided to drive the French from Egypt and an expeditionary force under Sir Ralph Abercrombie landed at Aboukir on 8 March. On 21 March the French were defeated at the Battle of Alexandria and Menou was besieged in the city.

The Anglo-Indian expeditionary force from Bombay reached Jeddah on 17 May where he was joined by a contingent from the Cape of Good Hope. The force reached Kosseir on 8 June and marched across the desert to Kenna. General Belliard surrendered Cairo on 27 June and the Indian contingent joined the forces at the Siege of Alexandria. General Menou surrendered to General Hely-Hutchinson on 30 August. The French army was allowed to evacute Egypt.

Anglo-Indian Expeditionary Force

Major-General Sir David Baird commanding
From Bombay

From the Cape

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