Indian Iron and Steel Company

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Indian Iron and Steel Company

'Indian Iron and Steel Company' was estabished in 1918, for which Burn & Co Ltd were Managing Agents. The works were in the town of Hirapur, the name of the town was changed to Burnpur (date unknown) but the works are still known as the ’Hirapur Works’. By 1930 the works were turning out 1,500 tons of coke and over 1,000 tons of iron per day and the coke oven and blast furnace plant was described as'probably the most up-to-date in the world' [1].

The works is connected to the broad gauge(BG) East Indian Railway(EIR) mainline at Asanol Junction, 3 km to the north-east and on the BG Bengal and North-Western Railway(B&NWR) mainline. The works were served internally by a BG network of lines.


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