Indian family relationships

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The following are in Urdu.

Sister - Behan
Brother - Bhai
Mother - Maa/Ammi
Father - Baap/Abu
Wife - Bivi
Husband - Shohar
Son - Beta
Daughter - Beti
Sister's husband - Behnoi/Jeeja
Brother's wife - Bhabi
Wife's sister - Saali
Wife's brother - Saala
Husband's sister - Nand
Husband's younger brother - Devar
Husband's elder brother - Jeth
Mother-in-Law - Saas
Father-in-Law - Sussar
Father of child's spouse - Samdhi
Mother of child's spouse - Samdhan
Aunt (Mother's sister) - Khala
Aunt (Father's sister) - Phuppo
Aunt (Wife of mother's brother) - Mumaani
Aunt (Wife of father's elder brother) - Taai
Aunt (Wife of father's younger brother) - Chachi
Uncle (Mother's brother) - Mamu
Uncle (Father's elder brother) - Taaya
Uncle (Father's younger brother) - Chacha
Uncle (Husband of mother's sister) - Khalu
Uncle (Husband of father's sister) - Phuppa
Niece (Sister's daughter) - Bhanji
Niece (Brother's daughter) - Bhatiji
Nephew (Sister's son) - Bhanja
Nephew (Brother's son) - Bhatija
Granddaughter - Poti
Grandson - Pota
Grandmother (Maternal) - Nani
Grandmother (Paternal) - Dadi
Grandfather ((Maternal) - Nana
Grandfather (Paternal) - Dada
Great-grandmother (Maternal) - Parnani
Great-grandmother (Paternal) - Pardadi
Great-grandfather (Maternal) - Parnana
Great-grandfather ((Paternal) - Pardada
Husband of wife's sister - Humzulf
Husband of husband's sister - Nandoi
Wife of wife's brother - Saalehaar
Wife of husband's elder brother - Jethani
Wife of husband's younger brother - Devrani

The 'ji' at the end is said as a sign of respect if the person is older than you.