Jajmau near Cawnpore, Ganges River Crossing

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Jajmau near Cawnpore, Ganges River Crossing

In 1853-54 Messrs. ‘Greenway Brothers’, Contractors, laid down a bridge of boats to cross the River Ganges at Jajmau, which is some 2 km south of the centre of Cawnpore [1]

Then during the dry season they laid a tramway over the soft sand to connect with the bridge. They were granted rights to raise tolls for the use of the tramway for 6 years [2]

This tramway arrangement was used in 1854-55 for the Furruckabad (Farrukhabad) Tramway where the Messrs. ‘Greenway Brothers’ where contracted to ‘lay down a tramway on the river sands’

In 1857 Messrs 'Greenway Brothers' were issued a contract to provide a bridge of boats and an adjacent ferry at Jajmau for a term of 12 years. They were further informed that the present ferry would be retained retained under the management of the officers of the Government [3]

Further Information

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