Madras Uncovenanted Servants 1818 - 1900

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Date range Record details
1818-1859 L/F/10/120 IOR Neg 57136 (LDS microfilm 218 6523.)
30 Apr 1818 List of Uncovenanted Europeans in Hon Co. Service with service dating back to 1804. General Dept - stewards, examiners, assts, assay master. Also Judicial, Revenue and Marine Depts
Headings - Date of Employment, Names, Offices, Mthly salary R, Total
(i) Lists appear in IOR, 0/5/29, parts 1, 2 and 3 for the period 1755-1777 (LDS film 2104566, frequently referred to as inhabitants, Company’s servants not under covenant (i.e. uncovenanted)
(ii) Uncovenanted Europeans in Madras also appear in IOR, O/5/30, Vol 2, pp305-07 (1818); Vol 3, pp328-330 (1819), pp368-370 (1820).
1821 List of Uncovenanted European Staff at Madras, 1821 - General, Judicial and Revenue Depts.
1823 List of Uncovenanted European Staff:- Gen., Jud., Rev. and Marine Dept
1 May 1824 List of Uncovenanted European Staff:- Gen, Jud, Rev. and Marine Depts.
1825-1826 ditto
1827-1831 List of Uncovenanted European Staff in Gen.,Jud.,and Marine Depts
1834; 1836-1837 ditto
1839-1840 ditto
1 May 1848 An Alphabetical Index and List of Uncovenanted Servants in employ of Govt, European and East Indians, as contra-distinguished from Natives of India, holding appts in the Civil Dept in Madras Presidency. Headings as follows:-
No., Name, Married, Date and Description of Appt., Date and Description of Previous Appt., Period in India, Total p.m., p.a.
General (11), Judicial (17), Native Servants (136), Revenue (2), Native Servants (63), Marine(9) - a total of 238.
1 May 1850 Similar to 1848 entry.
1 May 1854 Similar to 1848 entry, but with details of present employment, rather than previous
1 May 1856 Alphabetical list of European and East Indian; also of Natives
Register of Unc/S by Depts (Europeans and presumably East Indians):- General, Postal, Educational, Judicial, Revenue, Marine (74)
Register of Native Servants by Depts (204)
1 May 1857 Printed Alphabetical Indexes of Uncovenanted Civil Servants - Europeans, East Indians and Natives in employ of Govt of Fort St. George.
Index firstly of Europeans, secondly of East Indians and thirdly of Natives.
European Uncovenanted Distribution: General Branch (27), Revenue (16), Judicial (62), PWD (60), Postal (8), Clerical (21), Education (26), Marine (9) - a total of 229.
Headings include Age, Married Status, Previous Service and Yrs of Residence in India.
East Indian Distribution: General (183), Revenue (178), Judicial (119), PWD (165), Postal (26), Clerical (36), Education(36), Marine (15) - a total of 756
Natives Distribution - 534.
1 May 1857 For the first time there is a mention of Roman Catholic Clergy - as European Uncovenanted Civil Servants. 18 in number.
Headings include No., Name, Age, Married Status (all unmarried), description, salary.
The R.C. Bishop of Madras is shown as No.1 Rt. Rev. J Fennelly, D.D.
1 May 1858 Register of Uncovenanted Civil Servants under Madras Govt for 1857 -58. There is an alphabetical index for each of Europeans, East Indians and Natives.
Then for each of the three categories, a list is made relative to the branches, Gen., Rev., Jud., P.Works, Postal, Eccles., Educational, Medical and Marine.
1 May 1859 A printed list, with indexes, of Uncovenanted Servants, European, East Indian, and Natives in the employ of the Govt of F.S.G.
1May 1861 L/F/10/121 IOR Neg 57137 (LDS microfilm 218 6562.)
Indexes and Lists of Uncovenanted Civil Servants, Europeans, East Indians and Natives in the Employ of the Govt of Fort St George,Madras as they stood on 1 May 1861.
