Hyderabad-Umarkot Railway

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The Hyderabad-Umarkot Railway was surveyed 1890 with James Richard Bell from Public Works Department(PWD) as Engineer-in-Chief [1]. In this record Hyderabad is spelt Haidarabad.

Henry Bawn Addis and W. Wiseman, also from PWD were the Executive Engineers[2].

The railway from Hyderabad to Shadipalli, 55 miles(88km), was opened in 1892 and originally constructed as a broad gauge(BG) line.

This section was converted to metre gauge(MG) in 1901 to form the Jodhpur-Hyderabad Railway(British Section) and provided a MG connection from Jodhpur to Hyderabad.

Further Information

See Jodhpur-Hyderabad Railway


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