Jubbulpore-Gondia Railway

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Jubbulpore-Gondia Railway
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Line of route
Jubbulpore to Gondia
Nainpur to Chhindwara
Nainpur to Mandla
Gauge / mileage
Narrow (2' 6") gauge 230 miles (1905)
1903 First section opened to traffic
Key locations
Presidency Bengal
Stations Balaghat, Seoni
System agency
Worked by the Bengal-Nagpur Railway
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The Jubbulpore-Gondia Railway was a 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) railway, built by the state to connect Gondia (on the broad gauge Bengal-Nagpur main line) with the GIPR and EIR at the important junction at Jubbulpore. The line formed an integral part of the Satpura Railway network developed by Bengal-Nagpur Railway(BNR) and was worked by BNR [1]

Described in some early records as the Gondia-Nainpur-Chhindwara-Jabalpur Railway

Further Information

See Satpura Railway and Bengal-Nagpur Railway


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