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Bank of Bengal, Calcutta

Information on Merchants and Bankers, Trade and Commerce, including Banks

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Other parts of the site can be accessed via Merchant Networks. A search facility is available at the bottom of the page. India related information includes:
The email listings, both old and new also contain references to India.


Historical books online

Volume 1. Contents, Volume 1. India commences Chapter 12, page 154. Volume 2, Contents, Volume 2
1825 revised edition, Contents by William Milburn and Thomas Thornton Google Books
‪Hand-book of the Manufactures and Arts of the Punjab: Forming Vol. II to the "Hand-book of the Economic Products of the Punjab."‬ by B H Baden Powell, H M Bengal Civil Service 1872 Google Books‪
All the remaining volumes are available to read online on the Digital Library of India website. (Vol- II Cabbage to Cyperus: Link to pdf download ; Vol- III Dacrydium to Gordonia: Link to pdf download ; Vol-IV (Gossypium to Lonociera): Link to pdf download ; Vol-V (Linum to Oyster): Link to pdf download ; Vol-Vi Part-I (Pachyrhizus to Rye): Link to pdf download ; Vol-VI Part-IV (Tectona to Zygophillum) Link to pdf download, with mirror editions available on together with an Index volume: Link to pdf download, DLI, version. Restricted viewing, probably accessible to those in North America, and some other countries: Hathi Trust Digital Library ten volumes
The commercial products of India : being an abridgment of The dictionary of the economic products of India by Sir George Watt 1908 Index
The Economic History of India in the Victorian Age: From the Accession of Queen Victoria in 1837.... Original title was India in the Victorian Age; an Economic History of the People 1904 edition, 3rd edition 1908


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