The indexing of the locations and the individuals in this volume is probably the most complicated in the whole of the L/F/10 series. But it is remarkable as indicated below and by the record examples that follow: -
i. All Govt Offices in Madras were listed within the branches of General, Education, Directorate of Public Works, Judiciary, Revenue and Marine.
ii.The offices, each having Europeans were then numbered consecutively through the branches to a total of 1-115; those having East Indians were numbered 116 -202 and those having Natives from 203 – 318. A numbered return was only made if members of the class concerned were present on the site. Details of all sites were shown on ‘A’ forms for all Europeans, ‘B’ for all East Indians and ‘C’ for all Natives.
iii. To derive alphabetical listings, each class was laid out in its sequence and members were then numbered consecutively through the class, Europeans 1-309; East Indians 310-544 and Natives 545 to 1102. Three alphabetical listings were created, each name prefaced by the consecutive number within the class and suffixed by the page number between 1-318.
iv. The example below shows a typical European ‘A’ form return, page number 1, with the consecutive number 7: -
No., Name, Age, date of present appointment, Marr’d/Unmarr’d , Description
7 Upshon, R, 44 18 Feb 1858 Yes
of appointment, Salary, Period of former service in Govt employ
Registrar 300R p.m. 22 years 9 months.
Period of residence in India – born in India – all filed as page 1 within the file
An East Indian, J Davis is shown as No 316 on page 116 (a ‘B’ form) while another, J Ball is shown as No 534 on p196 (another ‘B’ form).
Probably by accident, a Covenanted European, Charles Abdy Andrews, a 27 year old Civil Surgeon at Vizagapatam is shown on p.86.
The numbers shown on the extreme left hand side of the site index have been omitted since they probably refer to ‘budgetary heads’ and are therefore irrelevant to the present task.
The records following show firstly an abridged section of the site index relating branches to sites and to class of individual; secondly a section of the Alphabetical Index, relating consecutive members of Europeans (No 7 on site/page 1) and East Indians (No 534 of site page 116) and thirdly a copy of site/page 1 (Upshon – consecutive number 7). This arrangement of indexes is the only one in the L/F/10- series that readily relates branch, site, name of all classes within the one Uncovenanted system.
1862-1877 L/F/10/122 IOR Neg 57137-138 (LDS microfilms 218 6562 and 218 6563.)
Unc/S and C/S
31 Dec 1862 The volume starts with a 'ragged' printed copy of the Civil Service List corrected to the 31 Dec 1862, along with a names index. Staff in order of precedence 1st class-35 yrs, 2nd 20 yrs, 3rd 12 yrs, 4th 8yrs, 5th 4 yrs, 6th under 4 yrs
1863 qtrly Printed qtrly copies of 1863 with one of Mar 1864 follow. Typical headings:
No., 'lingual' attainments, Name, Season of Appt., Commencement of service, date of arrival, period Non-Residence, Actual Residence on service up to end of previous qtr., date of promotion to present grade.
[N.B. For a list of H.M Covenanted Civil Servants in Madras to 18 Dec 1861, see Asylum Press Almanac 1862, p 75]
1 May 1864 Register of HM Covenanted Civil Service on the Madras Establishment with an Appendix of Clerical, Military and Medical Officers, and officers not in the Regular Service holding appts in the Civil Dept. as they stood on 1 May 1864. (Printed copy), including Register of names and details; index of names; index of Clerical, Military, Medical and Judicial Officers shown thus:-
no. name, appt, Salary, Amount mthly, Amount & Allowances mthly, Total Annual income
Printed list of European Uncovenanted Civil Servants in the employ of F.S.G.,1 May 1864 with the following headings: -
No, name Age, Married, Date of present appt., Salary, period of former service in Govt employ, residence in India.
Jun 1864-Mar 1865 Qtrly copies of Civil Service Lists, each plus index. All printed
1 May 1865 Register of Covenanted Servants: details and index; Appendix of S/Ls:- Ecclesiastical, Jud., Mil., Med., - with four sets of details and four indexes.
