IV. (Cossipore) Field Brigade

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The Cossipore Field Brigade was an auxiliary regiment.


Regimental History

  • Cossipore Artillery Volunteers: A Brief History. Compiled from the records by Lieut.-Col. D. A. Tyrie. Published in Calcutta : Thacker, Spink & Co., 1912. Available at the British Library.

First World War

Some members of the Cossipore Artillery Volunteers, along with members of the Calcutta Port Defence Volunteers, joined the Calcutta Volunteer Battery. Different detachments saw service in East Africa, Mesopotamia and Egypt.


  • Full dress - Blue serge or cloth
  • Working dress - Khaki drill[1]

Detached companies

In 1901:[1]


Dave White says "My wife's ancestor, Sergeant Thomas Lomas was their Rifle-Shooting champion for 1912-1913."[3]


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