Lower Chenab Canal Construction Railway

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Lower Chenab Canal Construction Railway

This canal, originally known as the 'Chenab Canal' was constructed from 1892 with its headwoerks at Khanki. Renamed the 'Lower Chenab Canal' as a consequence of the construction from 1904-05 of the 'Upper Chenab Canal' as part of the 'Triple Canal Project' [1]..

Canal Construction Railways

  • 'Waziribad to Lyallpur Railway'. The records show that in 1895-96 a railway line and associated buildings had been constructed from Waziribad to Lyallpur. This railway was used to convey materials for the canal construction project. The line was opened to Hafizabad in Aug 1895 and to Lyallpur in Feb 1896 [1].

The date the Canal was commissioned is unknown.


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