Guidelines for contributing to the Recommended Reading Lists

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If you have never added information to a Wiki before, read the general Quick Start section in addition to the guidelines below.

Adding a title to a Recommended Reading List implies that you have read the book!

In line with any contribution to the FIBIWiki, you may not use other people's reviews (or part thereof) without their express permission and without citing the original reviewer as the source.

Use the standard layout:

  • Author's Surname, First Names

The title : the subtitle. [format, if non-book] Place of publication: Publisher, year of publication.

Followed by your review (approximately 150 words is a good length).

In writing your recommendation, please consider:

Why you are recommending the title

What it is about and how thoroughly the subject is covered

Which are the important locations, time periods and names to mention

Whether it is authoritative and accurate (mention any reservations you may have)

Who might benefit from, or enjoy, reading the title

Any significant features (e.g. illustrations, index, etc)

All entries in the Recommended Reading lists are grouped by subject, irrespective of format, and arranged in alphabetical order. Please add your entry to the most appropriate section.

If you need assistance, or would like to comment about the Recommended Reading section, please email Eleanor, who will be happy to assist.

Note that it is inappropriate for authors or publishers to recommend their own books. Instead, please contact the FIBIS Editor to arrange the supply of a free copy of the book for review purposes.

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