Gwalior Electric Tramway

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Gwalior Electric Tramway A report in ‘Tramway and Railway World’ Vol XXII Nov 1907 states:-

Electric Tramways for Gwallior. The ‘Times of India’ reports that the Mahraja of Scindia of Gwalior has granted a concession to construct and work an electric tramway, supply electrical energy for industrial purposes, and light the streets of the capital of Gwalior State. The concessionaire is the Ajmir Import and Export Company of Bombay [1].

There is no evidence that this tramway was constructed and no records concerning the ‘Ajmir Import and Export Company’.


  1. ‘Tramway and Railway World’ Vol XXII Nov 1907 kindly provided by the Archivist of the ‘The National Tramway Museum”, Crich’ Derbyshire, England