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The first recorded use of Horse Artillery was in 1756 when the HEIC formed a unit of Madras Galloper Guns that were faster and more mobile than the bullock and draft horse drawn guns and were able to keep up with cavalry. This unit became Horse Artillery when the 2nd Troop Madras Horse Artillery formed on 23 January 1809. Its modern descendant is J (Sidi Rezegh) Battery 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery.

The Rocket Troop Madras Horse Artillery was the 1st Troop formed in 1805. It became 'C' Troop Madras Horse Artillery in 1825, served in the 1st China War in 1840 and was awarded the honorific title "Dragon Troop". Its modern descendant is P Battery (The Dragon Troop) 5th Regiment Royal Artillery.

In 1862 the Madras Horse Artillery was taken into the British Army Royal Horse Artillery as the 3rd Royal Horse Artillery Brigade.[1]

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  • Medical Account of the C Troop of the Madras Horse Artillery in China 1842 from the Madras Quarterly Medical Journal January 1844 Google Books
  • History of “J” Battery, Royal Horse Artillery (Formerly A Troop, Madras Horse Artillery) by Major Guilbert E. Wyndham Malet, Captain of the Battery, 1875-79, published 1904, is available in a reprint edition,[2] which in turn is available online on the Ancestry owned pay website fold3 (located in World War II/Military Books/Britain). History from establishment to the Boer War.


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