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Frederick Palmer Sir (1862-1934)

Railway Achievements in India


  • 1883; Assistant Engineer on the East Indian Railway (EIR)
  • 1886-1900; He was responsible for the construction of the Grand Chord Line, which was commenced in 1896 and completed in 1900, and included the Upper Sone Bridge, Dehri of ninety-six 100-ft. spans-the longest bridge in India
  • 1889; EIR Resident Engineer in the Ghat Section
  • 1891; Personal Assistant to the EIR Chief Engineer of that Railway, Frederick Ewart Robertson
  • 1893; Promoted to District Engineer on surveys and construction.

He then returned to England on leave, and accepted the post of Chief Engineer of the Port of Calcutta until 1909 when retired from India to become the first Chief Engineer to the newly-constituted Port of London Authority.The great plan was evolved in 4 years. Formed the 'Rendel, Palmer and Tritton Partnership' with Sir Alexander Meadows Rendel and Mr. (later Sir) Seymour Tritton. The firm were appointed Consulting Engineers to the Indian Government and Indian railways [1].


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