Kotah & Jhalawar States Railway

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Kotah & Jhalawar States Railway refers to the Bina-Goona-Baran Railway branch of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway(GIPR) that passed through Kotah State and Jhalawar State. These the Princely States would have been the owners of the railways passing through their territory and worked by GIPR..

'Kotah & Jallawar States Railway' is stated in the "India Civil List 1890 PWD Railways" page 40 where Miles T W is listed as Executive Engineer(First Class). No specific information has been found to either of these State Railways but must refer to Kotah State and Jhalawar State (note error in spelling of Jallawar).

“The Imperial Gazetteer of India 1908” [1] gives the following relevant information :-

  • 'Kotah State, in the south-east of Rajputana, and is bounded on south-west by Jhalawar State’ (page 410)
  • ‘The only railway in the Kotah State is the Bina-Baran Railway, a branch of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway which was opened to traffic in May 1899. The section within Kotah limits (about 29 miles) is owned by the Kotah Durbar' (page 419)
  • 'In Jhalawar State the construction of a railway from the south-eastern border to the town of Baran' (page 415)