General Order of the Governor General in Council, June 15th 1812

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General Order, by the Right Honorable the Governor General in Council.
Fort William, June 15, 1812

The Right Honorable the Governor General in Council having approved a Plan submitted to him by the Medical Board, for the instruction of Boys from the Upper and Lower Orphan Schools and Free School, to serve as Compounders and Dressers, and ultimately as Apothecaries and Sub Assistant Surgeons in the Medical Department of this Presidency, His Lordship in Council is pleased to pass the following Resolutions:-

1st. The Medical Board shall select 24 Boys of 14 or 15 years of age, from the above Institutions, in the choice of whom the Governors of these schools are enjoined to afford every possible assistance. The Boys thus selected are to be posted as follows, viz:-

At the General Hospital at the Presidency, 10
Garrison Hospital Chunar, 10
General Dispensary, 04
[Total] 24

2nd. The Education of these Boys is to be conducted under the immediate charge and management of the Surgeons of the General Hospital at the Presidency, of the Garrison of Chunar, and of the Honorable Company’s Dispensary, respectively, under the general control and direction of the Superintending Surgeons of these Stations, and according to a plan of instruction to be prescribed by the Medical Board.

3rd. When these Boys are considered by the Superintending Surgeons , and the Surgeons under whom they will be more immediately educated, duly qualified for exercising the duties of Compounders and Dressers, they shall then be stationed at the recommendation of the Medical Board with such Native Corps as may more particularly require their aid; and afterwards with the different European Corps of the Honorable Company’s Service, with Field Hospitals, and with the Depots of Medicines.

4th. As an incentive to improvement, after two or three years Service in the Stations, to which they may have been nominated, the Medical Board, on a full conviction of their qualifications, will recommend them to Government for promotion to the rank of Sub- Assistant Surgeons and Apothecaries , to be employed with European or Native Corps, or with the Medical Depots, or General or Field Hospitals, as circumstances may require.

5th. During their state of pupillage at the Stations mentioned in Article 1st,the Surgeons under whom they are to be educated, will be allowed to draw on account of each Boy, a Monthly Allowance of 25 Sonaut Rupees, for which they will furnish them with Clothing and Maintenance; on their promotion to the Stations of Dressers and Compounders, they will be permitted to draw on their own account, the Monthly Allowance of 35 Sonaut Rupees; and on their promotion to the higher ranks of Sub-Assistant Surgeons and Apothecaries, they will receive a Salary of Sonaut Rupees 100 per Mensem.

6th. If the establishment of Quarters at the Hospitals, and at the General Dispensary, where they are educated, does not admit of accommodation for them, suitable and well aired Apartments will be constructed for them at the public charge.

7th. Monthly Reports of their proficiency and general conduct are to be made by the Surgeons, under whose management they are more immediately placed, to the Superintending Surgeons of Divisions, who will make Quarterly Reports of the same nature to His Excellency the Commander in Chief, and to the Medical Board, for the information of Government.

[Signed] J. ADAM, Sec. to Govt. Mil. Dept.