Kittur Rising

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Gwalior Campaign
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Location: Kittur
British Field Force Kittur Fort garrison
Result: British control of Kittur District
Category: Minor Campaigns


Mallasarja Desai (ruler) of Kittur, a small district near Dharwar, and his wife Rani Chennamma had a son Shivalingarudra Sarja without children who adopted a male relative, Shivalingappa. When Shivalingarudra died in 1824 the British did not recognise the succession of his adopted son and invoked the doctrine of lapse. St John Thackeray, the Collector of Dharwar, went to Kittur with a troop of horse artillery and a detachment of the 5th Native Infantry and put a guard on the treasury. Rani Chennamma organised resistance to the British who were shut out of the fort and Mr Thackeray and two others killed on 23 October. Lt-Col Deacon was despatched with a field force which invested the fort and obtained its surrender on 4 December. Rani Chennamma was imprisoned in Bailhongal Fort where she died on 21 February 1829. Her general Sangolli Rayanna fought a guerrilla campaign until he was captured in 1829 and hanged.

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