Kurla(Kerala)-Chembur Railway

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The Kurla(Kerala)–Chembur Railway was originally a broad gauge(BG) single line track built in 1899 for Bombay garbage trains, as part of Bombay Municipal Corporation Conservancy Railways. A new 824 acre(3.3 sq.km) disposal site was obtained at Devnar, 2¼ miles(3.6km) east of the Chembur site and connected with a BG line of just over 3 miles(5km) to Kurla where it connected via the Great Indian Peninsula Railway(GIPR) mainline to Mahalaxmi. Here there was two platforms with railway sidings were constructed to receive rubbish collected in carts and tipped into wagons and transferred to the dumping site [1].

The line ran from Kerala to Chembur.

The line was opened to passengers 1924 and ran from the Bombay suburban terminal at Kurla. The line was later incorporated into the Bombay suburban network [2] [3].


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