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Ishapore was located near Barrackpore, outside of Calcutta

The first Arms Manufacturing facility on the site was a gunpowder factory, which was started in 1787 and began production in 1791. In 1904, a Rifle Factory was established at Ishapore, and began production of the Lee-Enfield rifle.

Kukris ( or ‘khukuri’) , Nepalese knives used by the Gurkha Regiments were also manufactured at Ishapore[1] in 1927, when a small high quality batch was made.[2]

Spelling variants

Ishapore, Ichapore, Ichapur

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"Working at the Ichapur Gunpowder Factory in the 1790s (Part II)" by Jan Lucassen Indian Historical Review December 2012 39 (2): 251-271, archived page.

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