Register of 362 European Uncovenanted Servants with lists of details and index. Printed copy.
Jun, Sep and Dec 1865 Civil Service Lists - all printed
1 Apr 1870 Register of 172 Covenanted Servants - details & index; Appendix - Eccles.(43), Jud.(5), Med.(50), Mil.(99) - with four sets of details and indexes.
Register of European Uncovenanted Servants with lists of details and index. Branches covered include Revenue, Settlement and Survey Dept, Forest Dept, Stamp, Mint & Assay Depts, Admin & Public Dept, Judicial, Police, Marine, Education, Eccles., Medical, Stationery & Printing, Political Agency Dept. All printed
1 Apr 1871 Similar to 1 Apr 1870 - 171 Covenanted Servants, 203 officers in Appendix. Details and Index of Uncovenanted staff (930).
1 Apr 1872 Similar to 1 Apr 1870 (printed except for Unc/s details in manuscript). Unc/S now divided as General and Provincial.
1 Apr 1873 All printed. Similar to 1 Apr 1870. Unc/S divided as General (524) and Provincial (430)
1 Apr 1874 All printed. Similar to 1 Apr 1870. Unc/S divided as General and Provincial. General covers Revenue, Settlement and Survey, Forest, Stamp and Assay, Administration, Minor, Law and Justice, Marine, Ecclesiastical, Political Agency, Medical.
Provincial covers Jails, Registration, Police, Education, Eccles., Marine, Printing and Misc.
1875, 1876, 1877 Similar to 1870 and 1874.
1871-1880 L/F/10/123 IOR Neg 57138 (LDS microfilm 218 6563.)
1 April 1871 Madras Uncovenanted Lists:- European and East Indian Uncovenanted Civil Servants in the employ of the Govt of Fort St. George. Headings:
No., Name, appt., Salary, Period of residence in India (Printed Index and a list by Depts and the appointments therein, the list of Depts being virtually identical with the list in Vol. 122, 1 Apr 1870)
1872-1880 1872 records are manuscript. For other years, there is a printed Index of staff for each of the General and Provincial Services; the lists are also printed. For 1880, there is one printed index of Europeans and East Indians and one combined printed list for all Depts.
1882-1884 L/F/10/124 IOR Neg 57138-139 (LDS microfilms 218 6563 and 218 6564.)
List of Uncovenanted Civil Servants, Europeans and East Indians employed in, e.g. the Bellary District on 1 Apr 1882
Under each branch name there is a series of locations, each of which is page numbered and related to a series of B forms. Against each individual on a B form is indicated:
'Name, Description of Appt, Salary & Period of Residence while in Service of Govt.
1886-1888 L/F/10/125 IOR Neg 57139-140 (LDS microfilms 218 6564 and 218 6565.)
Similar to Vol 124
1889-1891 L/F/10/126 IOR Neg 57140-141 (LDS microfilms 218 6565 and 218 6566.)
Similar to Vol 124
Index of branches and establishments, each one of which is numbered, being the number of a B form.
1892-1894 L/F/10/127 IOR Neg 57141-142 (LDS microfilms 218 6566 and 218 6567.)
As above
1895-1897 L/F/10/128 IOR Neg 57142-143 (LDS microfilms 218 6567 and 218 6568.)
Similar to Vol 124
There is no Index to names on B forms
1898-1900 L/F/10/129 IOR Neg 57143-144 (LDS microfilms 218 6568 and 218 6569.)
Similar to Vol 124
354, 359 and 350 B forms respectively for the three years.
1b. List of Civil Servants in India and Bengal - 577 including 'top' staff 'A'-'Y,' set out in order of precedence Classes I -VI
1 May 1866 2a. No Index See L/F/10/42
2b. List of Military Officers and others in Civil Dept, a total of 674. listed by Dept., including PWD and then numbered consecutively; includes several Sgts, Sub-Conductors and Conductors