Karaikkal-Peralam Railway

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Karaikkal-Peralam Railway
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Line of route
Karaikkal to Peralam
Gauge / mileage
Metre gauge 15 miles (1905)
Key locations
Stations Karaikkal, Peralam
System agency
South Indian Railway
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The Karaikkal-Peralam Railway was a short metre gauge(MG) branch line which connected the French enclave of Karaikkal with the rest of British India at Peralam. The line was 15 miles(24km) in length and operated by the South Indian Railway and opened in 1898.

"The line is partly in British and partly in French teritory and was constructed (by the agency of the South Indian Railway Company) with the object of placing the town and port of Karaikkal in communication with the railway system of Southern India" [1]

Further Information

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