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Bank of Bengal, Calcutta

Information on Merchants and Bankers, Trade and Commerce, including Banks

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Steel's Tables of the British Custom and Excise Duties: With the Drawbacks, Bounties, & Allowances, Disposed in a New and More Perspicuous Alphabetical Arrangement Than Any Heretofore by David Steel Second edition, very considerably improved 1801 Google Books. Includes East-India Goods imported, page 25.
  • "East Indies" from The Universal Cambist, and Commercial Instructor: being a general treatise on exchange, including the monies, coins, weights and measures of all trading nations and their colonies : with an account of their banks and paper currencies, Volume 1 by Patrick Kelly 1811 Google Books
  • Oriental commerce: containing a geographical description of the principal places in the East Indies, China, and Japan, with their produce, manufactures, and trade by William Milburn 1813 Google Books
Volume 1. Contents, Volume 1. India commences Chapter 12, page 154. Volume 2, Contents, Volume 2
1825 revised edition, Contents by William Milburn and Thomas Thornton Google Books
‪Hand-book of the Manufactures and Arts of the Punjab: Forming Vol. II to the "Hand-book of the Economic Products of the Punjab."‬ by B H Baden Powell, H M Bengal Civil Service 1872 Google Books‪
Most of/all the remaining volumes are available on, as mirror versions from the Digital Library of India. Vol- II Cabbage to Cyperus; Vol- III Dacrydium to Gordonia; Vol-IV Gossypium to Lonociera; Vol-V Linum to Oyster; Vol-Vi Part-I Pachyrhizus to Rye ; Vol-VI Part-IV Tectona to Zygophillum: together with an Index volume: version.
Includes Vol. V: "Malt Liquors" page 124. Brewing in India of Ale, Beer etc, including breweries.
Restricted viewing, probably accessible to those in North America, and some other countries: Hathi Trust Digital Library ten volumes
The commercial products of India : being an abridgment of The dictionary of the economic products of India by Sir George Watt 1908 Index
The Economic History of India in the Victorian Age: From the Accession of Queen Victoria in 1837.... Original title was India in the Victorian Age; an Economic History of the People 1904 edition, 3rd edition 1908
British Agency Houses in India are mentioned page 65 Merchants to Multinationals: British Trading Companies in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries by Geoffrey Jones 2002 Preview Google Books


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