Indian Standard Wagon Co Ltd

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Indian Standard Wagon Co Ltd

The ‘Indian Standard Wagon Co Ltd’ was founded in 1918, at Burnpur as a specialist company manufacturing railway wagons, carriages and railway equipment. Burn & Co Ltd were the Managing Agents. The company was established after the Government of India made public their intention of annually buying a larger quantity of rolling stock from private companies in India. In 1930 the works were capable of producing 3,000 wagons per year [1].

In 1976 the company merged with the 'Burn & Co Ltd'. Their Howrah works became a major railway contactor from the very beginning of railways in India in the 1850’s.With the rapid expansion of Railways, Burn & Company started manufacturing Railway rolling stock at Howrah to cater to the increasing demand [2]

The merged company became 'Burn Standard Company Limited' and developed excellence in manufacturing Railway wagons, forged components, springs etc. [3]


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