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Presidency: Bombay
Coordinates: 18.74806°N, 73.40722°E
Altitude: 624 m (2,047 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Lonavla
State/Province: Maharashtra
Country: India
Transport links
Great Indian Peninsula Railway

Lonavla was the fifth station on the Bhore pass incline, on the crest, on the Great Indian Peninsula Railway between Bombay and Poona. There were railway workshops located there, as well as quarters for the railway employees.

Spelling variants

Modern name: Lonavla
Variants: Lonavala, Lonavale, Lonauli, Lonawlee, Lanauli, Lanawlee, Lanoalie, Lanolie, Lanoulee, Lanowlee, Lanowli

FIBIS resources

  • Lonavala Christian Cemetery FIBIS database (added 2019/01). Inscriptions have been transcribed from gravestones at the cemetery. Images, (by Mr Rajat Sharma who was commissioned by FIBIS), are also available, which are part of the FIBIS Cemeteries Project, and may be ordered for a modest donation.


The BACSA Archive at the British Library has the following item shelfmark Mss Eur F370: Cemetery Files no.164: Lonavla, Bombay. Rye Woods: 1818-

External links

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  • Photograph: Lonavla c 1918 25thlondon.com. Retrieved 25 August 2014
  • Slideshow of photographs : Old Pune by Avinash Bhondwe. slideshare.net. Retrieved 30 August 2014. The photographs are listed by number (scroll down the webpage) : enter the number in the relevant box, and select Enter on your computer. Click the symbol beside the number box to enlarge. Includes
    • 605 Reversing Station Poona [Bhor/ Khandala] Ghaut 1881
    • 622 Railway Bridge on Bhore Ghaut 1855
    • 644-646 Bore Ghaut.

Historical books online

  • Lonavla Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency Volume 18, Part 2 Poona, page 161 1885 Archive.org
  • Lonauli Imperial Gazetteer