Itarsi-Nagpur Railway

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The Itarsi-Nagpur Railway was a broad gauge(BG) extension to the Bhopal-Itarsi Railway The line was worked by Great Indian Peninsula Railway(GIPR) and divided into three sections – [1] [2] [3]

  • Northern section from Itarsi to Amia, 80 miles( km), opened in 1914
  • Eastern section from Amia to Parasia, 53 miles( km), opened in 1915
  • Southern section from Amia to Nagpur was postponed due to WW1 and finally completed in 1923-24 thus joining Itarsi to Nagpur

The Bhopal-Itarsi-Nagpur line became part of the GIPR Delhi-Chennai mainline in 1929

Further Information

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