Makerwal Colliery Light Railway

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Makerwal Colliery Light Railway

The 'Makerwal Colliery', in the Mianwali District, Punjab was opened by Mr Bevan Pitman and R B Ishwardas [1]. Coal mining in Surghar Range was started during 1913 by driving inclines from outcrop of the coal seam [2].

Coal was carried from the various adits (see note) of the mine by aerial ropeway to platforms where it was put into wagons. These wagons were sent to a central coal depot by way of inclines. An 8½ mile(14km) 2ft/610mm narrow gauge(NG) branch line ran from this depot to Traq station on the Trans Indus (Kalabagh-Bannu) RailwayKBR. The coal was then sent to Maris Indus station where it transferred to the BG North Western Railway (NWR) for distribution [1]

The colliery, covering a lease of 1,691 acres, was taken over by the Punjab Government in 1948 and later by the Government of Pakistan [3].

Adit (from Latin aditus, entrance) is an entrance to an underground mine which is horizontal or nearly horizontal, by which the mine can be entered, drained of water, ventilated, and minerals extracted at the lowest convenient level [4]


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