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First World War
2nd Battalion Kashmir Rifles was the private army of the Maharaja of Kashmir which was sent to East Africa to fight the Germans. It started with 715 men and received at least 600 reinforcements. By January 1917, there were only 218 riflemen left on the battalion roll and when the Army Medical Board inspected them they found only twenty or so ‘fit to soldier’ and so sent them all back to India. [1]

A regimental history of this campaign is the book

'I Can Never Say Enough About The Men'- A History of the Jammu & Kashmir Rifles throughout their World War One Campaign by Andrew Kerr 2010. This book was reviewed by Peter Bailey in FIBIS Journal Number 26 (Autumn 2011)

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  1. Abstract of a paper "‘I can never say enough about the men’ The experiences of an SSO attached to an Indian State Forces battalion in East Africa" by Andrew Kerr presented at the India and the Great War Conference at The United Service Institution of India New Delhi: 5-7 March 2014