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Coordinates: 24.817°N 93.95°E
Altitude: 786 m (2,579 ft) Imphal
Present Day Details
Place Name: Manipur
State/Province: Manipur State
Country: India
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The Kingdom of Manipur was a princely state bordering Assam Province. It was occupiez by the Kingdom of Burma until it became a British protectorate in 1824.

Military history

Manipur War 1891



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Historical books online

  • My Experiences in Manipur and the Naga Hills by Major General Sir James Johnstone 1896 The account concerns the period 1873 to the operations in 1885-1886, at the time of the 3rd Burma War, when he retired with nearly 28 years’ service in India. Mainly he seems to have worked as a Political Agent, or similar.